Nintendo Switch: T Time Episode 16

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Is the Nintendo Switch the “next big thing?” Well, now that I’ve seen it in action and gotten some hands-on time, I have a few thoughts. Get ready for a full serving of member berries.


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2 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch: T Time Episode 16

  1. I will probably get the Switch, but not at launch. I’m still planning on getting Zelda for my Wii U since it comes out on the same day on both systems. And $50 for the Wii U version from Amazon with my prime discount is a lot better than $400 for a Switch, game and Pro-Controller. Even if I’m stuck playing the game at 720p vs 1080p I don’t see that as a big enough reason to buy a Switch.

    Then combined with the fact that besides Zelda the other big games won’t come out for several months doesn’t leave me with any reason to buy one right away. The port of Mario Kart 8 which I already own is late April, Splatoon 2 is “summer”, and Mario has no date but I’m guessing Christmas. So I may get one come Christmas when/if that’s when Mario comes out.

  2. I will get one but there’s no reason to get this at launch. The launch lineup might be the worst in history so I will be buying this for Christmas this year or next year at the earliest (depends on if I get Scorpio at launch). The game has Breath of the Wild which looks to be a GOTY but but BUT this is a game available on the Wii U. That is significant. The next big games are 1,2 Switch which should be a packin, Bomberman, Just Dance and Skylanders. That is a launch lineup for a struggling console maker in 2017? What the fuck?

    Then after that, you have the heavy hitters of Arms (looks fun but that won’t sell at 60 bucks) and a Mario Kart 3 year old port. How is the MK game not available at launch? How do you have a port of a 3 year old game NOT available at launch? Splatoon 2 is supposedly coming in the summer but again, this should be a launch game for Nintendo who I’m assuming wants to win back console sales. Mario Odyssey looks incredible but you’re hoping it even makes it out in time for this Christmas (who knows). Outside of that you have a SIX year old port of Skyrim, some sports games, and other games with unannounced dates. Pitiful.

    I love Nintendo and have played every console since NES but this launch with the position they’re in, is deplorable. They should have launched with at least 2 of Mario, Zelda, and Splatoon, then ports of MK8 and SSB with all DLC and better online play. And if you’re really feeling saucy, HD versions of Mario Galaxy. That’s how you launch a console with authority, not this limpdick approach they’ve taken.

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