Vidjagame Apocalypse 198 – Crime Lords

This is the first really big week of 2017 for new releases, with Resident Evil VII and other big AAA games hitting like a proverbial chainsaw to the POV – but before we get to those, Yakuza 0 inspires us to talk about our top 5 crime lords, with help from Michael Grimm. Then Brett Elston joins us (briefly) to talk RE7 from an insider’s perspective, after which there’s excited chatter about Kingdom Hearts 2.8, Nefarious, Mass Effect Andromeda getting a 10-hour trial via EA Access, and your reactions to the Nintendo Switch.

Question of the Week

Which long-running franchise do you think should undergo a total, Resident Evil VII-style overhaul?



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Kingdom Hearts III
Red Dead Redemption 2
Persona 5
Mass Effect Andromeda Deluxe Edition
Halo Wars 2
South Park: The Fractured But Whole
Death Stranding
Final Fantasy VII Remake

16 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 198 – Crime Lords

  1. QOTW: Reboot the lasertime crew! Make em sleeker, sexier, more diverse and less prone to racist outbreaks!

  2. The Godfather on Wii was one of the best use of the motion controls. Never cared to finish a GTA game but my friend and I finished godfather 100% .

    QOTW: Alfred Chicken. That series could use a hard reboot. Make it a first person game, neigh a first person vr game. Imagine, using your trusty watering can to water flowers in a virtual chicken world.

  3. After all the transforming other companies properties into Dyanasty Warrior’s style games, DW needs a reboot.
    I’d say keep it an action game but make it a 2D beat ’em up with Dragon’s Crown level of animation and rpg elements. How awesome would Lu Bu look draw as a huge badass mounted on his signature red horse mowing people down with a giant halberd?!

  4. James Hong deserves a LaserTime episode all to himself! He’s always playing a crime lord whenever they want him, from Miami Vice to that Rush Hour tv show. Though, I wonder why he was in Miami Vice when it was a Yakuza episode.

    Hmm… Fallout got that RE7-style remake a decade ago, and people love this first person RPG experience. But what would I want? That’s tough because I loathe “reboots”, and anything new should just be considered a sequel.

    1. This is the second time in a couple weeks that Chris didn’t remember who James Hong is. I’m surprised no one mentioned him as the host at the Chinese restaurant in Seinfeld. Cartwright!

    1. Yeah, everybody calls him Fourth Chairman from then again, unless they really hate his guts. It’s like being the President, once you get the title, they can’t take it from you, even if you’re not doing the job anymore.

  5. I absolutely loved Resident Evil 7. Played through it twice so far and am working my way through the insanely frustrating Madhouse difficulty at the time of this comment. I had high hopes for the game, and boy did they get met and exceeded.

  6. QOTW: Smash TV is a property that really deserves a comeback. While the original games are great, I think it would work very well as a first-person shooter. Think Bulletstorm, but more confined to a sadistic game show setting. There needn’t be a huge story here, as multiplayer would be a major selling point. You play three matches with up to three other players. Each match scores you based on how fast you clear out a room, plus bonuses for killing dudes in creative ways. Prizes for first place would let you customize your character, or beef up some of the weapon drops you get in each room.

  7. I’ve been mulling over what you guys said about reboots and the more I think it over, the more I disagree.

    I think Metroid Prime is a terrible example of a series that was “completely rebooted”…..because it wasn’t.

    You played the same character, fought the same enemies – Metroids, still had the same feeling of isolation that Super Metroid had, still had all the same weapons…..the only change that was made was the series changed perspective from 2D to 3D. Almost all of the elements that were core to the game were still there.

    Resident Evil 7… not. Everyone keeps saying things like “item management is what made the game scary”. No, it wasn’t. That’s dumb.

    What made the game scary was the atmosphere of you wandering around, by yourself, not knowing what you were going to run into. Zombies? Dogs? Lickers? Nemesis? There was a real sense of isolation, almost similar to Metroid that made the series scary.

    The other thing core to Resident Evil was the over the top elements. It’s had them from the first game, from the bad voice acting, to insane boss battles to unlockables where you play as a giant piece of tofu. RE as a series has never been 100% grim and gritty, and there’s always been an aspect of camp to the series that other games didn’t have.

    The things that were core to the RE series are gone and turning RE into a shitty, grindcore clone of a Rob zombie movie doesn’t suit it at all. Not only that, it feels about 10-15 years late and already outdated. You can argue that the series needed a change, and maybe it did, but the Revelatoins games proved that the old school RE formula was still viable in modern games. Hell, Capcom made two CG movies akin to the old style RE games and those were better than RE 5 and RE 6, which is the most frustrating part of all!

    RE didn’t need this change. The series is unrecognisable now and it’s not RE anymore. This is not the right direction. I’ll grant there’s a certain amount of personal preference involved here, because I don’t find this style of horror scary or interesting at all, but to me, it feels the series has taken a complete misstep. If you’re going to make it this unrecognisable, just make a new fucking series.

    1. Having finished RE7 since we recorded last week’s show, I really think you should at least rent it. If what you’ve seen or played is the demos, you’re not getting a sense for what the game really is. The things you describe as missing (except for the bad acting and Tofu) are actually back in force. I don’t want to spoil anything, because discovering this stuff is a huge part of the fun, but after its first hour (which is to say starting with the boss fight in the garage), the game transforms into something that feels like classic Resident Evil, with monsters, ridiculous weapons, wonderfully nonsensical puzzles and huge, over-the-top boss fights with BOWs. It’s still plenty campy and has a very clear sense of humor, but the campiness comes with better writing and acting. And at the same time, it beautifully delivers the isolation and fear that the series has been missing for years.

      Given your clear passion for RE, I think you’d really enjoy RE7 if you gave it a serious go. Not going to urge you to run out and buy it if you’re skeptical, but definitely borrow or rent a copy if you can and see what you think once the game really gets going.

      tl;dr: All the elements that are core to the game ARE still there.

  8. QOTW: This maybe isn’t a reboot in the strictest sense of the word, but as a long time Magic: The Gathering and now Hearthstone player, I’d love to see the Shin Megami Tensei series re-imagined as a digital card game. There’s always been an element of card collecting in the SMT games, and different demons belong to different family types. The characters are rich and diverse. I can see all of that infrastructure being translated into a robust card game format, constructing decks of different arcana to summon different demons, or have different play styles. All of this done with the typical SMT flair would be awesome!

  9. Qotw: I think that a de-make of bioshock into a metroidvania would be sick. You have to get plasmids to open up other rooms or areas, i.e. flames to burn brush out of the way or ice to make platforms. I’m thinking a 16 bit art style. Also have it made by yacht club games who made Shovel Knight.
    Also a reformatted Assassins Creed would be rad with a better side wuest system.

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