Twister – Monday Night Movie!

We’re honoring the late, great Bill Paxton by doing LIVE commentary of Twister, where we’ll also get the chance to marvel (or mock) 21-year-old CGI weather effects. Join us at 6PM PST for all the fun or catch the archive if you’re a Patreon subscriber!

Yes, it’s time for March’s first Monday Night Movie! We were conflicted about which flick would kick off the month, given Raising Arizona’s 30th Anniversary, but since we’re still sad about Bill Paxton’s sudden passing, we put the vote to Laser Time’s Patreon community, and they voted for Twister! Don’t worry, we’ll be doing RA in three weeks time…

If you’re around at 6PM PST, join the fun by watching the video below and chatting with us!

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