Laser Time – Are We Out Of Touch? An Ultra-Quiz!

We’re talking about the biggest games, movies, and shows that have captured the world’s attention, yet completely missed our radar! Laugh at your Laser Time pals as they show no comprehension of major media from the last few years!


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26 thoughts on “Laser Time – Are We Out Of Touch? An Ultra-Quiz!

  1. I don’t think you guys will be uniquely unqualified for this stuff, it seems to me that anyone with decent media literacy skills (and/or taste) has largely avoided or only had small glimpses at the hugest mainstream hits of the 2010s because stuff that still hits huge caters to people who have not changed their media habits since the early 2000s (i.e. CBS crap shows). I try to stay on top of trends and what’s going on in pop-culture, but even I would probably miserably fail this. THAT BEING SAID, quizzes are always super fun so this should be a good episode!

  2. One show that’s definitely has a lot of seasons that’s still going is the US adaptation of Shameless.
    A show that no one is talking about but is still being made. I enjoyed the UK one quite a bit
    wasn’t a huge fan, just dipped in a couple of episodes. Seeing the great William H Macey in a show
    like that doing that kind of character just makes me sad.

    1. I only know that it’s still on because of seeing gifs of nudity posted around the interwebs when a new episode airs.

  3. Ya see, episodes like this are why I like this make me such a loyal Patron since, as I age, I find myself out of touch with the “kids” just as much as you guys. I whiffed on almost all of these too…. except that Game of Thrones one. Brett missing that had me on the ground and I haven’t seen a single episode of it. Never change 🙂

  4. Fun detail about Supernatural: in the beginning of the show, they’re searching for a legendary gun crafted by Samuel Colt that shoots magic bullets that can kill any demon they hit. Its redneck myth making at its finest.

    Also, if you do another quiz like this, Downton Abbey still has a ton of social currency and tons of potential for a fake name lightning round.

  5. I facepalmed when Brett said Cersei Lannister

    Also Im sure one of you would like Supernatural, first 5 seasons check it out.

    1. Yeah it feels very X-Files or Buffy-esque in the early seasons, but past 5 my friends agreed not to bother.

  6. If you aren’t watching The Good Place, get on that. It’s the new show from the Parks and Rec/B99 people (and basically all the Parks and Rec writers), and it’s basically Parks and Rec meets Lost. Season 1 just finished but I think it might already be better than Parks and Rec at it’s peak. Ted Danson is fucking amazing

  7. Great episode guys. I’m hoping no other laser timers join in with the Bob Mackey, Colin Moriarty spat, as it’s pretty shitty.

  8. Antista, all you have to do is tune the tv to channel 65 to watch ion. They air Burn Notice midday, Criminal Minds three times a week, Law and Order on Wednesday, SVU all day Saturday, and random USA Network show on Sunday.

  9. I didn’t know Garnet sang Hall and Oates’ “Out of Touch”. I must have missed that episode.
    The only current TV I’m watching is Westworld and I only just binged/finished it yesterday. I was watching all the superhero shows like Flash, Arrow, SHIELD, but I fell off and haven’t seen any of the current seasons of any of them.

  10. Hahaha, this one had me in tears.

    Didn’t watch Season 1 of The Expanse but I caught the summary video and the season 2 premiere, I love it. Also a big fan of Dark Matter & Game of Thrones, lol at Brett. I can’t wait for the next season of those two.

    Just watched APB, ehhh. He’s like the Bruce Wayne of PD but it left a mixed vibe with me.

  11. Check out Catastrophe on Amazon Prime. It has nice short BBC seasons (two so far) that always keeps you wanting more. It is refreshingly honest about relationships and funny as hell. I cannot recommend it enough!

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