Zelda II 30th birthday live stream – Part One

While it won’t release in North America until late 1988, Japan first got its hands on Zelda II: The Adventure of Link this month in 1987. And as a shameless tie-in to Thirty Twenty Ten (where we’ll discuss the game a bit in the ’87 segment), we’re gonna play through the whole game this month!

(stream’s over! here’s the archive. try harder next time, ok?)

Tune in at 3pm Pacific for the first leg of the journey. I’m wayyyy less familiar with Zelda II than the first game (which we played through last year!), so bear with me as I get my… bearings. Jesus.

And if you’re interested in playing through this again anytime soon, may we suggest our pal KREATIVEassassin’s handy guide?

3 thoughts on “Zelda II 30th birthday live stream – Part One

  1. Damn I missed it! Oh well I’ll have to check out the replay on Youtube. There are some frustrating mechanics (like the dinky sword) but I still enjoyed Zelda II for what it was.

  2. This is one of my earlier NES memories! I played this before Zelda I and loved it. However as I got to the final temple my save became corrupt and the game itself started really getting messed up. When I would try to play it again from the beginning Link would always start with random abilities (like having fairy form from the very start) while other areas and sprites would never load properly. It would become more or less unplayable and it drove me crazy as I was so close to beating it.

    PS First comment on the forums and just became a patron after having discovered Talking Simpsons nearly a year ago, and having listened to nearly all the podcasts you offer in the months since! Thanks for all the free content and entertainment, sorry I took so long to finally give back!

  3. FYI, I love these streams. I’m almost never able to watch them live, but I like watching them later on youtube when I have time. I know you guys are disappointed in your youtube numbers but keep doing this kind of stuff. It’s great and we appreciate it!

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