Vidjagame Apocalypse 199 – Retro Sequels

The release of the throwback-y Double Dragon IV this week pushes us to look back at games that also looked back, despite being modern and not really having an excuse. With TechRadar’s Nick Pino in attendance, we dive into five deliberately retro sequels before snickering at the swinging dicks of Conan Exiles, getting excited for Fire Emblem Heroes, mourning the passing of Namco’s founder, and talking about the games you’d like to see get a total overhaul.

Question of the Week

What are your five favorite games of all time? (We encourage you to elaborate, but please keep it to no more than a sentence or two per game, or just focus on your #1.)



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Kingdom Hearts III
Red Dead Redemption 2
Persona 5
Mass Effect Andromeda Deluxe Edition
Halo Wars 2
South Park: The Fractured But Whole
Death Stranding
Final Fantasy VII Remake

57 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 199 – Retro Sequels

  1. QOTW: This was indeed the easiest QOTW of all time. Didn’t have to think about it more than five hours…

    TLoZ: Ocarina Of Time is by a mile my favourite game of all time. I played it for the first time on the day it was released (as a 12-year old babby) and back then it’s greatness was based on superior graphics, amazing soundtrack and stellar gameplay. Now almost 20 years later I have played the game from start to finish approx. once a year and it still has more heart and soul than 99% of the game that have been released since. Since I have grown older I have been putting more focus on stuff like pacing, legacy (Z-targeting truly changed the gaming business), deeper meanings of the story etc. and all those aspects are just making this amazing creation even better. A true masterpiece that hopefully will be topped when Breath Of The Wild comes out.

    Other four games that define my gaming life are in somewhat particular order: Chrono Trigger, Super Mario Galaxy, Mega Man X and GTA: Vice City

    Also big round of applause to all the beautiful human beings that have made VGA reach this huge milestone of 200 episodes. I raise my glass for another 274 episodes to come.

  2. 5 favorite games of all time?

    1) LoZ: Link to the Past – The game that set the template for one of the best series ever, I’ve played this one front to back more than any other game ever.

    2) Final Fantasy 4 – Another series defining game. I fucking love the music, sprites, and combat.

    3) Metal Gear Solid 2 – *makes kissy Italian noise* I love the whole saga, but I’ve spent the most time with this one. It’s silly, it’s crazy, it’s fun.

    4) Castlevania SotN – Not much to say about this one that hasn’t been said. I would love Konami to touch this one up, but “insert pachinko machine joke here”.

    5) Pillars of Eternity – so that all my games aren’t from the last millenium… This cRPG is incredible and shows why playing dnd games is fun, without having to adhere to dnd’s ruleset.

  3. Despite all its bugs, despite all its problems, despite all the nightmare-inducing face animations, Fallout New Vegas is still my favorite game of all time. Lets put it this way, what other game will let you play both as a smooth-talking casino crawler who can talk their way out of anything, then lets you play as the dumbest motherfucker in nevada (with low iq dialogue to match) whos only goal is to eat the president, caesar, and a 200 year old Howard Hues analouge? (and get a perk for it called flesh of kings!) Add to that the best dlc (old world blues is essentially a Venture Brothers game) and companion characters who I care enough about to not use them as meat shields/deathclaw bait.

    1. 2) Red Dead Redemption (duh)
      3) Kotor 2 (easily the most morally complex star wars game in existence)
      4) Pokemon Ruby (the game that help me get through my sister’s death)
      5) Mario 2 (the doki one)

  4. 1) I can never stop singing the priases of “Super Metroid. I grew up with a Sega Genesis and my cousin has the Snes. I would easily spend hours at his house, exploring the map not understanding what the hell I was doing. Solid gameplay till this day, amazing boss battle, and I still shed a tear for the baby metroid.

  5. 5.) Street Fighter 3: Third Strike I <3 Q

    4.) Monster Hunter 1 Khezu dix


    2.) Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Inverted Castle what?

    1.) Streets of Rage 2 Yuzo Koshiro, also, I was one of the rare owners of the SoR2 bundle that came with the original model genesis with the headphone jack. So again, Yuzo Koshiro.

  6. If you have the coins, you can get Wario Ware Touched for your 3DS. There is a way to boot DS games, but Nintendo is rather hush hush about it.

