Laser Time – Oscar Time 2017

As per annual tradition, we’ve watched all the 2017 Academy Award nominees for Best Picture so you don’t have to! Get ready for a thorough breakdown of all nine cinematic contenders and some silly, stupid comedy sketches in between


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28 thoughts on “Laser Time – Oscar Time 2017

  1. It’s been quite a while since I have cared less about the current year’s Oscar nominations but that doesn’t make me any less excited to listen to this year’s Oscar Time episode!

  2. I’ve barely paid attention to Oscar nominees and all that this year, I’ve just lost interest in them celebrating movies that are rarely interesting enough to be remembered a few years later.
    That being said, despite all the flack its getting, I did enjoy La La Land a lot. Maybe not enough for it to win Best Picture, but certainly more than twitter seems to have.

  3. Always look forward to the LaserTime Oscar episode. However, I’m dreading the La La Land conversation if you guys didn’t love it like I did.

    This time, I’ve seen five out of the nine nominated films: Arrival, Fences, Hell or High Water, La La Land, and Moonlight. While I preferred some over the others, I personally enjoyed all five films. Each of these film are different from each other and all are excellent films that are well-directed, well-acted, and so on.

    My personal favorite is La La Land (runner up: Arrival). I saw LLL earlier this month and as soon as it ended, it easily became one of my favorite film of 2016 and my pick for the Oscar. Whether it was Chazelle great directing and script, Gosling and Stone superb performances, the music, the sets, all the color, the pain and joy of chasing your dream, the ending, I LOVED everything about La La Land. It deserves all the accolades it’s getting.

  4. Have you idiots actually seen silence? I’ve haven’t been religious since I “got dunked” as a kid, but I can acknowledge how incredible it is.

  5. Fuck La La Land. I enjoyed that movie but they made it about the romance then ditched it for some hollywood dreams and the main characters who were supposedly MADLY in love didn’t care enough to try and make a temporary distance thing work? It’s modern fucking day with skype, facetime and everything else. They could have made an ATTEMPT. Meanwhile in a few years she’s MARRIED to a dude I bet she doesn’t spend 24/7 with so it shows she can clearly focus on her career AND personal life at the same time. Then that ending where they act like it was all this and that and the love shit, quit bulshitting me. They could have made it work and still had their dreams, they chose not to with each other because they didn’t want to. If Emma was so focused on her career, she wouldn’t have a husband and kid a few years into the future. It’s mixed messaging throughout and they kind of ditch the ‘dreams’ part for a while and focus majorly on these characters romance with each other. Hell the director has called it a movie about romance while Emma called it a movie about dreams, well which is it? Even they don’t fucking know.

    This movie had potential but fell into the tortured love “oh we can’t be together because REASONS” shit that is all in media these days. You can’t act like the love was the best ever and then not even try for it. Acknowledge it for what it was which I don’t feel this movie did at all. I say this as someone who was in a distance relationship and engaged. Distance was an issue and in the end, neither of us wanted to fight for it that hard because neither of us really wanted it. Accepted it and moved on. Now 5 years later, I don’t stare at a picture of her and think of this amazing life taken from us because I know it wasn’t that.

    If in the end, they had cut that bulshit montage of Ryan and Emma’s life and instead had a scene where they spoke to each other, acknowledged they had fun but found a true love in someone else, that would have been a good ending.

    1. I feel like that was kinda what the movie wanted to point out though, and to reflect how selfish and unwilling to compromise a lot of people have become. You’re right, long distance relationships are less and less hard to do thanks to technology, and yet…I know a lot of people who cringe at the prospect and do end up terminating a relationship just because they both had different professional prospects. I feel like the movie was hanging a lampshade to all of that, and it’s why I liked the ending so damn much. It’s pretty much a way of saying “See, this is what you could have gotten if you JUST had been willing to compromise or sacrifice a little. But you didn’t, so here, have fun with your sub-ideal life.”

      It is not uplifting, in fact, it’s depressing as all hell if you think about it. But I liked it because not many movies even attempt to do something like that.

      All that said, the rest of the movie was okay, but not excellent. And the musical aspect of it felt pretty mediocre to me, if I’m honest.

      1. Thank you for your insight and I have yet to have someone explain it in that fashion to me. If that was the point of the movie, to criticize how selfish and dim people are today, then that changes my appreciation of the movie. Most of the others I’ve seen discuss it just point to the difficulty and having to choose one or the other and not the fact that they COULD have but didn’t as the main point.

        I’m not certain this was the filmmaker’s point with this flick but I like your interpretation.

        1. I mean, I’m not entirely sure whether that was the filmmaker’s intent either, but that’s what I got out from it, because it’s the only thing that would make sense regarding that ending. To me, both artists were too selfish and self-absorbed and ultimately too unwilling to make any real sacrifices for what they wanted, and thus weren’t deserving of that happy, ideal ending that was portrayed at the end.

