Talking Simpsons – Last Exit To Springfield

Lisa needs braces and Homer needs to save the dental plan in this week’s union-loving episode. We dig into it and it shall surely by the blurst of times on our podcast. D’oh, you stupid monkey…


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11 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Last Exit To Springfield

  1. Like Christian Bale, Steve Coogan had to get his teeth done for Tropic Thunder. That seems to be the first American movie he was in so you can see theres a difference when he’s on Alan Patridge and then on Tropic Thunder.

  2. From my own experience as a person who got braces as an adult in America, they are not covered under work-based health insurance, but they would have been if I were getting them for a child. Including wisdom teeth removal, the total cost was about $7,000, but I paid it off over two years so it didn’t sting too bad.

  3. Bob, I feel your pain. I never had to get braces, but I had a crank retainer when I was in middle school. It was horrible to get that thing cranked by my parents every day.

  4. This episode has a lot of great moments. I had completely forgotten that “it was the best of times, it was the blurst of times,” “bash, flimshaw!”, “DENTAL PLAN / Lisa needs braces,” and the back of the head Lenny punch were all from ONE episode. Amazing stuff.

  5. Classical Gas always makes me think of riding with my dad in the winter as a kid, listening to Iowa basketball on AM radio, hearing that and Feeling So Good, and the Young and the Restless theme during breaks.

    Japanese teeth can be really scary in porn, I’m not sure I’d want to stick anything near some of those women’s mouths. UK porn doesn’t seem as common as Japanese, there may be a similar problem for fans of British porn, though.

  6. I always assumed the “hired goons” joke was that Homer was surprised someone would use terminology like that. Homer’s repeated line, “Hired goons?”, always struck me as him basically saying, “Who talks like that?”

    And like I said the last time it was brought up, I don’t think the Beavis and Butt-head set that’s coming out is anything “complete”. From what I read it’s just everything released so far (the three Mike Judge collection volumes, the 2011 series and the movie) on one set.

  7. Bob – I had one of those palate spreaders in grade 8. Thankfully, most of the time I had to wear it was during the spring/summer so I didn’t spend a ton of time at school with it. I also had to put on a terrible face mask at night which I had to wear while sleeping that pulled my teeth forward while the upper half of my mouth was being widened. It was a terrible, terrible experience. I empathised with Lisa in this episode because I looked like she did in that bloody mask.

  8. I’m very much on the side of “this episode is always funny, but hugely overrated”. It is 80% wall-to-wall movie references, and that’s the laziest writing you can do. On 3-4 occasions they have a reference before the previous reference is even finished (Henry mentions the Yellow Submarine one going into the Batman mirror thing), and at one moment there is a TRIPLE REFERENCE! Possibly even QUADRUPLE!

    The security doors is either a reference to Get Smart or Yellow Submarine (again!), but the poles is clearly the ’60s Batman TV show… except they play the 1989 Danny Elfman Batman theme! QUADRUPLE REFERENCE!

    It’s a desperate episode that remains always funny, but mostly through the use of overlong easy gags. The Simpsons is better than this.

  9. I remember exactly when I understood this episode as the “best episode ever”. It was the last day of the semester for my Junior year of college, and next morning were had to move out of our apartment. The entire year one of my roommates and I marathoned Simpsons and argued which was the best episode, but we started with season 5, then jumped back to 2 and had not reached Last Exit yet. We got very drunk and watched other favorite episodes episodes, then my roommate put on Last Exit secretly (I thought he was putting on a different show at first). I hadn’t seen it in years, since before I was aware of how great it was supposed to be. Constantly I found myself loudly gasping because I forgot how many great jokes come one after another in this episode. It was like listening to a song you haven’t heard in a decade and knowing every lyric, and about halfway thought I was amazed at how many famous Simpsons jokes were crammed into one episode. So, in the end I understand why it is considered the best, but it is not my favorite.

  10. Chris said “Classical Gas” is impossible to play. that’s not even remotely true. it’s absolutely a beginner tune. probably thinking of another song

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