  7. New Super Mario Bros. was the first time I saw a girl my age play video games in the open. How I miss the touch generation.

  8. I used to have the same problem as Chris where my pants would come unzipped all the time. For about a year I had a keychain ring on the zipper of all of my pants that I would attach to the button when zipping up until my girlfriend pointed out that zippers are meant to lock into place when the slider is in the down position. This information blew my mind and solved my zipper problems.

  9. #1: Lemmings. Never has a game had a better awareness of its own rules and mechanics and used them so creatively. Best video game of all time in my opinion.

    #2–5, no particular order: Donkey Kong for the Game Boy, Link’s Awakening (not the best in the series, but my sentimental favorite), Seiken Densetsu 3, and Star Trek: Judgment Rites (which has the best final level of any game ever made).

  10. Was Mikel watching 80’s commercials recently? The Bubble Tape and Chris Kringle (I forget how it was spelled) references in the first segment made me laugh as I was walking to work.

  11. Goddamnit. Mikel has beaten Resident Evil VII, and begins to give his final impressions, only to be cut off constantly by Antista talking about other things related to the RE universe including but not limited to the fact that he hasn’t played the relevant game all that much. And then the conversation moves on to other games.

    Why did I think this would go any differently? This is how it always goes on the Lasertime network. It’s been Antista’s MO since Day One.

    I’d love to actually hear Mikel’s thoughts on the game some time now that he’s finished it.

    1. Oh man, it’s wonderful. Once I got past the spooky early parts, the game started hitting classic RE notes hard. The Baker plantation feels a lot like RE1’s Spencer Mansion, a gradually expanding, superbly detailed open-world ruin filled with tight hallways and memorable puzzles (as well as familiar ones, like having to find a substitute for a shotgun in order to leave a room with it). Once you’re armed and understand the game world’s “rules” enough to know what to expect (i.e. “after dying, I understand [redacted] won’t attack until I grab this plot-advancing item, so it’s probably safe to run around for now”), it’s a lot of fun to explore the place, ferreting out hidden collectibles and backtracking to open doors you saw hours ago and now have the key for.

      There are big, memorable moments that are simultaneously terrifying and irresistibly fun. The Bakers are some of the most enjoyably over-the-top (and, weirdly, most sympathetic) antagonists in recent memory. And while the encounters with the Molded monsters aren’t as well-crafted, knowing they’re around ratchets up the tension while you’re creeping through dark hallways and wondering if the mysterious items filling up your inventory were worth having to leave behind that box of bullets you saw a few rooms ago.

      I think what I was trying to say at one point that I got cut off was that, once properly armed and supplied, I actually started to feel like a badass every time the game tried to scare me with something unexpected – like, “oh, what kind of mindfuck shit is [redacted] trying to pull now? I’ll just keep plowing ahead, I can shoot whatever it is.” The balance of empowerment to creeping dread is great throughout the game , and those moments you can’t shoot your way out of expertly deliver that crucial feeling of running from danger that’s juuuust about to GET YOU. There’s also a not-quite-subtle goofiness to the whole thing that helps keep things from feeling too grimdark (usually while also raising the threat level).

      So yeah, a really excellent experience all around, with a refinement of the classic RE formula that brings back the isolation and tension the series has been missing for years, without sacrificing fun. It’s easily the best numbered installment since RE4, and while I understand why Capcom would want to keep the action-and-monsters aspect of it under wraps, I think it was a misstep to only release demos that made RE7 look like an Outlast-style game, when in fact it’s something very different.

      1. I was going to add that it’s the Metroid Prime of RE games, but I’ll go a step further: It’s the Mad Max: Fury Road of RE games. Much better than it has a right to be, much more entertaining than its bleak subject matter implies, something downright lovable with some of the best villains ever.

      2. Having played the RE-make several times, I couldn’t stop thinking about how well 7 took those elements and made them into something new and fun but still so very, very Resident Evil. It felt like this was the game the series had always aspired to be, but this was the first time they had the technology to make their dream a reality. And things are simplified but not dumbed down. Puzzles feel intuitive, I can figure them out if I read all the clues and think about things logically, rather than the ridiculousness of the older entries’ puzzles. I’ve already played through it four times and am working on a fifth presently. I think of all the games we’ve had on the current generation, this has sucked me in the most. Only time will tell if I end up loving it more than RE4, but this is easily my second favourite of the series.

