Our head-to-head races are now a weekly Monday live stream!

First Chris and I raced to 10 stars in Mario 64. Then we attempted to blast through Mario 1 and 2, with each of us trading victories. Just over a month ago we began a world-by-world race through Super Mario Bros 3, where we’ll tally up the victor of each world and see who comes out on top by the end of the game.

We’re set to continue this rivalry today at 3pm Pacific, which also kicks off a NEW weekly live stream! The Mario 64 live reactions were so good we just had to bring this to the live audience, but rest assured the YT archive will be there for those who miss it live.

Think of this as a variation on the “Beat My Score” goal on our Patreon. We’ve wanted to do these kinds of rivalry-based face-offs for a while, and while the goal isn’t teeeeeechnically unlocked on Patreon (it’s the $11k goal), we did cross its threshold briefly in December¬†and we know you’ll have fun watching it live. Once we finish Mario 3, who knows where we’ll take it!

And on Mondays with a Monday Night Movie… we’ll do both!

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