Stallone is Over the Top, Mario Kart rolls on as Gargoyles ends, and Ghost Rider debuts with Tim & Eric – Feb 10-16

This week in 87 brought us both Over the Top AND Mannequin, then 1997 sees the end of Disney’s Gargoyles, the first Mario Kart sequel and That Darn Cat. In 2007, Nicholas Cage finally gets to be a super hero while Tim & Eric baffle the nation.


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34 thoughts on “Stallone is Over the Top, Mario Kart rolls on as Gargoyles ends, and Ghost Rider debuts with Tim & Eric – Feb 10-16

  1. Homer’s Phobia and Mario Kart 64 are GREAT gems from my childhood, though admittedly Homer’s Phobia is something I revisit more.

    Tim & Eric is easily one of my favourite sketch comedy shows of all time. I didn’t start watching it until around 2008 or 2009, thanks to Canadian G4’s “ADD” block that showed re-runs of shows from Adult Swim and other stuff (like ‘Freaks and Geeks,’ ‘Undeclared,’ and ‘Delocated’). The duo’s work is so bizarre and original that it never ceases to surprise and shock, and to make my stomach hurt from laughing. Obviously, “CHECK IT OUT!” is up there too since it spun out of this, but that’s for another episode someday. Computer, can I generate a nude Tayne? NUDE. TAYNE.

  2. Also HOLY SHIT GHOST RIDER FUCKING SUCKS. It’s kinda up there with Elektra and FANT4STIC as the worst movies made with a Marvel name on them (and of course, GR was the Daredevil director which is also not a good movie, and he produced Elektra, so fuck that guy’s work & WHY WOULD THEY HAVE HIM INVOLVED WITH A THIRD ONE). Fuck Fox’s attempts at doing Marvel movies outside of increasingly few exceptions.

  3. Starter for 10 also stars James Corden, Dominic Cooper (Preacher) and Alice Eve.

    Speaking of James McAvoy, I highly recommend Shameless (the original UK series, not the US William H Macy remake). Specifically the first two seasons (which originally aired around 2001/2002) are excellent TV, and were what propelled McAvoy to stardom – he is charisma personified in that show.

  4. I know Brett is as big a fan of the 1986 Transformers movie as I am, so I thought I would mention that February 24-25 1987 was the two part Return of Optimus Prime episode(s) where they brought him back due to the response to his death in the movie. I remember the hype leading up to it and but for the GI Joe movie and the three part Headmasters miniseries later in 1987, it was basically the end of the Transformers/GI Joe cartoons that were a big part of my childhood from 1983-1987.

      1. Damn, I was interested in you take on this. I know you don’t care that much for the cartoon, but as an adult looking back, it is amazing how fast they undid it. Six months seems like such a fast time to get this out. Plus it was written by Marv Wolfman, who also wrote Teen Titans and Crisis on Infinite Earths a couple weeks early, plus a underrated Fantastic Four run that I really like.

        The GI Joe 1987 movie is coming up on April 18th, which is amazing for all the right and wrong reasons, but man that opening song is amazing…

  5. I was born in 77, and my girlfriend was born in 70. We watched the Man with One Red Shoe with Tom Hanks the other day, and though it has some problems, we enjoyed it, and wondered what it is about 80’s movies that we still enjoy them even when they have kind of dumb stories and characters, when we will deride movies from the later 90’s on that seem to be missing something that the comedies and action movies of the 80’s and earlier 90’s have. Mannequin is one of those, not a great movie, but I know I saw the first one before the second one came out, and it’s from a time period that movies, TV, and music really stuck with me, when I was 9 or 10. It was streaming on Netflix a few years ago, and I rewatched it, it’s not the bad schlock some 80’s movies are, it’s closer to Short Circuit schlock. Over the Top is closer to Roger Corman and AIP’s stuff from the 60’s and 70’s, if you’re in the right frame of mind you can enjoy it on a Sunday afternoon, and if you remember the terrible trailers they used to put on VHS tapes you’re probably the right age to enjoy schlock without having to be ironic about it.

    I liked Tom Goes to the Mayor all right, but Tim and Eric Awful Show Go to Hell is terrible. I tried watching the first episode of Check it Out, and hated it, too. I’ve tried watching Mr. Show several times over many years, and never liked it. Eric Andre is supposed to be an homage to Space Ghost Coast to Coast, which I love, but I think Eric Andre is boring. I wonder why it is that I like the Laser Time guys and their shows, and hate a lot of the comedy that they think defined them?

