The Best New Amazon Releases: Moonlight, Horizon, and Switch Launch Spectacular!

Sony’s biggest 2017 release (thus far), a swath of Switch launch games, and the 2017 Best Picture Oscar winner round out this week’s Amazon wares!

February is ending with a bang, as we’ve got some great LT content for ya. Patrons have a John Wick Monday Night Movie to enjoy, while everyone can partake in great stuff like our Laser Time on Vacations and the NES Pro Wrestling 30th Anniversary Fantasy Fight, and another offbeat race as Chris and Dave compete to get further in Bart vs The Space Mutants! As great as all of that content is, the new stuff releasing this week on Amazon is truly epic, including the biggest Sony and Nintendo releases of 2017 as the Nintendo Switch hits store shelves. Keep in mind that all new games (except Breath of the Wild, which doesn’t have a physical release on Amazon right now) come with a 20% discount via Amazon Prime! Also, any purchase you make on Amazon in the same visit after clicking a Laser Time link helps out the hosts of the fourth leading pop-culture podcast. You can literally buy ANYTHING that visit, just be sure to click one of these products before making your merry way to your intended purchase. Got it? Good.

Horizon: Zero Dawn
Here it is; perhaps the biggest *truly* new release of 2017. Sure, games like Breath of the Wild, Halo Wars 2, and God of War are big, but as far as completely new IPs go, there’s zero competition for Horizon: Zero Dawn, which has backed up its hype with impressive reviews touting the action and gorgeous design. While Laser Time was not among the throng of reviewers and YouTubers who got to dish about Horizon: Zero Dawn a week ago, you can expect your Laser Bros to stream HZD when it releases to the public this week and further discuss the open-world action game on Vidjagame Apocalypse. You’ll get far more than zero off of Horizon: Zero Dawn if you buy HZD during its launch window, as you’ll save a sweet 20% off this system-seller with Amazon Prime.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
We’re going to refrain from actually listing the Nintendo Switch here, as it’s been near-impossible to snag Nintendo’s new console any time an online listing pops up. Whether that equates to a Wii situation where the system is in rare supply for months or a Wii U debacle where store shelves are cluttered within a week is still up in the air, but one thing is for sure; there’s a killer app already thanks to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild arriving at the Nintendo Switch’s launch. Sure, if you’ve got a Wii U, you can also play this blockbuster release (eventually) (and in a lower resolution), but a game like this needs to be celebrated as a launch title and we might just do so with a SPECIAL Friday stream if enough folks ask nicely!

1-2 Switch
In a just world, 1-2 Switch would be Nintendo’s new pack in and it would launch the system with a casual-friendly funfest on par with Wii Sports. Unfortunately, Nintendo Land went and ruined that with the Wii U’s lukewarm launch, so if you want a game to share with friends after you hog the Switch for marathon Zelda sessions, you’ll have to buy 1-2 Switch separately. On the bright side, 1-2 Switch has been a big highlight of pre-release Switch events (which Laser Time has sadly been shut out from) and we might give this a whirl on Friday just to see what all the hype is about. If you have Amazon Prime, you can call this game 1-20 Switch, as you’ll save a whopping 20% off this launch favorite.

Super Bomberman R
If you’re looking for dependability at the Switch’s launch, look no further than Bomberman. It won’t marvel you like Breath of the Wild, nor will it surprise your non-gaming friends like 1-2 Switch, but Super Bomberman R is the best bet for getting a big group of friends together for some madcap Switch fun. Have all of your lucky Switch-owning friends bring their Joy-Cons over and blast your buds to smithereens in the almost-unsinkable Hudson arcade series (save Act Zero). If you’ve got Amazon Prime, you can pick up the surest Switch launch title this side of Zelda for a discount, as AP members save a super 20% during SBR’s launch window.

The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series – A New Frontier
While we’ve had the first two episodes of the third season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead available digitally for a few months now, this undead-focused adventure game series has been such a phenomenon that the physical releases are strong sellers, too. While I (Dave) have still yet to jump into this fast-forwarded look into Clementine’s life as a young adult (blame Telltale’s iffy save-import system), I’m still antsy to see what further tragedy awaits gaming’s favorite zombie apocalypse survivor. You can do so too with a bit of a discount, as A New Frontier awaits you for 20% less if you have an Amazon Prime subscription.

There may only be one movie of note releasing on Blu-ray this week, but boy is it a good ‘un. In a WWE-like twist, Moonlight won the Best Picture Oscar just moments after the presenters erroneously announced La La Land as the winner. It’s a shame that the Academy Awards bungled the announcement, as Moonlight wholeheartedly deserved the show’s top prize, telling a gripping tale of a young black man’s coming of age over the course of nearly two decades, overcoming a difficult home life, constant bullying, and questions of his own identity. It’s one of the smallest stories to be told amongst this year’s Oscar slate, but it might just be the most emotional, and it’s one of the few 2016 I might pick up on home video so I can learn more about this amazing Best Picture.



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