Monday Night Movie: February 2017 Schedule!

February may be the shortest month of the year, but it’s going to be long on action. Check out the details for February 2017’s Monday Night Movie streams!

Now that we’re 1/12th done with 2017, we move onto another batch of Monday Night Movies! In case you’re not a subscriber to Laser Time’s Patreon (where you also get a bonus weekly podcasts, tons of video commentaries, and much more), the Monday Night Movie is the wonderful event where a batch of Laser Time hosts do LIVE commentary with a running chat so that we can interact with y’all while we make with the snark! This month is action-packed as we have a classic Stallone flick recently celebrated on Thirty Twenty Ten, and a recent hit that is being sequelized this month! You can join us LIVE¬†on the dates or at any time by being a Patron, where you’ll receive an audio and video commentary at no extra charge, or any time a la cart via Bandcamp. Without any further ado, here’s our Monday Night Movie schedule for Feb!

Over The Top
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Before you hear us gush about the corny Cannon Films ode to arm wrestling on Thirty Twenty Ten, we’re going to do LIVE commentary for Over The Top as we dissect Sly Stallone’s futile attempt to give arm wrestling the same amount of grandeur as boxing. Will we properly turn our hats backwards? Will we be able to contain our Robert Loggia impressions every time he pops up on screen? Find out LIVE on February 6th at 6PM PST!

John Wick
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In the decade of continual attempts to make a decent Hitman movie, there’s only been one success before this month; John Wick. Sure, Keanu Reeves may not be bald or have a barcode on his skull, but if you’re looking for 100 minutes of calm fury and kickass gunplay, John Wick is the flick for you. John Wick: Chapter 2 is hitting theaters like a silenced bullet this month, but at the end of the month we’ll be watching Keanu’s original tale of vengeance. Come join us LIVE on February 27th at 6PM PST!

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Again, thank you Patrons for all of your suggestions and votes. And of course, we strongly encourage you to become a Laser Time Patron, use our Amazon links whenever possible, or maybe even check out a couple of our commentaries on our Bandcamp page.

3 thoughts on “Monday Night Movie: February 2017 Schedule!

  1. despite my proclivity for corny 80’s flicks, i’ve never seen Over The Top, despite living that glorious theme song.

    and John Wick is a great time.

  2. I haven’t been able to make it to the last several MNM events so I’m hoping I can find a dig up a copy of Over the Top and join you guys tonight, haven’t watched that movie in over a decade.

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