Laser Time’s 2017 Return Stream/LIVE chat! Join us at 3PM PST!

Apropos of no new big games to dish about and two weeks of pent-up chatter to dispense, we’re gonna chat with y’all LIVE on YouTube at 3PM PST! Check back around 3 for a link!

Yay, it’s 2017! We’ve made a mini-tradition of bringing back the new year with our tales of travel and holiday revelry/awkwardness (check out our 2016, 2014, and 2013 editions), and this time we’re gonna do (some of it) LIVE with y’all. Watch us show off some of our gifts! Ask us about our hometowns! Talk about other stuff! Just be here at 3PM PST as we drop in a LIVE link from YouTube below!

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