Nick Cage Raises Arizona, Howard Stern’s Private Parts Hits Theaters, Daria Debuts, and 300 Gets Violent – Mar 3-Mar 9

In 1987 we get two classic flicks with Lethal Weapon and Raising Arizona as we say goodbye to Silver Spoons and The A-Team. 1997 brings the debuts of Daria and Turok while Howard Stern’s biopic rules theaters. In 2007, Randy Marsh gets in big trouble for using a slur while 300 answers the question… “Is this Sparta?”

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March 4: President Reagan gives a televised address saying he didn’t know about Iran/Contra, but should have, and admitting it was trading arms for hostages.


Angel Heart – De Niro, Mickey Rourke. Did poorly but now considered a great horror movie, nearly had an X rating

Tin Men – Richard Dreyfuss, Danny DeVito, Barry Levinson directed

Lethal Weapon – #1 this date range

Raising Arizona




3/3/87 – CBS debuts Spies, a short-lived sitcom that would end by mid-April. Here’s the very 80s trailer/cast


3/4/87 – On ABC, an even shorter-lived sitcom debuts; Harry, which stars Alan Arkin as the titular character as well as Richard Lewis. Here’s it is among other promos where pretty much everything else is more interesting


3/4/87 – Silver Spoons ends its five-season run after 117 episodes; it had spent four seasons on NBC and the last season in first-run syndication.



3/5/87 – On the Cheers episode “Simon Says,” John Cleese plays the titular character, a friend of Fraiser, who performs pre-marriage counceling for Sam and Diane and discovers they’re not marriage material

3/7/87 – On The Facts of Life Dick Van Patten (the lesser-famous Dick Van) guest stars as the ex husband of Cloris Leachman’s character

3/8/87 – The A Team airs its final episode after 5 seasons and 98 episodes. In the episode “Without Reservations,” When dining at a restaurant Murdock is employed at, a corrupt cop shoots Face, leaving him badly wounded and nearing death. Murdock and Frankie are left helpless as they are also taken hostage. Murdock’s lunacy manages to concoct a way to get a message out; he writes “HELP” on a pizza B.A.Baracus picks up, allowing him and Hannibal to rescue the group and get Face to a hospital in time.

3/8/87 – The TV movie “The Abduction of Kari Swenson” airs, a true story about an olympic biathlete who was kidnapped by mountain men


3/9/87 – The series premiere of the musical dramedy Rags to Riches, a 1960s-set show about a man adopting five girls (who would frequently burst into song to help explain their feelings or move along the plot)



NES Soccer & Volleyball somewhere in March. Not sure I ever saw the latter



The Joshua Tree – massive hit for U2, fifth album but has all the hits. 25m copies sold, With or Without You, Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, Where the Streets Have No Name. One of the top selling albums of all time – Thriller is #1, Clapton Unplugged is #2





U2 Pop – ninth album, Discoteque main single, sold well but not as good by U2 standards. Drum machines, sequencers, electronic elements. Hard reset in 2000 with All That You Can’t Leave Behind in late 2000, Beautiful Day, Elevation, Stuck in a Moment etc

The Healing Game – Van Morrison 26th album

The Boatman’s Call – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds piano somber album, intentional departure from usual punk soun

Savage Garden – debut album, I Want You, To the Moon and Back, Truly Madly Deeply, huge hit, 12m sold


In books: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly by Jean-Dominique Bauby is released March 6, he dies two days later.

Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Disneyland reopens without so much implied rape.

March 9: Notorious BIG murdered in LA, age 24



Jungle 2 Jungle

Private Parts – #1 this week, makes $40m off a $28m budget



3/3/97 – Daria premieres on MTV; the Beavis and Butt-head spinoff follows B&B antagonist Daria Morgendorffer as she moves to a new town and deals with high school life. Mike Judge released the character to be put into a new show and there were no B&B cameos.

3/4/97 – Two long running shows began their run this day. On NBC, Just Shoot Me debuted, a sictom set at a fashion magazine starring Laura San Giacomo, David Spade, Wendie Malick  George Segal. It would last 7 seasons and 148 episodes

Also on 3/4/97- The Practice debuts, a David E Kelly law drama about a Boston-based law-firmIt starring Dylan McDermott, Camryn Manheim, Lara Flynn Boyle, and others. Plots typically featured the firm’s involvement in various high-profile criminal and civil cases that often mirror current events. Conflict between legal ethics and personal morality was a recurring theme. It would run for 8 seasons and 168 episodes, and spin off with Boston Legal after its run ended.