      3. Sorry Mikel, I’m just not convinced by a game that looks like a knockoff off a Rob Zombie movie from ten years ago, and I never will be!

        There hasn’t been a good RE game since RE 0 barring the RE 1 remake and the two Revelatoins games. Everything from RE4 onwards is hot garbage.

        1. Well hey, if you want to miss out on something cool because it reminds you of a shitty movie, that’s really your business. But it delivers on everything you’ve said you want from an RE, so again, I think you should at least try to borrow a copy from someone.

          (Also: I hope you don’t think we were talking about the Rob Zombie version when we brought up Texas Chainsaw, OH MY GOD. The 1974 original is a got-danged horror masterpiece!)

      4. Wow. Thanks for the detailed reply! If I wasn’t already totally in the tank for this game, this would’ve sealed it.

        Were it not for my still slowly digging my way out from under the most recent Black Friday game accumulation, I’d surely have played RE7 by now. As it is, it’ll be a cheap pickup in a couple of months once I don’t have the likes of Dishonored 2, Mafia 3, Far Cry PRimal, and I Am Setsuna staring me in the face and waiting to be played.

  12. I feel like this episode talked to me directly. When you mentioned that there were people who didn’t like Super Mario 64, I yelled at my screen “THAT’S ME!” I’ve played it on the N64, the DS and Wii VC and I can’t get into it. The camera is horrible. It’s difficult to tell at times where I’m at, cross a log, or jump where I want to jump.

    I loved so many other games on my N64 in this era, but this game I still can’t play. I know that there are many who loved this title, but it’s just not for me.

  13. 5. Oddworld: Abes Exoddus: Great blend of puzzles, platforming, and (good) stress. Still has the best escape sequences of any game. P.S. you can posses your own farts.

    4. Super Mario World: Mario has consistently nailed 2d platforming controls in a way no other game has even marched. World has my favorite level design.

    3. Monkey Island 2: Puzzle solving is the purest form of game play in the sense that what the player is doing is so close to what the character would be doing in that situation. MI2 has my favorite mix of puzzles and writing.

    2. Majora’s Mask: Still the best example of story telling opportunities only possible in games, as well as one of the best examples of using game play as a story telling decice.

    1. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: I could go on about all the design decisions that make me love this game, but the biggest thing I love is the melee combat, outside of some fighting games, nothing comes close to being as good. Funnily enough, this game came out the same day as the remake for my previously favorite game.

  14. 1. Earthbound
    Throughout my life I’ve found that works of art that heavily feature humor oftentimes move me emotionally far more than any tearjerker. You know that warm, fuzzy feeling you get during the “Do It for Her” moment from the Simpsons episode “And Maggie Makes Three”? That’s how I feel playing Earthbound.

    2. The World Ends with You
    I love ultra-dense RPGs that burst at the seams with tons and tons of mostly superfluous systems, and TWEWY offered just that, alongside a fantastic story that really moved me emotionally, a great cast of diverse characters, and an amazing soundtrack. Even if I almost went cross-eyed fighting as two different characters simultaneously across two screens, I had way too much fun to care.

    3. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    This game has been discussed to death, so I’ll just share a personal anecdote. The House of Skulltula (a derelict shanty inhabited by a once-rich family now cursed to live as horrific spider-human hybrid abominations) scared me so much as a kid that even though I collected dozens of Gold Skulltula tokens, I never claimed any of the rewards.

    4. Super Smash Bros. Brawl
    Melee is undoubtedly the superior entry in terms of high-level competitive play, but in terms of my own nostalgia, Brawl takes the cake. It had an amazing roster of fighters (including Solid Snake, Sonic, and Captain Olimar!), a simple but still very effective level editor, and an ultra fan service-y single player campaign that featured some amazing crossover cut scenes.

    5. Left 4 Dead 2
    Between Resident Evil 5 and Left 4 Dead 1 and 2, I killed hundreds of thousands of zombies with my best friend throughout high school. L4D2 expanded upon the already fantastic gameplay of the original with new enemies, exotic locales, ridiculous weaponry, and fun game modes, all of which demanded new strategies and tighter teamwork from the players.

  15. 1 Pokemon Firered/LeafGreen or Pokemon Heartgold/Soulsilver
    Classics of the pokemon franchise but updated, hopefully they get another remake.

