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Homer is arrested for a DUI, getting him to rethink his drinking habits. Meanwhile, Lisa experiments on Bart, Bart is electrocuted, and we reexamine the sitcom Herman’s Head in this week’s podcast…


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25 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Duffless

  1. When running the Simpsons, FXX broadcasts “remastered” versions of the pre-HD era episodes that take a 16:9 snapshot of the original frame and have it fill your entire TV (with no black bars on the sides). Not only does this ruin the composition and destroy the original artist’s intentions, it actually eliminates jokes! During the Duff, Duff Lite, and Duff Dry scene, the three-way pipe funneling the beer into the different vats is completely cropped out! It gives the impression that the beers are actually different, the complete opposite of what the writers intended!

    This is the modern day Turnerization.

    1. And that’s what I get for commenting before listening!

      I wish there was a hole I could just crawl into and die.

      *Itchy & Scratchy Land Security Officer throws me into said hole*

    1. There are plenty of people who like both shows but I’m here to hear about one so yeah, they could ease off it somewhat.

  2. It’s never been clear to me if Chris knows that he’s saying alclohol for fun or he just says it strangely with the extra l, but he says it so often in this episode I think that’s how he always says it. Dan Amrich commented on it once, but nobody else said anything about it.

    1. It might just be a type of cognitive bias, but I’ve noticed the “alclohol” thing mostly when Chris has admitted to being drunk (drunker than usual?) while recording. On the most recent Bonus Time, he does admit to drinking a lot more during the last week or two worth of recordings, so it might be related to that.

  3. Barny’s repetitive “ow” while Homer slams the car door on his head, and Wiggum exploding in the beer costume get me every time.

    Since this is the first time I’ve watched this episode after taking driver’s ed (back in 2013), the Troy McClure parody of driver’s ed videos really hit home. Beyond being one of the longest, most boring experiences in my life, some of the videos we had to watch were pretty disturbing and fear mongering. I’m not super squeemish with gore, but seeing that as a 17 year old was a bit much.

    1. “Red Asphalt 3” was the video I saw in driver’s ed. The only part I specifically remember was when they pick up a chunk of brain from the road.

  4. I spent a year working as a public defender in a rural part of Texas, and it may not surprise you to hear that Chris is talking out of his ass. First, while it is true that in some states DWI and DUI are separate offenses, that varies by state law: in Texas, a DWI covers all intoxication, including driving after taking prescription medication. In California, it’s a DUI, whether it’s drugs, alcohol, etc.

    The thing that’s totally untrue is the idea that somehow Chris is penalized by the law on a sliding scale for being drunk: the breathalyzer, and more reliable blood draws, measure the percentage of blood alcohol in your system, so a 250 pound man will be able to drink significantly more: most BAC calculators say you’d need to have more than two drinks an hour at that weight to be over .08 after a few hours if you’re a 250 pound man, while a 110 pound female high school student drinking the same amount in the same period would have quadruple the intoxication number (.36, enough to risk serious alcohol poisoning) (and of course, their legal limit would be 0, since they’re under-age). But with that in mind, in most states, there’s two standards: the .08 hard number, and a more nebulous “driving while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.” So, for example, if you took medication that increased the effects of alcohol, had one beer, and then crashed your car, you’d be charged with a DWI based on your intoxication, even if they drew your blood and found you were under the .08 limit.

    Also, as alluded to, the sobriety tests normally conducted are usually not well-administered and use unreliable equipment; the most optimistic projections are that they’re accurate 90% of the time, which is not exactly a guarantee (other numbers say they’re accurate 79% of the time). For instance, in Homer’s case, the police didn’t ask if he had a drink in the past 15 minutes, as that would cause a false positive. Similarly, if you’re over 50 pounds over your ideal weight, you qualify as obese and shouldn’t have to do the physical part of the test. So this time, Homer would have a good case to not end up with a DUI/DWI.

    That said, do not drink and drive. Call a cab, arrange a DD, stop drinking alcoholic drinks significantly before it’s time to leave a bar. In a lot of states, DWI/DUI’s are treated as “super” misdemeanors, with higher penalties and fines, often becoming felonies on a 3rd conviction. Beyond being extremely expensive, it’s also reckless and stupid.

  5. Fellas, on the “Selma’s Choice” podcast, Chris said there was a musical duo called “Jub Jub” that only used their mouths as instruments. In actuality, they are called “Jud Jud” which is what the commenter was trying to convey. Come on now.

  6. I’ve heard some complaints about the 16:9 aspect ratio on fxx a few times now. I just wanted to point out that in the FXNOW app, there is an option to change it to 4:3 so nothing is cropped out! Now, this doesn’t help if you are watching it on the FXX channel, but if you have the channel, I’d recommend just using the app and chrome cast instead.

  7. I was interested to hear the discussion about drink driving. My perspective is a little different, as I am British but live in the US at the moment.

    Drink driving is much, MUCH more of a taboo in the UK, and for most people, admitting to doing it in public would be the social equivalent of saying you enjoy murdering puppies. While I understand the geographical and infrastructural reasons, it’s still weird to me that so many of my friends here regularly do it.

    As I understand it, the British attitude is largely due to a government-funded driving safety campaigns in the 80s and 90s, but still very much persists to this day. If you have the time, I’d recommend checking out some UK drink-driving PSAs on Youtube. They are almost absurdly brutal. The ones about smoking and fire safety are also pretty harsh. I don’t watch a lot of US broadcast TV, but as far as I can tell you really get stuff like this.

  8. I heard an interview with Burt Bacharach where he said that “Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head” was Lyndon Johnson’s favorite song, and the only thing he listened to later in life to stop thinking about sending troops to Vietnam.

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