Laser Time – Our 2017 Return!

We’re discussing trips home, scarce time with family, sad deaths during the break, and the copious amount of backlog games and movies we consumed over the break before we reveal our favorite gifts from our holidays.


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12 thoughts on “Laser Time – Our 2017 Return!

  1. These return episodes have always been a blast, since back in the TDar days. You guys just shootin’ the shit about whatever’s been going on is fun listening, and I’m glad I’m a patron so I can get it every week on Bonus Time.

    Carrie Fisher’s death was heartbreaking to me. As sad as 2016 was deathwise, I think this struck me the most out of all of them, except maybe David Bowie. I’ve been a lifelong Star Wars fan so of course I loved her, and getting more into film in the last few years not only led me to seeing her in a lot of works outside of that galaxy far, far away, it also led me to see just how many movies she worked on as a script doctor – many of which I had seen and never realized. But I’m glad to have already known that she was more than that. Being a proponent for ending stigma around mental illness is perhaps her most important work, and I hope we can make the progress as a people that she wanted, to honor her and everyone else who is or has suffered from any of these illnesses. As a figure of progressiveness on the mental health front, and as a silver screen icon of generations, she will truly be missed.

  2. Lack of public transit is the shittiest excuse for repeated drunk driving I’ve ever heard, especially coming from a 36-year-old man.

    Please explain to me how your desire to get drunk with your old buddies is worth endangering the lives of innocent people.

  3. I also watched Sammy the Wayout Seal on TCM, as well as a Disney movie about a squirrel, and Old Yeller. Leonard Maltin reminds me of those chipmunks from Warner Brothers cartoons who run through the vegetable cannery (NOT Chip and Dale.) It’s nice to see some of these old Disney movies every month or so on TCM, they haven’t played any of the Wonderful World of Disney movies from the 80’s that I watched every Sunday, but there’s still something to the Disney movies of my parents’ day.

  4. Just want to say, the purpose of my comment on the Duffless episode wasn’t to be judgemental or shame anyone, I was just commenting on what I perceive as a pretty big difference in cultural attitudes about the subject in the UK vs the US.

  5. I grew up in Paducah and was unreasonably delighted to hear it mentioned and the accompanying rant about outlying towns and highways. Seriously, screw those fancy interstates!

  6. Any way to get Brelston to tighten up his stories? It may have only been 5 but it felt like it took 10 minutes for him to say “Where I’m from they built a big overpass in the middle of nowhere”

  7. Not to spoil anyone’s day, but you can get that Art of Atari book for a lot less that $40 on Amazon.

    RE: Christ getting a tattoo – Yes, you should do it. This is one of those things that I tell people that if you’re even entertaining the thought of getting one, then just get it. Here are some thoughts to consider:
    – Yes, it will probably hurt, but it depends on where you get it. My upper-arm tattoo was so painless, I didn’t even realize the guy was finished. My stomach tattoo, on the other hand, felt like I was getting stabbed with a Rambo knife for three hours. But the pain is only temporary – the art is forever.
    – Go big or go home. Unless you have to have a really small tattoo for some reason, I say the bigger the better.
    – Shop around. When you have a design in mind, print it out and get at least three estimates. Check out different shops. It might be worth it to go out of your way to a small, obscure shop. And don;t be afraid to ask to see a portfolio of the artist’s work. If they aren’t willing to show you examples of their work, don’t shop there. I would avoid any shops that spend a lot of money on advertising, because they tend to be pretty expensive.
    – Think about your design. Print it out and look at it every day for a month or two. If you still like it, get it. NO IMPULSE TATTOOS (and no memes, either).
    – After you get it, it will feel like a sunburn for a few days. Showers WILL hurt. But you’ll get over it. Eventually, your tattoo will become a second skin and you won’t even notice it most of the time.

  8. Chris’ attitude towards drunk driving was such a disappointment. It is such a needless and selfish act and attempting to justify it was beyond stupid.

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