  6. I recently got into syfys original shows since The Magicians is so good and looked up the deschanel oz show and remember not being able to get through the first ep bc it looked so awful.

    Also apparently syfy made a 3 episode adaptation of “childhoods end” that im gonna watch.

  7. Brett you need to watch Supernatural, the first five seasons are great, since you like ghostrider and any of you need to watch The Magicians by syfy channel.

  8. Wow, wasn’t expecting to have my life flash before my eyes, reflect on family and fiendships, the good times we’ve had and the bad, life, pain, love, the past and the future and then brought to the verge of tears by “Victory Lap” from Mario Kart in front of my co-workers.

  9. Regarding Tim & Eric, I felt as though it was a rip-off of a local Minneapolis public access show we had called Freaky Deaky. You can find some youtube clips for your own interest, but man… Sunday nights for an hour was required watching. They would do all sorts of crazy music and super trippy live visual effects for a call in show. Each episode would end with a five minute feast of the various cast members yelling “Get naked!” and would begin stripping down to underwear. What a treat!

    Also, the same group did a Totally Scrabble Tuesday where the show would play their tile set and the “city” or the callers would play the shown seven tiles. As you can imagine it was dominated by high and drunk college students, but it was absolutely awesome T.V. watching!

    I recommend watching clips of the show on the youtubes.

  10. I would enjoy a Wii Play – Co Op tanks Lasertime Stream.

    The ghost rider “300 feet field goal to field goal” still drives me nuts. Sigh

  11. Over the Top is one of my favorite 80s movies. The premise is ridiculous, but sincere and does a good job of getting the blood pumped up with a “can do anything” attitude. You guys should watch the documentary “Pulling John,” about legendary professional arm wrestling champ John Brzenk. It reveals a lot about the sport and culture. John Brzenk and others also cameo in Over the Top.

    And Gargoyles was an excellent show. It had development and chronology with well written stories. They used a lot of Celtic mythology, which not a lot of popular shows had done before. And the voice cast. Man, oh man. Brent Spiner as Puck was my favorite. I would say it rivaled Batman: The Animated Series. Both shows were very important to my childhood. Batman I’d watch through my preteen years, and Gargoyles in high school.

  12. FYI – That Operation Wolf arcade cabinet is one of the rarest and most desirable to collectors.

    So I watched that Asteroid TV movie. Actually, it was a two-part mini series. And the only reason I did was because the first part centered around my hometown of Kansas City. See, the story is set up with this killer asteroid heading to wards Earth, and KC is right in the bull’s eye. So “Asteroid Expert” Michael Biehn comes to save the day by evacuating the city.

    I’m not sure if they actually filmed a few scenes here or not, but it was really weird to watch a movie and have these actors I knew talking about evacuating my hometown and mentioning the names of towns and suburbs that would only be known to people who lived here – places like Overland Park, Lenexa… and funny enough, in the movie, Raytown is the last town to be fully evacuated. The real Raytown felt slighted by this for some reason, and expressed their displeasure after the movie aired. For those who don’t know – Raytown has a poor/trashy reputation and is also the same town that the 80s sitcom Mama’s Family takes place in.

    1. Oh, and I forgot to mention, after all the evacuations, it turns out that the asteroid falls apart before impact, so the city was spared. But then another asteroid shows up and I don’t remember what happened after that. It wasn’t a good movie.

  13. There is nothing on this earth I disagree with more than the Laser Time crew’s opinion on Tim & Eric.

    I…fucking…LOATHE this show. And pretty much anything else Tim & Eric have made. I don’t understand how anyone finds it funny at all. It’s just gross and awkward and obnoxious and offputting.

    I always used to just chalk it’s popularity up to stoners, but I think Chris is the only one of those on the Laser Time crew.

    Eric Andre show is just as bad. It’s just a guy being a shitty asshole in the street then a guy being a shitty asshole to some celebrity.

  14. You guys touched on the somewhat misleading tone of the Bridge of Terabithia ads, and I was one of those who “fell” for it. I actually went to the theater to this with my niece when it came out, and I was expecting a fantasy Disney tale, only to be disappointed by what actually happened in the film. As a whole, I didn’t hate it, but I just thought it would be something different.

