Laser Time – Logan Thoughts and Character Goodbyes

With Hugh Jackman hanging up the claws after Logan, we discuss other major characters who had proper (and usually sob-worthy) goodbyes before moving onto Logan spoilers!


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15 thoughts on “Laser Time – Logan Thoughts and Character Goodbyes

  1. Absolutely loved Logan, and as much as I hate saying good to Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, I couldn’t really think of a better send-off (other than him getting an actual costume). Admittedly I teared up a little at the end. Planning to see it again sometime, because god damn. Also seeing it IMAX was well worthwhile.

  2. I dunno. Logan just didn’t do anything for me. I found myself entertained but it just kind of washed over me. In one ear and out the other. It was all well shot and acted and it’s easily one of the best X-Men movies but I just found myself having difficulty getting invested toward anything happening. Maybe it’s just not my kind of movie. I really want to like it but I’m just not there with it.

  3. It’s good that the guys are realizing they frequently don’t tell the audience what the clips they play are from, and what they’re talking about. VGA has been the worst about that, because they play the most clips, trying to keep up the suspense, but they did address it in the last show, so I hope they keep it up. Sometimes, on other podcasts, they say what they’re talking about at the very beginning of a subject, then never mention the title again, they just say “this game” or “this movie” or”him” or “her,” and it’s hard to follow if you weren’t paying attention , but you can’t expect them to keep repeating the title again and again, I guess that would be irritating, too. A little more attention to letting us know what’s going is helpful.

    1. Skyfall really did have a great send off for her after just about two decades of Bond. We rarely get that in the 007 franchise so that made it extra bittersweet.

  4. From the title and episode image alone I can easily assume what happens by the end of Logan. Jackman sure got a lot of mileage out of one character.

  5. Is Logan talk the last half of the podcast? If not does anyone have the time stamp for when the Logan talk is done?

  6. If you ever do a part 2 to the character goodbyes topic I would suggest looking up MASH. That show was all about sad/great goodbyes.

  7. After listening, I felt like sharing the emotional impact this movie had on me /SPOILERS/

    As a younger listener, I have no memories from before Hugh was wolverine (I was around 3 when X1 was released, and you don’t have memories before age 3-ish because science). I am now in my 4th year of Uni. I’ve always been a huge comic book/comic book movie fan, and because I was a child when the Xmen movies were released, they were all enjoyed mightily by my young mind. The point here is, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine has been with me quite literally my whole life. Now, as I am facing the uncertainty that every soon-to-be-graduated person faces, some of the last things that remind me of younger/more carefree/less debt-addled days are movies. Movies like Star Wars and Indiana Jones, which I watched countless times with my dad, and superhero movies which I enjoyed with my friends. These movies kind of helped me break free from the monotony of the real world, and in the years since I have moved away from home, watching these movies again always make me feel close to my family. With Hugh’s time as Wolverine ending, and my entry into the world of repaying student loans and applying for jobs requiring years of experience that I don’t have, watching that burial scene kind of made me feel like I was leaving behind a small part of my life. Kind of like I was turning the page, and burying my “childhood”. Might be a bit dramatic, but I definitely felt some heartstrings being tugged when that cross into X thing happened.

    TL:DR; Guy is 20, Hugh Jackman=Wolvie his whole life. Dead wolvie=Death of chilhood.

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