    2 Batman Arkham Asylum
    Best superhero game with the history of arkham and batmans villains and actual fun riddles instead of collect a thousand trophies.

    3 Dmc: Devil May Cry
    Just pure fun hack and slash with style and punk attitude.

    4 Resident Evil 4
    Camp action horror to the max, my first M rated and resident evil game

    5 Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door
    The best of the paper marios, fun combat and witty dialogue.

    Tales of Symphonia
    One of my favorite Rpgs that no one talks about, love the combat.

  16. Hello guys from somewhere around Quebec City,
    I’ve been wanting to leave you a comment for a while so now is as good a time as any other. ( I should definitively have done it for my favorite RPG though, could’ve plugged Arc Rise Fantasia, that game got so little love and man, it is an awesome game. ) So a top 5 games should be interesting… … … … DANG, WHY IS IT SO HARD TO CHOOSE A TOP 5 GAMES, SO MANY GOOD GAMES !

    So, let’s try it !

    5. Phantasy Star IV – Being a big fan of RPGs, I should’ve gone with a SNES rather than a Genesis… Or should I 😛 ? Phantasy Star IV is one of the greatest RPG I played in my whole life. The characters, the progression of the story, the whole story ark with Zio the dark mage, that time you have to get through a forest of man eating trees, the death of Alys, the mix of post-apocalyptic scenery, magic and technology, the combo system, the music, the artwork, the way the story is told like in a comic. Truly an epic game.

    4. Shining Force II – That cover made not friggin sense haha. The game that plunged me in my love for Tactical RPGs. Again, great artwork, great music, great characters.

    3. Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen – Again, a pearl that helped define me as a tactical RPG slut.

    2. Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 – It’s pretty much the same game so it counts right ? I don’t play many first person shooters, I don’t consider myself really good at playing them. But the atmosphere in that game, wow ! I played so much, the stress of getting pounced of or getting separated from your buddies. A great adrenaline rush. I used to play it non-stop before going to bed with my roommate. I dreamed of zombies clawing at me for a whole 6 months…

    1. Valkyria Chronicles – That game was nothing short of a master piece. Only thing that was missing from it was difficulty levels. Again the characters are great ( except that useless pig mascot… ) and you end up caring for them. The art style is gorgeous, it’s such a let down they went to portable with the second game, really not as good looking as the first one ( and let’s just not talk about the story ) and the music is nothing short of glorious. That game just didn’t get its fair share of recognition…

    So that’s it for me, keep up the good work guys, I just love your show 😀

  17. In no particular order:

    1. LoZ:OoT: it’s basically comfort food that I can play on a plane, but it’s still fun to wander Hyrule once a year, despite multiple playthroughs on my n64, then subsequently beating it on my college roommate’s gamecube collector’s edition, then on wii virtual console, and now on the 3ds.

    2. Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. I know there’s people out there that hate Skyrim and Oblivion and only love Morrowind, but as someone who really enjoyed all 3, Morrowind was so rich and so rewarding once you put the time into getting good at it. The game does a great job of slowly drawing you in, and your experience would be vastly different depending on your character build and early choices.

    3. NBA2k11: I love managing sports franchises, and I love basketball, and this is/was my favorite basketball game. I mostly use my 360 to run amazon and netflix, but it also still plays this game.

    4. Super Mario World. In 2007, shortly after graduating undergrad, I stayed for a few days with my cousins, then 8 and 9. After running out of things to talk about, we ended up turning on the SNES in their game room and playing that (at the time) 16-year-old game for about three really enjoyable hours.

    5. The Sims. I love Sim City, Sim City 2000, and the Sims games, but I spent the most time with the Sims. I loved it for the same reason I loved playing with action figures: you could project crazy, soap-opera stories on these cartoon characters, and at the same time achieve small victories by getting the Sims to successfully path their way through a room without bumping into each other and pissing their pants.

  18. Awesome episode guys, had a blast listening to it this week as I worked my way through the Baker mansion yet again. Happy to see VGA officially pass TDars episode count, and I’m excited to celebrate 200 next Friday.

  19. QOTW:
    1. Earthworm Jim 2
    Weird choice for #1 but it’s one of the first games I remember playing and the absurdity of the game was like nothing I had ever seen before or since.

    2. Uncharted 2
    First game story to fully capture my attention. As a huge Indiana Jones fan it felt like playing one of the movies.

