Monday Race – SMB3 World 4

Can you believe the BULLSHIT of World 3? That goddamn fish ate swallowed me whole like 50 friggin’ times and let’s not forget the, uh, other things that were not my fault and led to Chris taking an early lead in this race through every world in Mario 3.

The battle continues today at 3pm Pacific. Tune in either here or on our Twitch channel, and above all else be ready for a comeback! World 4 is The Shit and I surely plan to win this one.

That said, neither of us have practiced in any way NOR have we even played this damn game in years. It’s a true test of skill that will determine who is the best adult child of all time!

One thought on “Monday Race – SMB3 World 4

  1. 6:06 -Well that’s just poor timing.
    6:17 -Jumped into that one.
    6:28 -The game actively hates you to the point of cheating.

    I’m anticipating a lot of swearing for the next world. If only because I remember I did a lot myself. Friggin’ skies…

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