  15. On the subject of the Oakland school board and African American Vernacular English, this is odd timing because I’m reading a really great book partially about AAVE, its history, and its function in society. It’s called “Dialect Diversity in America,” by linguist William Labov. The book more broadly covers the political nature of regional dialects, but focuses its efforts on AAVE and the Northern Cities Vowel Shift, a very odd change in how people pronounce certain vowels in cities stretching from Upstate New York across the Midwest to Chicago and Milwaukee. Very interesting book if you’re into American regionalism and/or linguistics!

  16. I’m younger than you guys and had never heard of Bridge to Terabithia and totally thought it was going to be a young adult fantasy a-la Harry Potter or Chronicles of Narnia. So when I was on vacation in Costa Rica my brother and I decided to watch it one night and got so bored after the death twist that we turned it off and watched Flyboys again (I still think I like that movie, sue me).

  17. Bridge to Terabithia came out around the same time as we read the book at the end of Grade six. I remember not liking it initially because I was one of those 12 year olds that was too cool for kiddie shit, How dumb and naive I was. I recently watched it through the eyes of a Disney obsessed, film nerd of a 21 year old and it basically reduced me to a ball of tears. Such a beautiful film that will both amaze and sadden a lot of children. I call 2007 a swansong year of my childhood before I was sent into adolescence and beyond. I can safely say that Bridge To Terabithia will be added to my childhood memories.

  18. Mario kart tournaments still happen in the UK! Well in my house at least.

    I was 8 when my dad brought home the N64 on night at Christmas. The only rule was that it had to be shared between me and my two brothers. I’ll never forget us staying up late and having Mario Kart death matches almost every night. An amazing excuses for being so tired at school the next day which my father encouraged.

    Thanks to many many years of practice, I found myself to be, some what of a pro in later life. Living in London for the last 6 years I’ve managed to take my own N64 with me through ever house move and relationship for the past 5 years.
    I’ve destroyed this game in 3 independent arcades in London, if you can call them that, and to this day love playing the innocent, “what’s this stupid old game” card which then ivolves into, “winner stays on and losers buy shots”.

    If you guys are ever in London and fancy a late night session then let me know. I call Toad tho.

  19. I know without Henry there you guys have neglected comic books the past couple months, but this week you missed the anniversary of one of the most important comics of all time. 30 years ago last week the first issue of Batman Year One came out. This comic was Batman’s accepted origin for over 20 years, and was heavily referenced in Nolan’s Batman films.

    Also, of less importance, yet still significant in the comics world, at the end of January was the 20th anniversary of Grant Morrison’s JLA run beginning. In 1996 the Justice League had been splintered into numerous unsuccessful books, including Justice League Europe, Extreme Justice, and Justice League Task Force. Morrison restarted the team with the classic team that everyone knows to this day, that was basically used for the Justice League cartoon. This was also the introduction of the Watchtower, so it’s ramifications are felt even to this day.

  20. I was looking up movies that came out this week, and stumbled upon a movie that takes place in Florida. You will probably cover it next episode. And it’s a history lesson.

  21. In the segment about Over the Top, Chris eludes to other 80s movies about obscure sports. The bowling movie with “Animal House Guy” Tim Matheson is called Dreamer. It was actually made in 1979. Why the hell do I know about this movie you ask? Well it was filmed on location in my hometown Alton, IL, a working class suburb of St. Louis. The bowling alley where the movie was filmed still stands and I drive by it daily on my way to work.

    Another obscure sport movie taking place in St. Louis is the Kevin Costner movie American Flyers. This movie involves bicycle racing. The most memorable scene for me is where Kevin races a garbage truck through the St. Louis riverfont.

  22. Everyone on the show seemed surprised about Frank Stallone’s musical career so let me direct you to his 1983 hit “Far From Over,” a prime 80s specimen from the film Staying Alive (which was directed by his brother Sylvester). Bonus: this song was co-written by Vince DiCola….YES, the Vince DiCola who would later score Rocky IV and THE TRANSFORMERS MOVIE.

  23. Just wanted to mention two things: family trips to Las Vegas are a local Hawaii rite of passage; Justin Timberlake and Timbaland should’ve released an album titled “Butter” under the band name Land-O-Lake

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