    3.Mega Man X
    Haven’t played nearly as many MM games as some but X for the snes was another earliest game memory and is extremely enjoyable despite never beating it.

    4. WarioWare Mega Micro Game$
    My desert island game. So much variety and twitchy gameplay. It’s a digital sugar rush and kept me entertained for many car rides as a kid. Plus it includes Dr.Mario in it’s entirety so that’s an extra bonus.

    5. Farcry 3/4
    Can’t decide between the two the open world gameplay loop was incredibly addicting and sniping fools with the bow and arrow is one most satisfying feelings had in a game. In college I was so busy 100%-ing Farcry 4 that I destroyed my relationship with a hot sorority girl so nuff said.

    HONORABLE MENTIONS Resident Evil 4, THPS3 and Viewtiful Joe (MAKE 3 DAMMIT!!)

  20. This proved way harder than expected. Number one is and has always been Super Metroid. Fucking perfect, start to finish. After that, the ordering gets a little fuzzy, but: Chrono Trigger, Link to the Past, Final Fantasy XII, and, though it’s super new, Thumper. I’m a synaesthete, and music—especially heavy, aggressive rhythm, triggers my visual senses, so playing Thumper was like being on constant hallucinogens with minimal hangover after the fact. It’s also the first game in years I’ve managed to platinum, S-ranking every goddamn part of every goddamn stage.

    Vacillated a lot on some honourable mentions like Symphony of the Night, FFVI, Last of Us, and even the Last Guardian, because fuck that final sequence reduced me to tears, but yeah, those are my five.

  21. Sorry Chris, I don’t need to be apprenticed. RE7 just doesn’t interest me. It’s a Rob Zombie movie in first person, and it’s just not scary. It’s boring.

    Here’s a recap of my post from last week because I don’t know if you saw it.

    Metroid Prime – a good example of a continuation of a series while modernising it. Keeps almost all elements while updating and tweaking them for a modern game.

    RE 7 – Ditching nearly everything that made up the franchise and divorcing it from the series so completely it might as well be a new franchise. (See also, Suikoden Tierkries).

  22. Hello Lasertimers! First time poster here, and what better way to leave a burning bag of poo on your doorstep than tell you my Top 5 favourite games of all time on the first date!

    1) Super Mario World
    2) Monkey Island 2
    3) Double Dragon 2
    4) Resident Evil REmake
    5) Diablo

    Now I’m off to drink beer with my early 30s pals and play some N64 Conkers BFD multiplayer and Perfect Dark. Thanks for all the great content guys! Here’s to 200 more!

  23. 1- Deus Ex (2000, PC) This game has it’s flaws but it hit me at the right place, at the right time. X-Files conspiracy stuff balanced with a beautiful rpg system make this game so memorable. I can’t do this game justice in 2 sentences.
    2 – Civilization 2 (1996, PC) After typing out the title, I feel the urge to go play this now. Not the latest one, 2 specifically.
    3- Metal Gear Solid (1998, PS1) One of the Ninja Turtles has a nuke and is faking a British accent. I feel the weird 2D game play makes the game better,
    4- Zero Escape : Virtues Last Reward (3DS/Vita, 2012) I don’t like visual novels, so I was surprised when this and 999 (DS, 2010) captured my attention. It’s the only game I’ve seen execute time travel properly. Any decision can be changed.
    5- Final Fantasy 9 (2000, PS1) I didn’t actually play this until a year ago. The character development is great. That soundtrack. I could listen to it forever.

    Weirdly, Nintendo is my favorite Developer and now that I’ve written this out, not a single Nintendo game.

  24. In no particular order:
    Dune II – R.I.P. Westwood, get mods that modernize this classic as it still plays great to this day.
    Doom 2 – Mainly adding in crazy levels, more baddies, better weapons and oh the WADs kept the fun for a while.
    Super Mario 64 – Mario’s transition into 3D was breathtaking and innovative, I played hours upon hours on this game/own the 3DS versions as well.
    Pac-Man – Such an arcade classic and with Championship Edition/DX/2 they’re still making it relevant today.
    Half Life 2 – The canpaign has perfect pacing, really good physics, puzzles and oh the game/engine was a bridge for Day of Defeat, Counterstrike, Portal and so much more.

