Laser Time – Rogue One Reactions and Star Wars Stopgaps

We’ve got an epic-length Rogue One discussion, but before we get into the new movie, we have a RO SPOILER FREE discussion of previous attempts LucasFilm made to add Star Wars media without making a sequel!


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8 thoughts on “Laser Time – Rogue One Reactions and Star Wars Stopgaps

  1. I usually enjoy Brett’s take on thing, but he felt overly picky in this one.

    “Why are the stormtroopers and the empire so inept in this movie? ??”

    Um… have you seen every single other movie with stormtroopers and the empire in it? They have always been famously useless, to change that now would make it jarring. Not to mention, in the force awakens they are even WORSE, yet Brett loved that movie…

  2. It should be noted, at least according to the actual in-movie dialog, SPOILERS the Death Star’s deliberate weakness was the power core being faulty and liable to explode violently upon getting hit. The overly large thermal exhaust ports were still just accidental bad design which is why nobody knew how to actually take down the Death Star until the stolen plans were fully analyzed.

  3. The stormtroopers killed every rebel so they seemed pretty decent to me.

    I liked the break song – incubus- rogues. I sometimes struggle to find the songs you guys use

  4. Thought Rogue One was excellent, pretty much everything I was hoping for and more. Disney Star Wars is 2/2 so far, here’s hoping VIII keeps this up.

  5. I really enjoyed Rogue One. A common criticism lack of character, maybe for some but I really enjoyed most of them, notables being the actors Jones, Tudyk, Luna, Yen (thank you Henry, Ip Man rules!) and Mendelsohn (fun villain), giving a dam by the very end so it delivers on the payoff.

    My issues however lie in the second act, rather slow or either was repeating itself at times.

  6. Rogue One is a bad movie. Its just like Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla where it got a lot of praise in the beginning only to realize its awful on repeat viewings. It has gorgeous cinematography that distracts you from the very serious problems under the hood. For example, here are a few of the issues I noticed after watching for the first time:

    If the Empire had to hunt down Galen Erso because he was the only one that could build the Death Star, why did he agree to it because “if he didn’t build it, someone else would”?

    We were promised we would finally see Darth Vader in costume doing cool stuff again. He takes a bath in his black tower of super evil on the planet of myself am hell symbolism, he talks politics, and then he has an awkward fight scene at the end. Did people really enjoy these scenes?

    Fake Moff Tarkin and Leia were super distracting and set a terribly depressing precedent for the future of the franchise where dead actors lifelessly emotcap for all eternity.

    Why didn’t Galen Erso just put the Death Star plans on the transmission he gave the pilot? Seems it would have saved a lot of lives.

    K-2SO wasn’t funny and was did not fit with the tone of the film.

    Was the rebel alliance really going to disband because of the Death Star before that speech from Jyn?

    How many speeches did Jyn really need?

    Why did the Empire destroy the source of the crystals they needed to build the death star as well as murder all of the engineers who made it? If the resources and skillsets necessary to build these things is now a plot point, how did they make the second death star and what could they possibly have used to create the Star Killer in The Force Awakens?

    I keep hearing that this movie addresses the plot hole of how the Death Star had a weakness in A New Hope. I think that a project of that size having a few fatal flaws is far more believable than a jaded engineer enacting a convoluted scheme to make a flaw on purpose.

    So the rebel alliance just let them steal and christen the ship?

    Why did Jyn have a stormtrooper doll if her father hated the empire so much?

    Can you name any 4 of the new characters?

  7. It’s important to know that the stormtroopers are still clones in Rogue One. In force awakens they have a line about the First Order stormtroopers being the Orphans while the rest of the remnants of the empire are still using the clones.

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