Talking Simpsons – Rosebud

We hope you watched Citizen Kane recently, because this episode is chockful of references to the iconic film. But also in this bearish ‘sode with special appearances by The Ramones and one of our most repeated lines of a single word. Give it a watch…


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26 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Rosebud

  1. This is the first time I’ve actually watched the episode since watching Citizen Kane so needless to say it’s a much more interesting experience though obviously I noticed a lot of the parallels while watching Citizen Kane itself.
    Beyond Citizen Kane love it does have a bunch of good memorable jokes too, likes Smither’s birthday wish, the paparazzi, and Hitler’s time with Bobo. Have the Rolling Stones killed.

  2. “Jimmy Carter is our last living single term President.” – Henry Gilbert

    Henry continuing his willful campaign to deny the existence of the Bush family.

    But seriously, nearly this whole episode could be a Line of the Show. For me it is, “have the Rolling Stones killed” makes me laugh just thinking about it.

    1. I lose it at the combination of “have the Rolling Stones killed” and “DESTROY HIM” every damn time I hear that segment of the episode, even in clip form.

  3. I don’t think any of the Ramones were actually related. The name is a reference to Paul Ramon, an alias Paul McCartney used to use during the early Beetles days (I guess Paul De Beaumarchais was taken.)

  4. Mark, you’re right. The Ramones were started by high school friends John Cummings and Thomas Erdelyi and their friends Douglas Colvin and Jeffrey Hyman. Colvin was inspired by McCartney’s Paul Ramon to call himself Dee Dee Ramone. Erdelyi became Tommy Ramone, Hyman became Joey Ramone, and Cummings became Johnny Ramone.

  5. I believe the term “paparazzi” comes from the name of the photographer in La Dolce Vita, whose name was Paparazzo.

  6. Suck it up! I don’t care how much you hate later Simpsons, you’re doing ALL of them!

    And when Futurama starts, you’re going to do that too!

  7. Holy crap, I love you guys, but tone it down with the Laser Time and Thirty Twenty Ten plugs. I say this as a genuine fan, but it was incredibly distracting for the first part of this episode.

  8. Man im glad you guys took barney down a peg, that child comforting fucker was asking for it by not being on the air for years.

  9. Idk season 13s pretty good, got a lot of swartzwelder episodes and i think its right before they went all digital.

    1. I say season 15 is where it goes absolute shit, like night and day contrast. Season 14s okay but 15 just nosedives in quality and when they start rehashing scenarios and ignoring the best continuity.

  10. Henry, really? Supporting people who tell Anne Coulter to kill herself? Just because her political views are not in line with yours? You really need to take a step back and stop saying this kind of stuff on podcasts. I love this podcast, but you’re coming across as kind of a douche here.

    1. Henry AND Chris.

      I don’t think it’s funny OR entertaining to tell ANYONE to kill themselves. I don’t like Ann Coulter either, but that’s not the fucking point and you guys know it.

      It just makes you look uneducated and spiteful.

      Just stop listening? Okay Chris, you got your wish. No more Talking Simpsons for me.

      1. Such a brave stance you’re taking over the feelings of one of the world’s most callous and hateful human beings.

        1. If you are really the kind of person that wishes death on anyone you disagree with, and lack any basic sort of human empathy towards anyone that even remotely disagrees with you, you really should seek some sort of emotional counseling. And I’m not saying that to be funny or a smartass. There’s something wrong with people who lack any basic sort of human empathy and are publicly calling for the deaths of others, no matter who they are.

          Funnily enough, this seems to be (primarily) an American thing. I am not American, so perhaps that is why I have more actual empathy toward every person than some other people on here.

          1. I had to stop listening, too. I love most of the Laser Time podcasts, and I’ve been telling everyone I know to check them out, but this episode was finally the last straw.

            I know it’s their podcast. They can talk about whatever the heck they want, but it just gets tiring to hear constant complaints about Trump/Republicans when all I want is an in-depth discussion about The Simpsons. It’s a bunny trail they keep running full-steam down, and it’s ridiculously alienating. They even acknowledged that they were going to lay off all the political rhetoric, then proceeded to double-down on it the last few episodes. Enough is enough, guys.

            I get it. Henery hates Republicans. He wishes Ann Coulter and George HW Bush (among many others, I’m sure) would die. Fine. He’s allowed that opinion. But please for the love of all that is good, stop filling your Simpsons podcast with cheap shots at people you politically disagree with. If you guys REALLY want to talk politics, make a political podcast. Otherwise stop alienating people who don’t want to hear about politics, or God forbid- people who actually disagree with your political opinions.

            I hate that I’ve had to stop listening for a while. Maybe I’ll check back in a few months to see if it’s gotten better. But I just don’t want to support that kind of rhetoric anymore.

  11. If I took a shot every time you guys mention Trump, I would probably die of alcohol poisoning.

    Liberal bullshit aside… great episode.

  12. I also clearly recall an advertising campaign centered around the appearance of Homer’s butt in this episode. I remember seeing a commercial hyping it up. I actually didn’t watch The Simpsons at the time (for shame), but the commercial made an impression on me. I even remember a friend at school saying he was going to tune in that night to “see Homer’s butt.” That was in 6th grade, so the timing would align perfectly for this episode. It’s one of those weird things that always made an impression on me, for whatever reason. Since they were making such a big deal out of it, I actually assumed it was the first time the audience was getting to see Homer’s butt. Of course, when I later got into the show and watched all the early episodes, I was confused to see that it happened many times in the first few seasons.

    1. Oops.. sorry for the double post. I thought I forgot to submit this last night, but now I see that it was just awaiting approval.

  13. “64 slices of American cheese” is a joke that I only really got when watching this episode for probably the 50th time today. As a Canadian, “American Cheese” isn’t a thing you can buy or have ever heard of; they’re Kraft Singles, or “processed cheese” if you need a generic term. I just figured that Homer was eating a bunch of cheddar produced somewhere in the USA!

    It was only recently (well, relatively – within the past 10-ish years) that I even knew that “American cheese” was a synonym for “processed cheese”!

  14. I’m glad you guys finally brought up the recent meme of Simpsons Shitposts. While I don’t think they’re all great, I find most of them really funny. I think it’s mostly because having seen all these classic episodes so much, I appreciate any attempt to re-package the jokes.

    My favorite is probably the lemon-face meme, though some of the recent CLassical Gas edits have been pretty good, too.

    And I guess relevant to Rosebud, I give you, “See My Yes”:

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