    Honorable mentions, Mass Effect 2, Super Mario Kart, Total Annihilation, Halo 2 & Fable 2 & one of my personal favs Rockford!

  25. While I’ve missed some major games in my lifetime, my list consist of games that I played in very specific points in my development.

    5: Golden 007 N64- my buddy had this and every day after middle school we would spend hours playing multiplayer. Best settings were Pistols only w/ one hit kills.

    4: Portal XBOX360- Collage summer break I put this game on to pass some time. I had no idea what to expect and as the game went on and I learned more and more my mind started melting out of my nose. Still to this day one of the most surprising and enjoying gaming experiences.

    3: Super Mario Bros 3 SNES- first Mario game I ever beat. I go back to it every year and it still holds up as the greatest 2d platformer ever made.

    2: Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 PC- I grew up going to amusement parks and when this game came out I couldn’t believe my luck. The first was near perfect but the sequel added and tweaked just enough to make it a masterpiece. I’d be scared to learn how many hours of my life I put into this game.

    1: The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim XBOX 360- as a grown man I sacrificed so many responsibilities due to this game. Skyrim allowed me to fully emerge myself into its vast open world. 450 hrs complete on the original now I have recently bought the remastered version and again find myself unable to put it down.

  26. QOTW:
    5. Doom 1&2
    4. Twisted Metal 2 (those endings!)
    3. Final Fantasy VI (best FF before the series turned into melodramatic anime trash)
    2. Super Metroid
    1. Symphony of the Night – This game embodies everything awesome about 2D games, Metroid style games and Castlevania. Everything about the presentation is amazing…and that soundtrack.

  27. I started listening to the show a few months ago. I am making my first comment now because I felt compelled to share my 5 favorite games of all time:

    5. Rhythm Heaven Fever (Wii) While the game itself is really great, listening to the soundtrack always kept my spirits up, especially when I get into a downer mood. That effect alone is enough to propel this game to my top 5.

    4. Gradius V (PS2) The Gradius series has always been my favorite series of shooters and Treasure was one of my favorite developers. Seeing the two come together and create a fantastic game was a thing of beauty.

    3. We Love Katamari (PS2) I was obsessed with the original Katamari Damacy for about a year. Then the sequel comes and made the formula even better with the refined rolling mechanics and a wider variety of goals to make the gameplay interesting.

    2. Sin & Punishment: Star Successor (Wii) A fantastic rail-shooter that plays really well with the pointer controls. In fact, the game is so good that it spoiled other rail-shooters for me (except Rez) to the point where I do not get excited about that genre anymore. This is the best game in the rail-shooter genre, the best game made by Treasure, and the best game on the Wii.

    1. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island (SNES) Even though the game is branded as a Mario game, the game plays nothing like Mario games usually play, and yet the gameplay does not feel out of place for the series. The level designs are creative and Yoshi’s controls feels right for the level design.

    Chris mentioned that collecting the items in Yoshi’s Island only gets you a grade. That is not quite true. Collecting all the items in the initial 8 levels of each world will unlock a hidden challenge level and a mini-game for that world. The hidden levels are worth playing if you do not mind the difficulty.

  28. On the subject of my answer to last week’s QotW, for Chris:

    I don’t think Fallout or Skyrim are very good examples of what I was talking about because, despite the change in perspective, I think those games are still pretty true to their origins.

    Also, my point wasn’t that games that have nothing in common with earlier games in the series shouldn’t exist, it’s just that they should still carry the same name as that series.

    In your Fallout 3 example, if Fallout 3 really has zero in common with Fallout 1, you can still MAKE that game, by why even CALL it Fallout 3? When really, it’s the first game in a completely new thing.

  29. Congrats on getting to 200, guys. QOTW:

    1) Mass Effect 1. I like all the ME games, but even though the sequels improved the combat and controls, ME1 is easily my favorite story of any video game. The characters were more focused and fleshed out, the mystery of the Reapers and Protheans unfolded brilliantly, and Saren is still one of my favorite villians in any game.

    2) Resident Evil 4

    3) Sonic Adventure 2

    4) Jak II

    5) Metal Gear Solid 3

  30. 1) Super Mario Brothers 3 – No other game comes closer to perfection in style and gaming goodness.
    2) Half-Life 2
    3) Overwatch – For taking over my life.
    4) DOOM
    5) Secret of Monkey Island

  31. I also wrote a grade school short story about a spread gun. We had to write short stories using our vocabulary word for that week. “spread” was a vocab word and I didn’t have any trouble finding things to write about.

