Super Bowl Spots – Furious Guardians, Logan, Switch and more

OH DOCTOR! The Big Game means Big Capitalism and that means Big ‘Mercials! Here’s a sampling of the loudest and nerdiest shiz I heard about tonight. I’ll add more as they happen!

FUG YES. These keep getting bigger and dumber, and I couldn’t be happier knowing that each new sequel one-ups some insane stunt or scenario from the previous movie. The Rock driving a straight-up GI Joe vehicle as a submarine crashes through the goddamn arctic circle is the greatest moment of 2017.

HARD PIVOT into a somber, moving Logan trailer. If this truly is the end of Jackman’s 17-year run as Wolverine, then this sure does look like a fitting final act. Fingers crossed it’s as good as we all hope it’ll be. Also, was the dude with the metal hand Kane?

A couple of additional amusing lines and more action shots are kiiiinda all we get, but this highly anticipated sequel still looks fun af. I see some Cancerverse stuff going on, and the golden android / robot woman gives me Warlock / High Evolutionary vibes but who knows!

This is billed as the Super Bowl LI ad, yet was added four days before? I mean, you were either going to buy this or not, and there’s nothing a super mainstream TV ad is gonna do to change your mind. But for the mass market, I think this does make the device seem interesting, at least?

Some very cool, menacing flashes in here, plus the sick nasty HALLOWEEN debut date means ST2 is firing on all the necessary Brett cylinders. I like the Ghostbusters nod, but my glowing neon ass any kids had costumes that cool in 1984. Also – I wonder if Things will lose some of its charm as it veers into “The ’80s” portion of the 1980s? As in, not the vaguely still ’70s look of 1980~83, but the garish poofy haired 1980s of 1984~89. Hm!

I didn’t even watch the trailer. Why would I waste precious seconds. It took less time to copy paste the URL and type this sentence.

2 thoughts on “Super Bowl Spots – Furious Guardians, Logan, Switch and more

  1. The only commercial I saw was the Ghost of Spuds Mackenzie, it was strange after hearing about him on several different LT shows the last few weeks. I liked the original commercials as a kid, this one seemed way less interesting (there weren’t any babes hanging on Spuds in this one.)

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