Best of 2016: Talking Simpsons’ top shows of the year

2016 was a huge year for Talking Simpsons, with some of the series best episodes showcased. But which five were the most downloaded episodes? Find out in our Springfieldian year-end wrap-up!

All this week we’ll be looking back at the Laser Time Network’s best stuff of the year, as dictated by you, and by that we mean the raw numbers of views, clicks, downloads, etc. Look out for Best of Top 5s from Laser Time, VGMpire, Thirty Twenty Ten and the best Laser Time videos of the year.

Boy, oh boy, this year, huh? Siiiiiigh… Outside of icons passing away and America basically bleeding to death, this was personally a fulfilling one for myself. I spent half the year full-time with Laser Time, the other half at a new job, but still keeping busy with LT on the side. In particular, I never missed a week of our episode-by-episode exploration of my favorite TV show of all time. Talking Simpsons grew by leaps and bounds this year, covering some of The Simpsons best episodes.

But which podcasts were the most listened too? As with our sister shows, I rounded up the five most-downloaded episodes and now present them to you. Let’s reminisce about our reminiscences.

5 – Lisa’s first word

EPISODE DESCRIPTION: We travel back to 1984 to learn all the kids’ first words, burgers won at Olympics, and tons more facts! Listen to this podcast or a clown might eat you…

This one posted right after the election, so perhaps some folks were just reaching for their nearest comfort food. Or perhaps this episode’s flashback format really keyed into one of our best skills on Talking Simpsons: researching the hell out of every reference. In this one we pull up vintage commercials and Olympic stats to explain every joke on this particular episode of the series.

FROM THE COMMENTS: “I always liked this episode, but when I actually had my first kid, it rocketed up to possibly my all-time favorite. Then it hit me even harder when we had a second kid – a baby sister for our firstborn boy. And sure enough, she is CRAZY about her big brother. Fortunately, he loves her too.” – Aett

4 – itchy & scratchy: the movie

EPISODE DESCRIPTION: Bart finally gets punished and Homer makes it stick by forbidding him to see The Itchy & Scratchy film. This is an animation tour de force, which gives the hosts a chance to nerd out about old cartoons in this week’s podcast…

This is one that definitely spoke to the hosts, who were all a little bit like Bart, so perhaps we’re all working out father issues. Or, it could be that the use of Itchy & Scratchy allowed the hosts to talk a TON about classic animation all episode long. Either way, this was a long one and deservedly so. We can’t wait until we head to Itchy & Scratchy Land!

FROM THE COMMENTS: “There were so damn many lines to love in this episode. I’m tied between “He’s the boy you love to hate” and Bang Bang Bart. I’ve seen this episode probably 30-40 times in my life and I love how I will still learn something new from Talking Simpsons.” – Zap Rowsdower

3 – duffless

EPISODE DESCRIPTION: Homer is arrested for a DUI, getting him to rethink his drinking habits. Meanwhile, Lisa experiments on Bart, Bart is electrocuted, and we reexamine the sitcom Herman’s Head in this week’s podcast…

Yes, one of our most recent episodes is also one of the most downloaded? It’s also, the longest episode in Talking Simpsons history, over 90 minutes long. So, perhaps us hosts are too worried about making overlong episodes, because one of our most sprawling episodes is also one of our most popular. Look forward to our 3 hour long dissection of a clip show in 2017!

FROM THE COMMENTS: “Since this is the first time I’ve watched this episode after taking driver’s ed (back in 2013), the Troy McClure parody of driver’s ed videos really hit home. Beyond being one of the longest, most boring experiences in my life, some of the videos we had to watch were pretty disturbing and fear mongering. I’m not super squeamish with gore, but seeing that as a 17 year old was a bit much.” – Batmanboy11

2 – Marge Vs. The Monorail

EPISODE DESCRIPTION: Yes, the town is swept up in monorail fever in one of the most beloved Simpsons episodes of all time! Does it stand the test of time? What are the stories behind making this one? And how much will the hosts sing along? Find out on this week’s podcast…

Now this one hardly comes as a shock. because the tale of Springfield’s monorail is one of themost beloved Simpsons episodes of all time. And we dive deep into it, talking about the writing, the references, the music, and play multiple interview clips revealing how this very special episode came together, It’s a tribute to the show’s popularity that this one did so well, though definitely our hard work helped out as well. Can the equally beloved season 5 episodes do even better next year?

FROM THE COMMENTS: “Love the show. While I was listening to this episode I thought to myself I was in a production of the music man when I was in the fourth grade which would be in 94 And I currently live in Washington and Seattle has a working monorail that’s been around since the 60s. Keep up the great work.
” – Travis Stockstill

1 – Treehouse of horrors II

EPISODE DESCRIPTION: Halloween is here once more in one of the greatest episodes of all time. And it’s good that Bart does that, it’s very, very good…

Simpsons and Halloween go together like Homer and rich creamery butter, but what exactly makes this one our most downloaded episode? And by such a wide margin? Do people love Mr. Burns’ disregard for human life? Do people enjoy us explaining Twilight Zone parodies? Or is it because this is the episode on Stitcher embedded into every episode post of the show? The world may never know! (But it’s probably that last one.)

FROM THE COMMENTS: “This episode is amazing. Obviously as a kid I hadn’t watched the Twilight Zone, but now it makes revisiting these episodes so much more interesting. The “the ball is turning into a fat bald man” may be one of my favourite lines ever. I had never really been able to narrow down my favourite Treehouse of Horror episode, but I think this is an easy contender now.” – batmanboy11

What was your favorite Talking Simpsons podcast of 2016? Which episodes are you most excited for in 2017? Let us know in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Best of 2016: Talking Simpsons’ top shows of the year

  1. This year has been awesome for Talking Simpsons as we’ve entered into the golden age of Simpsons episodes. I look forward to revisiting an episode with you guys every week, and I’m sure it’ll be just as much of a treat in 2017. I’m proud to have been a patron since day one and to be responsible in some small way for this show’s existence.

  2. This truly has been a great year (for the show, and Laser Time in general). I feel proud to have one of my comments quoted above, as well. Keep up the great work, as well as the extra-long episodes.

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