Prey 2017 Reboot: The 5 Best Moments We Played

Laser Time was recently given the chance to demo Prey’s upcoming reboot, and we’ve picked out the five coolest things we experienced in the otherworldly action-shooter RPG from Arkane.

The upcoming release of Prey is something of a mystery. Over a decade since the original Prey became one of the previous console generation’s first flagship game (listen to us wax nostalgic about Prey on Thirty Twenty Ten), a new publisher-developer combo (Bethesta and Arkane, respectively) is releasing a reboot that seemingly shares little with the 2006 original besides the alien-driven story and, of course, a number-free name.

To that end, it was pretty rad that I got to spend an hour playing Prey and exploring the weird world around unfortunate test subject Morgan Yu. From that, I picked out five top moments and discussed them with Chris in a neat little video shown below! Dig the game? Pre-order Prey through Laser Time!

However, I thought I’d touch a bit more on said moments with some sweet gif accompaniment. Let the Prey-ing begin!

5 – The Testing Facility

Tutorials are a necessary evil. You need to learn the ins and outs of a game somehow, and it’s up to the game to make it seem logical. Since you’re playing as a test subject, I quite liked that Prey shows you how to move under the guise of physical tests. On top of that, the weird quiz about train tracks and potentially dead people reminded me of games (like Until Dawn and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories) that incorporate psych tests into the campaign. Apparently, once you’re imbued with supernatural powers like teleportation, you can repeat the tests with drasticallly different results!

4 – The Glue Gun

I’ll be honest; while I really dug the world and mysterious storyline of Prey, I didn’t really take to the combat during my time with the game. There was only one enemy type during the early going, and the wily Mimics made for some frustrating fights and repetitive encounters. That being said, I did dig the glue gun weapon that could freeze the amorphous blobs and turn them into temporary clumps of plaster set up to be smashed. Fortunately, I also found a shotgun which gave me a brute force option with a traditional game weapon as a nice alternative to the Bioshock-y incapacitate-wrench bludgeoning combo.

3 – Talking to Yourself

As a fan of Total Recall (the old one!), I like a sci-fi experience that really screws with your head and distorts reality. That’s why I enjoyed the end-of-demo experience where your strange condition is explained to you by… well, you! Even with all the exposition, I still didn’t *quite* understand the insanity around Morgan Yu, so I’m looking forward to more psychological warfare in the full release.

2 – Breaking Through

Prey starts a little slow; after you pick Morgan Yu’s gender, you can meander throughout their apartment before heading out to your test (more about that in a second). When I played the demo, I took the time to explore every nook and cranny before going out on Morgan’s adventure. That’s what made the return trip so fun; after passing out when the testing when wrong, I was shocked to awake in Morgan’s room again, Groundhog Day-style. After messages indeed confirmed something was askew, I felt like a genius when I discovered the true exit; breaking the penthouse window and breaking into the simulation, where sets are moved into place much like Dishonored 2’s transforming mansion.

1 – The Credits

Prey 2017 is a far cry from its eleven-year-old predecessor, and it’s nowhere more obvious than in the intro; after a leisurely stroll through Morgan Yu’s penthouse apartment, you take a fancy helicopter to the lab, and that’s where Prey sneaks a pretty nice credits sequence through the windows of the cozy chopper. If you needed a reminder that a completely different team is behind the new Prey, the credits here do a good job telling you so.

Pleased with Prey thus far? Check back Wednesday for a longer look at our demo, check back in May when we stream it upon launch, and Pre-order Prey through Laser Time!

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