  32. spanning the ages, by coincidence, not by design.

    Super Metroid – without a doubt #1. the exploration, atmosphere, music, everything about this game is perfect in my mind.

    Mega Man 3
    Shadow Of The Colossus
    Mass Effect 2

    that was surprisingly easy

  33. 1. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

    As a formative part of my username, Oblivion was a game that had a great effect on me. Being my first proper experience with Western RPGs, leading me to branch out into a variety of genres, I hold a special place in my heart for it. It remains a favorite game still, if not actually anything I’d consider the best.

    2. Bloodborne

    3. Final Fantasy XII

    4. Dragon Age: Origins

    5. Grandia

  34. QOTW

    1. GTA V
    The campaign is a satirical escapade full of interesting characters and ridiculous moments but GTA Online is a paradise. It endlessly generates amazing action moments better than scripted games and it does it organically. Three and a half years later and it’s still not boring.
    2. Bioshock
    I know people have started turning on this game and discussing Randivism at all has become touchy (even if it’s condemning it) but I still love how Bioshock was thoughtful with something to say on top of being an incredibly fun and inventive shooter.
    3. Saints Row 3
    This games cartoon sensibilities mean it’s always wacky and fun enough to never get boring, no matter how many times I play it. I found I enjoyed more than 4 because the superpowers essentially turned on god mode which gets dull after awhile.
    4.Sonic 2
    I still never get tired of the gameplay or music and I always go back to it, that’s really it. Also, while Tails gets a lot of well deserved shit nowadays, I still like using him in this one.
    5. Starfox 64
    I have really no idea why but this game really stuck with me. I love arcade air combat but usually in a more free open arena style. Oh god…what if I’m a furry?

    Sorry for the length but there’s my top 5 games of all time. Congrats on reaching 200 Vidjagame Apocalypse, super happy to see Michael get that milestone.

  35. 1#Super Mario World
    2#Dance Dance Revolution
    4#Tekken 3
    5# Super Bomberman

    All games are on the list due to a mixture of my respect for their greatness and my nostalgic memories of playing them alone or with friends.

    Happy 200th guys, I was there from the early days. One door’s red…

  36. I´ll have to write two lists, one for games I have played (gameplay) and another one for games I haven´t played (story, yes I am a cheap-ass).

    Played games;
    1. Paper Mario and the Thousand year door.
    A difficult choice, but this game is fantastic despite the hard-as balls final boss (I never managed to beat it)
    2. Burnout Paradise.
    The only game I have 100%ed. It was all worth it to get that platinum paint spray.
    3. Xcom: Enemy Unknown/Within.
    I have sunk too many hours into this list to not feature it in this spot. It gets repetitive in the end but overall, great fun.
    4. Super Mario Galaxy 1/2.
    I was considering choosing Sunshine but realized that my youth would have been clouding my judgement
    5. Faster Than Light.
    The most difficult spot. I was considering choosing Hotline Miami 1/2 or SMB 3/world but I can´t justify FTL not getting a spot after all the time I have spent on it.

    Watched games (yes, I´m a dirtbag);
    1. Spec Ops: The line.
    I have not seen as many playthroughs of any game as this one (bar Tetris). I´m such a fan of this game that I even bought the book a fan wrote about it (Killing is Harmless; A Critical Reading of Spec Ops: The Line) and am waiting expectantly for the book Walt Williams (lead writer) is writing titled Significant Zero.
    2. The Stanley Parable (original and remake).
    I love meta, and this game is so meta IT´S YOUR MOTHER!!!
    3. Live Is Strange (season 1).
    You can criticize it for a lot of things but in the end the story was very enjoyable and exciting. I am a big fan of time travel stories and this game brought up some interesting questions about it in the end (personal ones, not the price of nature).
    4. Undertale.
    This was the most difficult spot. It was between this, Mother 3 and The Walking Dead Season 1 but while the other games do bring up more interesting questions (instead of being meta for meta´s sake) and hit you harder with the emotional moments, Undertale is much better paced and consistent than both of them and the music is SO GOOD.
    5. Tales From The Borderlands (Season 1).
    This list needs some comedy and this game brings it in spades. I´m just happy they left Claptrap out of it.

