Zelda II 30th birthday stream – Part Three

On to the fourth and fifth palaces! Things are gonna get reallll annoying so be prepared for lots of aggravating situations and downright mean enemy placement. Oh and obtuse secrets!

Watch along here or move over to our Twitch page!

2 thoughts on “Zelda II 30th birthday stream – Part Three

  1. Zelda is one of the few Nintendo franchises i just do not give a fudgie about.
    I wanted to but once I tried to learn the lore only to find it didnt make sense
    And playing the difficult and not fun 3ds games and wind waker

    I was out plus my favorite (four swords) no one else seems to like

  2. The lore is silly only when people try to cram every single game into a timeline, IMO… it CAN make sense that way, but it’s a stretch and you end up with several games in “well this could go anywhere’ conditions. But, several are directly connected so it’s possible to dig into the lore of a handful of them, like Wind Waker – Phantom – Spirit Tracks, or Ocarina – Majora, or even Minish Cap – Four Swords Adventures.

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