3/5/97 – COMBO BREAKER. A not-so-long running sitcom premiered the evening; Arsenio! Starring Arsenio Hall as a newly-married sportscaster, it ran 7 episodes and was off the air by the end of April. This promo sure gives you hope, though!

3/7/97 – The sixth season of Step By Step premieres with Bronson Pinchot joining the cast as Jean-Luc; a male beautician, and the business partner of Suzanne Sommers’ character. He was brought in to take the place of Sasha Mitchell’s character on the series


Turok: Dinosaur Hunter – Iguana / Acclaim trying to prove the N64’s technical might AND show they were a big deal publisher AND legitimize third-party efforts on the platform. Weren’t really any to speak of and the system’s been out for five months. Control scheme, fog, animations, weapons all stood out. Based on the Valiant Comic, which became Acclaim Comics, they really wanted Turok to be a huge brand.




Neon Bible – Arcade Fire second album. Very unique sound, recorded partly in a church and around the world, uses a lot of uncommon instruments and the lyrics / imagery are very bittersweet, longing, critical of how detached and gullible people are becoming. It’s not an anti-Bush album per se but it’s even more relevant now. Antichrist television blues kills me, kind of about Jessica Simpson? Being put out there to make money for your parents, dunno. It’s very Springsteen meets 2000s indie rock with some soul in it, very rich and fulfilling album.

Notorious BIG and Reliant K greatest hits albums, Sevendust’s Alpha

What Goes Around Comes Around is #1, JT from FutureSex Lovesounds. Great song, love how it changes tempo and flavor ¾ of the way through



Premier magazine, which launched in 1987, is shutting down. It was one of the first entertainment magazines to cover the inner-Hollywood happenings



The Ultimate Gift – Jim Stovall book based on real events then turned into a movie based on the book




3/4/07 – FOX debuts The Winner, a sitcom about a successful man named Glen Abbott (played by Rob Corddry) looking back to the time when he was in his 30s and living with his parents in 1994 Buffalo, New York. It would only last two weeks.

3/4/07 – Dice: Undisputed debuts, “The show follows Andrew Dice Clay as he struggles to recapture his past popularity while dealing with his fiancée and two sons.”

3/5/07 – After 12 movies, The Land Before Time gets an animated series that lasts one season on Cartoon Network. There would be another movie by the end of the year and the fourteenth movie came out in 2016.

3/7/07 – The eleventh season of South Park premieres with the episode “With Apologies to Jesse Jackson,” featuring this moment you might not want to play…


Wario: Master of Disguise – get different costumes / abilities, didn’t pay much attention. Not internally dev’d, kinda like Kid Chameleon?

Def Jam: Icon – one of the early WHOA graphics games on next-gen, built on the guts of Fight Night Round 3. Environments react to the beat of the music, fire shoots out on drops, certain hits impact more

Motorstorm – sold 3m, Sony’s Excitetruck for lack of a better term. Fun!


NBA Street Homecourt – fun, showboaty b-ball, maybe not NBA Jam level but still fun and with good sense of control, pacing

Burnout Dominator – not dev’d by Criterion, didn’t have the crash mode stuff, Crit was busy with Paradise







28 thoughts on “Nick Cage Raises Arizona, Howard Stern’s Private Parts Hits Theaters, Daria Debuts, and 300 Gets Violent – Mar 3-Mar 9

    1. Yeah, i also love Coldplay way more than i do U2.

      Brelston gives Coldplay a ton of shit, but i still find their music to be consistently pleasant and melodic from album to album.

  1. I know y’all need more content for this show, but I thought I’d add some comics news for the month ahead. This is based on cover date: this is about two months off comic shop pre-order dates, but who cares.

    March 1987:
    Avengers #277: the finale of “Under Siege,” where the Masters of Evil take over Avengers Mansion. Captain America sheds a tear after his only surviving photo of his mother is destroyed.

    Fantastic Four #300: Johnny Storm marries Alicia Masters, the Thing’s on-again, off-again girlfriend, a relationship that started while Thing was off-planet. The Thing gives the two his blessing. An attempt to make Johnny stop being the baby of the team (it wouldn’t last).

    Batman #405: issue 2 of Year One by Frank Miller and Dave Mazzucchelli, featuring the iconic “Ladies. Gentlemen. You have eaten well,” scene as Batman confronts Gotham’s mob.