    BTW. How can I log into my account? I don´t remember the name of the service that oversees them and the forum just tells me that I must be logged in to comment without actually linking to where I can do that.

    1. There’s a “LOGIN” button at the top of the page, up where it says “SHOWS – FEATURES – VIDEOS”. If you’re still having trouble, WordPress commenting accounts are handled through

  37. My top 5 (in no particular order):
    -Super Metroid
    -Super Mario World
    -The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    -Game Boy Tetris
    -Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped

  38. (1) Shovel Knight is the best side-scrolling platformer. Super Mario 3 has the suits, introduces an over-world, presents solid auto-scrolling levels, and holds up like a champ. Super Mario World expanded on it, has a terrific color scheme, better music, and no ice levels. Super Meat Boy is the most mechanically sound platformer ever made, but I wouldn’t recommend it to everybody because difficulty. Klonoa 2 is the prettiest side-scroller, and Rayman Legends kills it with presentation, music, and generous checkpoints. And Sonic 2 is okay. Shovel Knight combines satisfying aspects of all of these games, throws them into a Mega Man II blender, and spits out the most perfect 6-hour modern gaming experience. It’s hard, but never frustrating, and presents an enjoyable feeling of progression as you power through its campaign. It’s also the only side-scroller I can point to and use phrases like “excellent story,” and “really cool character arc.”

    (2) Final Fantasy VI is the best RPG. If you haven’t played it, you should. For an RPG, it’s lightning fast, has simple but engrossing combat, and, dear Lord, that story. If I had infinity money, I’d enlist HBO to produce its 2-season miniseries now.

    (3) Half-Life 2 is the best FPS. Doom II is still simple, immediately fun, and I could recommend it to anybody today. With Timesplitters 2, the Goldeneye crew perfected smooth, fast-paced couch co-op. Left for Dead II’s campaign is fun incarnate, but definitely owes its mechanics to Ravenholm. Bioshock put atmosphere and story paramount, but at the expense of satisfying gunplay. Half-Life 2 is a fun, streamlined campaign, littered with environmental puzzles, straightforward but memorable character interaction, and set-piece moments that I immediately re-played after completing. Looking at it biblically, the scripted bombast that characterizes Uncharted, Modern Warfare, and Halo, and the focus on environmental ambience of Bioshock, Metro, and Wolfenstein New Order all stem from Half-Life 2. It’s good.

    (4) Super Mario Galaxy is the best third-person platformer. Mario 64 needs to be mentioned based on the miracle that it is. That Miyamoto and company had no blue-print, and got so much right out the gate might be one of the three or four most impressive things our species has done. If I had to recommend a third-person platformer to an alien, though, I’d pick Galaxy. I would acquiesce its levels aren’t as expansive as 64, but Mario’s movement feels better, the level design is pitch-perfect, there’s checkpoints, the music is ridiculous, the boss-battles are more memorable, and the whole presentation of surreal, cosmic fever dream is unlike anything in any medium since its release. My favorite moment with a video game to this day is soaring across the sky, and gripping a flower, while that sweet-sweet Gusty Garden theme plays underneath. It’s awesome. Screw Flanders.

    (5) Saints Row the Third is the best open-world game. Much like Fast and the Furious makes fun of modern action, while presenting the best modern action, Saints Row 3 has a lot of insight into modern open-world gaming, while distilling the trend’s quirks into its most enjoyable presentation possible. Everything Brett rightly derides about the genre is here, (tasks, fetch-questing, no real level design, doesn’t reward you for improvement), but it’s all dolled out with a wink and endlessly fun gameplay. The gunplay feels good, the driving feels great, the campaign has a lot of set-piece moments that stick, and the side-missions are extremely diverse and entertaining. (Throwing yourself in traffic, blowing up the city with a tank, horde modes, racing, Smash-TV send-ups, capture-the-flag, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera). I beat it four years ago, and still jump into my save three times a year because fun. In addition, the game its relentlessly good-natured. A diverse band of ne’erdo-wells team up and beat the bad guy, while constantly ripping on one another. I think Grimm mentioned once jumping off a building as a sentient toilet, and parachuting into a convertible while duel wielding uzis, and then driving it immediately into a wall. Did Ducktails have that?

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