          Their unwillingness to really fight for what they want is evident even in their so called “Passions”. Gosling’s character was super passionate about “pure jazz” until he found something easier, more convenient, lucrative and safe, so much for his staunch ideal there. Same with Emma Stone, who loves acting so much… But decides she wants to give it up even though there was a clear opportunity rearing it’s head at the end, sure, she did suffer and struggled more compared to Gosling here, but she still was very close in choosing self pity and settling for comfort, rather than taking yet another risk for her so called passion.

          So yeah, even if it’s not meant that way, to me the movie made it very clear that these were talented people with dreams and desires, but without the will and determination to make things work for them at all costs. Which is why their reward is to get the “good” ending, but not the “BEST” ending, if you’ll alow me to use gaming terminology here, haha.

  6. There was at least one time that they had a Thames announcer on a Monty Python episode.

    The only one of these movies I’ve seen so far is Hell or High Water, and the only other one I really want to see is Arrival, the rest seem to be pretty Oscar-baity. I don’t know about La La Land, it sounds like I won’t like it as much as a lot of people, it seems to be a love it or hate it thing.

  7. I have probably only watched one film in the cinema a year, for the last 3 years, I’ve been to more theatre shows then films in the last 5 years and I don’t think I’ll ever see one of the best picture films from this year unless it’s on during a flight.

    All because blockbuster died.

  8. Oh yeah, one of my favorite LaserTime traditions is back! Can’t wait to listen and to also enjoy the heck out of those sketches!

    Out of the nominees, I’ve watched Hacksaw Ridge, Arrival, Lion, La La Land, and the first half hour of Hidden Figures. Out of those, Hacksaw Ridge is by far the one I’ve enjoyed the most. I know, I know, Mel Gibson is a hateful person, but the man can depict action with such brutality and panache like few others, and even aside from the action, I had fun through the entire movie, and I’d argue that pound by pound, it’s a better movie than say, Saving Private Ryan. Specially once you realize that the apparently incredible and overblown story of the Desmond Doss was actually DOWNPLAYED from all the shit he actually accomplished in real life during WWII.

    Of the rest:
    – Lion was good, but way too long and trying way too hard to give you feels without ever relaxing even a little.
    – La La Land had forgettable music, which is kinda damning in a musical. But is neither the worst thing nor the best thing ever, and that ending kicked ass.
    – Arrival has excellent Sci Fi ideas bogged down by pretentious and morose direction, bland characters, and the grayest color palette since Batman V Superman.
    -Hidden Figures was entertaining from what little I saw, even if it’s biopic-y as all hell. Hopefully I can see the rest sooner than later.

    Interested to see y’alls take on these.

  9. Moonlight resonated to a large degree, as a shy quiet introverted black guy growing up in Atlanta, i had to deal with and to some degree STILL deal with the toxic masculinity within the Black community. It also doesnt help that im a super sensitive INFP artist, so I’ve constantly been assumed to be gay. I get approached by men all the time and women (mostly black women) usually walk away when i open my mouth and super nerdy geeky art stuff comes tumbling out. I have been pretty excepted by many lesbians possibly due to me being a fairly non threatening black man. I’ve even been whatever the male equivalent to a beard is for my good friend who is now proudly out. It doesn’t bother me now as much as it did when i was a kid teen or in my 20s. Its interesting. I could go on about being black sensitive and assumed gay in atlanta, all damn day. but i won’t. not today.

  10. I’ve seen six of this year’s movies. I’d rank them like this: 1 – Lion; 2 – Arrival; 3 – Hidden Figures; 4 – Hell or High Water; 5 – Moonlight; 6 – La La Land

    And the gap between number 2 and 3 is pretty steep, in my opinion. And I think A Man Called Ove, up for Foreign Language Film, is better than all of them.

  11. Maybe nazis should feel bad and comptemplate on why they’re being punched in the face. It’s a bit different than grade school Chris….

    1. Seriously, guys, stop punching Nazis. The staff at the nursing homes don’t enjoy having to deal with that shit.

  12. I’m only one third through, but just had to say who ever wrote the line ‘the Lord is my waifu’ deserves an oscar themselves.

  13. I forgot to add my favorite of the Oscar nom movies this year, Manchester by the Sea. Super depressing but a great story with fun moments and I thoroughly enjoyed the acting performances.

  14. I felt like towards the end of that moonlight sketch Chris morphed into a Garrison Keller character and it made me think… is Laser Time just “millennial” Prairie Home Companion? I don’t think my brain will ever be the same.

    1. As long as you don’t tell Garrison I stole his “Two Trump supporters suck each others dicks” piece, I’ll respect your opinion.

  15. Man it was a garbage year for movies, idc who wins. Im surprised The Witch wasnt nominated as much as critics blew that movie, I hated it though but id love a horror movie to win, even a non scary overrated one.

  16. Y’alls Arrival takes are shit that movie is the best thing that came out last year Denis Villenueve is a sweet sweet boy

  17. Just saw “Moonlight” and I gotta say thank you. I would never seek out a Oscar nominated film on my own but hearing all of your endorsments for it made me watch it. It might just be the whiskey I had while watching it but I was crying uncontrollably during several scenes. Thanks again lasertime crew.

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