The Best New Amazon Releases: Monster Trucks and Master Hackers

This post-Christmas drought may be bad for new games but there’s some interesting movies worth dropping your gift cards on amongst this week’s new Amazon releases!

Happy holidays from Laser Time! Even though the LT crew is spread across the US for the week, we’ve still got some great content lined up for you; there’s our second (and even better) Bonus Time Best of Bonanza, the start of our countdown of the top episodes for Laser Time’s many shows (starting with the top 5 Laser Time episodes of 2016), along with a fantasy fight with an epic wrestling match featuring 2016’s most famous people. We’re a bit ahead of the rest of the media-producing world, as the paltry game and movie selection ends 2016 with a big of a drought. Don’t forget; most pre-orders and new physical game releases on Amazon come with a sweet 20% discount for Amazon Prime members. With that in mind, here’s the games and movies!

Monster Jam: Crush It
Here we have the rare new Amazon release that doesn’t come with the customary Prime discount, but you know what? It’s the new year and (more importantly) monster freaking trucks! There’s never quite enough games featuring big-ass trucks crushing the shit out of tiny cars and smashing into other big trucks, but 2016 will end with the opportunity to do just so. The opportunity to see this kind of action in the highest possible resolution and framerate is already pretty rad, but given the fact that Monster Jam is one of the Xbox 360’s most inexplicably valuable game, it might be smart to snatch this Monster.

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero – Risky Beats Edition
This again?! Yes, Shantae has ANOTHER port due this week, as the purple-haired platform starlet is due on Wii U this week, seven days after it hit more popular consoles. Still, you have to give props to Wayforward for sticking to their roots and continuing to put their beautifully-animated 2D adventures on Nintendo platforms. Also, who would have thought the got-dang Wii U would have one of the final retail releases of 2016! He who laughs last, laughs with the least third-party support I guess.

American Honey
Shia LeBouf is in a weird place where he’s probably two well-received independent movie performances away from from Oscar-level roles, but he’s also two dud roles away from his career sinking into straight-to-DVD purgatory. American Honey is… well, it could be either. Playing a party-dude-turned robber alongside a young starlet, SLB puts forth a performance like only he can, and AH looks to be worth a watch just because of it’s one-of-a-kind nature. Even if that logo is a bit cliche.

Here’s another movie that’s a prime candidate to check out now that it’s on high-definition disc. I love the IDEA of Joseph-Gordon Levitt playing the world’s most well-known information-leaker, but I’m not quite sold on shlepping to the multiplex to see if he nailed the role. However, now that we’re just last an election marred by information and I can score the disc for cheap, Snowden might be a go, then!

Dog Eat Dog
Here’s a movie that deserves a look solely based on the lead actors. Nick Cage AND Willem Dafoe?! Are they both the dogs? Are they gonna eat each other?! According to the description, Cage, Dafoe, and some other person (it really doesn’t matter) are wrapped up in major heist that comes with the extra twist that the criminals will face even stricter sentences due to the three-strikes rule. It may be a kinda shitty attempt at criminal reform that overly punishes drug offenders, but it could be a cool idea for a crime movie!

In a Valley of Violence
Only a valley? Man, I was hoping for at least an alcove. Anywho, this movie should thank its lucky western stars that this week is so dire. Hence, this John Travolta/Ethan Hawks old west adventure makes the list. I will give this movie some points for being a Western directed by a dude with the last name West! Hopefully it works out better than the Spider-Man movie directed by Webb!



Kingdom Hearts III
Yakuza 0
Red Dead Redemption 2
Persona 5
Mass Effect Andromeda Deluxe Edition
Halo Wars 2
South Park: The Fractured But Whole
Death Stranding
Final Fantasy VII Remake

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