Laser Time – Your Most Hated Songs!

We’ve culled through tons of comments to find the most ear-achingly hate-inducing music ever! From crappy pop to awful covers and crummy country tunes, we’re playing your most hated songs!


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27 thoughts on “Laser Time – Your Most Hated Songs!

  1. If Trump’s entire campaign platform had been the destruction and erasure of Margaritaville from existence, well, I still wouldn’t have voted for him but I would respect him more.

  2. My most hated song is Blurred lines. I go into a fit of rage any time I even hear those first few beats. Terrible song that only became popular because of boobs.

    Notable mentions, anything by Meghan Trainor.

      1. Aw man why the hate on all Meghan T? Her song “No” is awesome. Yeah, it’s cheesy and basic pop music but it’s about shutting down dudes that keep bugging you and won’t leave you be. It’s awesome and I’ll totally go to bat for that song.

  3. Another thing about Seven Nation, which I feel pushes it into the hate category…. Have you been to a college football/MLS game (and they are stealing it from the Premier League) lately? Then you will 100% hear this song, except with 100s to 1,000s of (mostly male) people “singing” along to the bass line… maybe its cool the first time you hear it, but when it happens every single time…. it makes you start looking for a ejector seat button to mash.

    1. Quantity =\= Quality

      Not saying you didn’t put effort into it. But if you listed 10+ songs but failed to explain or attach a personal anecdote to any single one, what did you expect?

      This is like the 5th time they do a listener’s choice of songs episode. By now it should be obvious that they never pick more than one or two songs per listener, and those they pick are usually accompanied by either well explained arguments or entertaining in their rationale.

        1. Music taste is very subjective. And besides, this wasn’t called “the worst songs”, it was called”your most hated songs”, which by definition makes it fair to rail against anything, even masterpieces.

          Again, if you want to be read. Consider limiting to 3 or 5 picks at most and putting more effort in explaining WHY you choose them.

  4. “Best Day of my Life” by American Authors played at my high school graduation as we left the auditorium and went to throw our caps outside (graduated in 2014, yes I’m young). Because of that, it has a sentimental value for me that makes me not hate it, but I feel weird when I hear it again.

    1. Another hate song: I kind of despise modern country music in general, but JEANS ON by KEITH URBAN is one of the dumbest fucking things I have ever heard in my life. Verses devoted to PUTTING YOUR FUCKING BLUE JEANS ON. Is it just designed to run as a Levi’s commercial? Is he completely idiotic and has no idea what to sing about? Either way, it’s the epitome of dumb hick country music (and I live in rural Ottawa & have tons of country family so I have a right to bitch about this).

    1. Agreed. I don’t think Royals is her best song, (that honor goes for buzzcut season IMO) but it’s far from being bad, much less the worst song in the album.

  5. Oh man, Moves Like Jagger brings back bad memories of my days lifeguarding at the pool in my hometown a few years back. Four times a week for two summers, an Aqua Zumba instructor would come in to teach a class at the pool, using the exact same playlist every time which featured Moves Like Jagger. Also in the playlist were Gangnam Style, Pharell’s Happy, and Shakira’s Waka Waka, all of which ran their course very quickly.

    1. I have a weird attachment to Boom Boom Pow because of one specific memory. I took part in an all-night charity relay, where you’d walk or jog around a track with a big outdoor stage at one end. Around 5 a.m. they started blasting Boom Boom Pow for 45 straight minutes while instructors brought a bunch of senior women up on stage and tried to teach them to twerk. I don’t really like the song itself, but it was a surreal memory that it makes me smile when I hear it now.

  6. I used to work in a large Chicago ad agency around 2007. Here is a typical origin story for songs used in commercials:

    The middle-aged white woman who had the office behind my desk would leave her office door open, and loudly make personal calls for 75% of the work day. For the remaining 25% of the work day, she would listen to the same handful of terrible pop songs over and over. She’d hear the latest iPod commercial, then make her interns compile a list of similar songs, and then pick one to be used in her next campaign. But not before listening to it a hundred times, each time, narrowing down to a shorter and shorter passage.

  7. Heh, love how you guys fucked with the speed of my pick. I still loathe that song, but you guys got me to laugh at it hard.

  8. I played this episode while driving with my wife and she kept saying “all these people have such awful taste, how can they hate [this song]?”

    She and I have a lot in common, but we definitely don’t share the same tastes in music.

    We did both fully agree that the incredibly sexist country song was abhorrent, though.

  9. One of my most hated songs is “Pop goes the world”. Mainly because the god awful radio im forced to hear at work plays it all the fricken time.

  10. “Proud to be an American”–Totally had flashblacks sitting on the lawn in front of Stone Mountain for the laser show, too. I remember a lot of people getting up on their knees and putting their hand over the heart. Still not sure if the choice to get on their knees was to be courteous to people sitting behind them or just the best they could do after day-drinking and hiking at the height of Georgia summer humidity.

    Not gonna lie, though, “Boom Boom Pow,” and BEP in general, are prime for guilty pleasure indulgences.

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