    Superman #3: Darkseid makes an early post-Crisis appearance in John Byrne’s run, transporting Clark Kent to his home planet.

    Top selling: Uncanny X-Men

    March 1997
    JLA #3: Grant Morrison’s JLA continues its first arc, with new “heroes” revealed to be villains who capture Superman and laugh off the threat of Batman.
    Batman: the Long Halloween #4: Batman fights the Joker on New Year’s Eve as part of the Year One continuity.
    Marvel: bankruptcy proceedings are more interesting than the comics, as the company continues to try to find a buyer after filing for Chapter 11 in December.

    Spawn and Curse of the Spawn are both in the top 10 in sales.

    Top Selling: X-Men #62: the X-Men go to Hong Kong and meet Shang Chi.

    Civil War continues at Marvel and is the #1 book of the month.
    Wolverine #50: Wolverine and Sabretooth’s last battle (so far) in a double-sized issue.

    DC: 52 is their top book, coming out 4 times through the month.
    All-Star Superman #6: Superman teams with his future selves to fight a monster that steals time, and although he wins, he misses being there for the death of his father.

    Top selling: Civil War #6.

  2. Cersei Lannister the main character? Ha! I think youre forgetting 7 other characters, 3 with the last name Stark, 2 with the last name Lannister and 2 Targaryans.

  3. My brother went to an open casting for the role of the kid in Jungle 2 Jungle! He did not get the part. I think he’s better of for it.

  4. Over the last year or so I went and watched pretty much every Coen Brothers movie I hadn’t seen before. Needless to say this was a blast to do, but even after seeing them all, RAISING ARIZONA is still easily in my top 3 of their work. It’s the perfect example of a live action cartoon, and a highlight of what film can do as a medium. It’s hilarious every time and the young Holly Hunter is a heartthrob for me.

    1. As for classic corner, I can vouch for Diana’s recommendation of the original TO BE OR NOT TO BE. I watched it in my first year Film Studies class, during our unit on genre (looking at Rom-Coms and Horror), and I was surprised just how much I enjoyed that movie. I’m not against old timey films (in fact, I’ve watched a lot in the past few years), but I didn’t think a romantic comedy would hold up that well. Since it deals with Nazis in a satirical way, it’s probably a fitting film to check out in 2017.

  5. You guys mention The Brady Bunch movie and Private Parts as the two most ’90s movies ever. I didn’t realize both movies were directed by Betty Thomas. In a three year stretch, she did the Brady Bunch movie in ’95, the HBO TV-movie The Late Shift about the Leno-Letterman war in ’96, and Private Parts in ’97. That might be the ultimate three year ’90s time capsule.

  6. I can say that even as a Canadian (the closest thing you can be to American without living in America) I had no idea who Howard Stern was until after Private Parts came out.

  7. Just to note as I’m Canadian and know these things, the Chris Simon high sticking was legitimately one of the most malicious and dangerous plays in the history of the game. I’d recommend looking it up, it’s on YouTube and whatnot. He basically baseball swings his stick as hard as he can into the guys throat. Chris Simon also has the longest suspension ever for stomping on someone’s ankle with his skates on. Legitimately the biggest piece of shit to ever lace em up.

    1. Yeah, Simon was a huge piece of shit as a hockey player. Right up there with Raffi Torres.

      Also, the “well the Islanders hate the Rangers” defense doesn’t really work here as Simon was a Ranger previous to his time on the Island.

  8. Def Jam Icon sure was pretty, so much so that i was initially deceived into thinking it was a good game. It wasn’t, but in my defense, i had not played any previous def jam games to know any better.

    Also, i have to give a shout out to you guys for introducing me to Blue Apron. I’m someone that usually finds the prospect of cooking tiresome and daunting. But me and my wife tried it out, and loved it. The dishes are inventive, healthy and delicious without being overly complicated, and i love not having to worry about finding or wasting ingredients.

    So yeah, as someone who otherwise eats mostly in costly restaurants or unhealthy but convenient fast food joints. Blue Apron was a Godsend. Honestly, thank you guys for spreading the word, and the codes XD

  9. I only know Savage Garden because “I Want You” was used as the closing song for the most recent season of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Now whenever I drink a Cherry Cola (my favorite soda) I say chck-a-cherry cola under my breath to the confusion of my girlfriend
    300 was the first thing I got sick of the internet referencing

  10. Why do you guys always assume that anything negative involving women is totally guilty? What do you know about jonney depps personal life? You just assume anyone accused of domestic problems is completely guilty. Its pathetic. Diana is such a killjoy.

