Zelda: A video history of golden cartridges

You’re not seeing things – I already wrote this feature years ago! But now with motion picture technology, Laser Time is proud to present a video version of this same premise!

The big takeaway here is that there are more Zelda games and merch that are not gold than are, which is bizarre given that most kids of the 80s and 90s associate Zelda with that color. In reality, only the two NES and N64 games have proper gold carts – none of the GB or GBA games do, and most of the disc-based games offer gold-ish paper or foil at best. Even Breath of the Wild skips this whole thing!

Anyway, it’s not a big thing, just something I think about when a new Zelda rolls around. I still can’t get over Link to the Past releasing in a regular gray cart… it was so strange, given that there were only two Zelda games in existence at that point and both were gold. So when LttP c-c-c-combo broke the gold standard, I was like, say what?

Hope you enjoy!

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