Vidjagame Apocalypse 197 – Body Switch

This week is full of Nintendo Switch news, as Fandom’s Bob Mackey joins us to share his hands-on impression of Nintendo’s newest console and its games – but first, one of this week’s new (re-)releases inspires a Top 5 about games that featured stealing the bodies of your enemies as their main gameplay hook. Then it’s on to Gravity Rush 2 (which Bob also reviewed), tons and tons of Switch talk, and the games you’re most excited for in 2017.

Question of the Week

Now that we’ve had a better look, what’s your impression of the Switch? Are you interested in getting one, and if so, which game (other than Zelda) interests you the most?



Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is Body Snatchers by The Moons. Haunting and beautiful New Releases Theme by David B. Cooper.

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Kingdom Hearts III
Yakuza 0
Red Dead Redemption 2
Persona 5
Mass Effect Andromeda Deluxe Edition
Halo Wars 2
South Park: The Fractured But Whole
Death Stranding
Final Fantasy VII Remake

20 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 197 – Body Switch

  1. I really need this today (my dad is going through major surgery and… you know). Thank you

    1. QOTW: I just realized that the switch will be the very first nintendo console I’ve ever owned. So with that in mind, the first switch game I’m excited to play on my first nintendo console is… NBA 2k 18. But since you clown asses are gonna make fun of me for this, Breath of the wild looks like it will make a great first Zelda game to every play!

    2. Don’t know if a positive comment from a total internet stranger is worth anything, but hope everything goes fine TOGiNWSLtT!

    1. Driver: San Francisco looks pretty nice, but it is still a $20 game according to Gamestop. It’s surprising that most Ubisoft games plummet in price, but this stays high.

  2. I am not that excited about the Switch, as I have gotten deeper into my PlayStation gaming in recent years, especially when I have a WAY larger collection of titles compared to my 3DS. Nintendo says the Switch will compete with Apple and Android, but it’s been almost a decade since mobile gaming started, and at least five years since software marketplaces have been very common. It’s one thing to price things too cheaply, but it’s another to price your wares in such a way that you can drive away many customers. There are many thinkpieces out there about how the Switch can depend on the Virtual Console, but as Bob pointed out on this program and Retronauts, it means nothing if Nintendo won’t keep a wide selection of titles. We have a Flash Sale going on right now on the PSN marketplace! The selection is a very high fraction compared to the total titles of Nintendo’s eShop. If they want to complete against Sony and Apple like this, they will have to rocket their strategy.

  3. Splatoon 2 is gonna be my jam. The only reason I stopped playing the original is I didn’t have my Wii U connected to a TV and it required both screens. Knowing Nintendo they’ll also build a new single player campaign for it which was one of the best parts of the original.

  4. My switch impression: looks good, I pre-ordered one for my mom. I will probably get her 1-2 switch or Mario kart 8…And maybe Bomberman? She wants some multiplayer games to play when the grandkids come over.

    That said, why do those controllers cost so much? $70-80 to have more people playing multiplayer stinks.

  5. I was really hyped for the Switch until the reveal, and now feel a little unsure, because they seem to have so few big first party games in the pipeline. Sure Mario and Zelda look great (Splatoon and Arms aren’t really my thing), but I was hoping they’d have more to show to reassure me that there wouldn’t be a total software drought again. My heart sank a little seeing the emphasis on gimmicky motion control stuff and that all they really had to show third party-wise was a load of niche looking JRPGs.

    It’s also a little disappointing that they seem to be downplaying the portability aspect a little, because this was a huge selling point for me (I never really play videogames at home these days).

    What could win me over at this point if if they reveal anything about the indie side of things – the Switch seems to be the ideal home for indie titles, especially multiplayer games like Mother Russia Bleeds and Nidhogg, and also if they finally deliver on the promise of the Virtual Console.

  6. QOTW: The Switch has not impressed me at all. Breath of the Wild could have probably been released around a year ago had it not been hidden away for the Switch’s launch, and the rest of the launch titles look like the hottest street trash. Motion controls are garbage that everyone hates (Nintendo didn’t get the memo), and no d-pad on their tiny, tiny controllers. The Switch will only succeed if it cannibalizes the great games that are currently coming out on the 3DS, which would put it squarely in the portable space, because it’s not going to be able to compete in the console space without 3rd party games that have parity with PS4/Xbox One. I might pick one up if it gets traction as a solid portable.

  7. The name of actor whose voice you’re imitating and that they imitated with the King of Candy is Ed Wynn. and you did it amazingly Chris. 😜

  8. As someone who bought the both the Wii U and the 3DS on launch day and have preordered the Switch, the thing I am most looking forward to is the ambassador certificate I’ll receive when they drop the price dramatically within the first six months.

  9. Alright switch talk. OK, listened to this last night while I was zooming around in Forza Horizon 3. The Switch presentation was cold. I don’t know if it was the huge hype up to it or the fact that it felt like I had a VIP pass to some Nintendo meeting room but a lot of it fell flat to me.

    I want the thing to do well also. There’s a bunch of questionable things Nintendo went with this time around. Arms seriously sounds like that Family Guy Stephen King Lamp Monster skit. This guy’s spring man and this here is ribbon girl. This is arms! …crickets.
    I’ll be getting Zelda on my Wii U. To me portability isn’t a huge thing. I live out in the country so most of the time when I’m on the go I am driving myself, I quite like driving too. Most of the mobile games I want I don’t want to be things I really need to pay attention to or be intricate gameplay games. Cookie Jam, Fallout Shelter and Magic the Gathering: Puzzle Quest are some examples of games I do play if I am on the go not driving.

    I feel like the Switch’s main draw, portability, is its largest weakness as its performance in a home console is well underwhelming. I might pick one up next Black Friday but this Black Friday I’m leaning towards the Scorpio being my next console pick up.

  10. I played a lot of Geist, including the multiplayer with my friends as i was a gamecube babby with no halo.
    I would say the multiplayer was better than the main game, the main game i never beat as i couldn’t kill the last boss, a flying wheelchair bound guy strapped with rockets and lasers.
    The multiplayer was really interesting in that both teams started off as ghosts and there were just random bodies standing around the map with different weapons which acted as weapons pickups by way of possessing them.
    Also cool was that people with a possessed body had special ghost guns that could damage and kill the ghosts and the ghosts could possess and control other peoples bodies and push them into traps all around the map like spike pits and fire.
    Also, in each map there were secret characters that did crazy damage, but they were hidden, i remember mostly 2 special people, which required possessing a rat and running through walls to a hidden kitchen area and a chef that frizbee’d plates for one hit kills was available, and the other was a bat that flew into a womens shower where there was a lady in a towel that used a towel to whip enemies with one hit kills.

  11. On the subject of Mother 3, I have a theory.

    We know that Nintendo isn’t going to start charging for it’s online service until several months after the Switch’s launch. And we know that one of those features is going to be that each month, you’ll be able to play a virtual console game for free for the duration of that month.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that the month the first start charging for that service is going to be the month they release Mother 3, and Mother 3 is going to be the free game of the month. Just to get a ton of rabid fanboys to sign up for the service.

    Hell, I wouldn’t put it past them to make it so you can’t buy Mother 3 until AFTER the free month ended. So you’d HAVE to get the service if you wanted to play the game during the first month.

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