  11. According to Wikipedia, the actual final of A-Team episode aired on December 30, 1986 leaving the door open for more adventures after they somehow got away from those spycraft people. The March 8th episode was indeed out of order and was more like a regular episode of the series. The show is on everyday in reruns on the NBC subchannel.

    I am a New Yorker, and I too was surprised when Private Parts began its media blitz. I sometimes watched Hollywood Access after the Simpsons reruns and there were telejournalists going gaga after this curly haired man. I too learned from the newscasts that he was a radio talk show host, but I didn’t care because the only radio I listened to was the top 40 stations. When you guys were talking about Betty Thomas I looked her up and was shocked that it was Lucy Bates from Hill St. Blues! Pretty cool that she also transitioned into directing, like Jonathan Frakes and plenty of other actors.

  12. It’ll probably be covered in the classic corner, but it’s also going to be Pirates of the Caribbean’s 50th anniversary on March 18. Still one of the best rides in the park in my opinion.

  13. If this show was called 40-30-20-10, you would find out that I was born in this date range FORTY years ago this week, and that I share a birthday with Tom Arnold and Shaquille O’Neal.

    Fun fact: when playing the Sega Dreamcast game Seaman, he asks you lots of questions, including the day you were born. When I told him my birthday, he said “That is also Shaquille O’Neal’s birthday. You should call him sometime. He misses you.”

  14. I still remember what I ate for dinner 20 years ago on the night I played Turok for the first and last time. The game gave me the worst motion sickness I’d ever had at that point which resulted in me painting the bathroom in puke. I’m still unable to play or watch and FPS game for more then 10 or 15 minutes with out feeling the sick to my stomach. Oh, and if you were wondering i had spaghetti that night for dinner.

  15. While there are quite a few Land Before Time films, I believe the franchise with the most entries is the Japanese Otoko wa Tsurai Yo series, more commonly known as the Tora-san series. Starting I’m 1968 and running until 1995 there are a whooping 48 films, all staring pretty much the same central cast. The film’s are pretty formulaic, following the misadventures of titular traveling saleman Tora-san and his quirky family and friends. I’ve only seen the first film, but it was actually really good, and features a great supporting performance by Takashi Shimura, whom I’m sure Diana would recognize from Akira Kurosawa’s Ikiru and Seven Samurai.
    Also, I strongly second the recommendation for To Be or Not To Be.

  16. OilyManiac beat me to it but, yeah, Otoko wa Tsurai Yo series is apparently recognized by Guinness ast he longest running series starring a single actor. Back when KTSF had more Japanese programming with English subtitles, they played one of the older movies and it peaked my interested because I thought the female lead was cute. I did a google search on the movie and saw there were TONS of them.

    As far as the Land Before Time series goes, I once happened upon a box set of the all of the DVDs while walking around Fry’s. This wasn’t the current release in which they’ve crammed all of them into a single case, though. No, each movie had it’s own case so this thing was about a foot long. I want to say that the thing was going for at least $50. I wanted to buy it (as an amusing conversation piece, more than anything), I couldn’t justify paying that much for something I wasn’t going to get much use out of. So, week after week, month after month, I would go into Fry’s and see this thing on the shelf collecting dust. One day, decided that I was going to just bite the bullet and told myself that maybe my young nieces and nephews would appreciate it. Alas, I walked into the store, totally prepared to buy the thing, but it was gone! I asked the clerk to check the computer and see if it had been moved, but it was no longer in the system. I was kind bummed about it, but figured it wasn’t meant to be.

  17. Although I remember loving 300 as a teenager (I was the ripe age of thirteen when it was released), my fondest memory with the film was photoshopping Gerald Butler’s face onto Mario Kart characters and the Wii Music drummer from E3 for a contest you guys had in TalkRadar. I won myself a nice 300 special edition Blu Ray, which I never watched. Still used all the stickers you bundled in there. So a belated thanks to my favorite podcasters since 2008.

  18. A possible reason for the large time gap in the Land Before Time original film release and it’s sequel could be the death of the original voice actress for Ducky played by Judith Barsi who was murdered by her father. This might have caused a pause in any production planning for future films.

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