The Disney Afternoon Games Are Back!

Six 8-bit classics from Capcom and Disney are officially playable again for the first time in over two decades…

Ya’ll see what Capcom just posted?! What was once unthinkable will be a reality in just over a month. DuckTales, Chip N’ Dale Rescue Rangers, TaleSpin and Darkwing Duck are getting resurrected in one outstandingly playable package.

I don’t need to tell you how special this is to me. On Vidjagame Apocalypse 200 I was proud to argue the original DuckTales a spot in our Top 20, and HOLY LORD, on April 18th, you’re gonna get to see why and then some. Capcom and Disney have once again collaborated to bring all their stellar series of Disney Afternoon 8-bit games to PS4, Xbone and PC, and I assure you, they’re every bit as playable as you remember.

Original aspect ratio: CHECK!

These were considered impeccably well-designed games over twenty years ago, and, I mean, who knew we’d be talking about these TV shows after this much time? (You’ve seen the new DuckTales TV show trailer, right?) The fact that both the Disney Afternoon shows and their games hold up so well make this such a wonderful ordeal I could almost cry. Even if you’re too young to remember watching DuckTales after school, you’ll understand why these games are so well regarded if you have the slightest appreciation for indie/retro titles.

Hella OG box art right there.

I mean, you don’t need to be told DuckTales and Rescue Rangers are great games, right? I’m trusting you to be savvy enough to know this. What makes me the most excited about The Disney Afternoon Collection is everything else included. TaleSpin, for one! I’m pleased as a punch this short-yet-sweet oddball from the masters of the flight shooter (1942, anyone?), a game that never gets any love, was provided the slot it truly deserves here. Even if the TaleSpin game must remain the weirdo step kid of the Disney Afternoon solely because it’s not a sidescroller, this collection would’ve felt incomplete without its inclusion. So happy!

More so than any other Disney Afternoon character, Darkwing Duck is the best suited for gamedom

More importantly, we also have Darkwing Duck, Rescue Rangers 2 and DuckTales 2. All of these titles released at a time when the 16-bit generation was in full swing and they never get the credit they deserved. Were it not for the timing of their release, these games would be held aloft as some of the greatest ever released on NES. Darkwing Duck alone is one of the best platformers no one ever talks about.

Furthermore, DuckTales 2 and Rescue Rangers 2’s release timing made the sequels sought-after collectors items once people realized what they were: bigger, better, and truly worthy follow-ups to unarguably classic games. Due to numerous unfortunate circumstances, most gamers who would’ve enjoyed these follow ups the have been largely denied the ability to do so, unless they wanted to do it illegally or shell out hundreds of dollars on eBay. With this collection, those days are finally over.

From deep within the archives, high-res manual art!

Making the Disney/Capcom collection even more worthwhile are the added modes and features, like Time Attack and Boss Rush, as well as the truly substantial REWIND feature, which I consider a must for all retro game collections moving forward. Even better, there’s apparently a boatload of art and design docs, and I shouldn’t have to tell you how much I dig this kind of stuff. I’ll be more than happy to shell out $20 for this collection, and hopefully we can do more stuff with these games very soon. For now, we’re counting down the days until April 18th!

8 thoughts on “The Disney Afternoon Games Are Back!

  1. I don’t know if I ever played any of these other than Duck Tales and Rescue Rangers, but I watched all of these shows. I didn’t enjoy the little time I spent with the Mega Man collection (stupid enemies respawning as the screen moves,) so I don’t know how into 8bit games I still am, but I’ll definitely try this out.

  2. Man, this made me lose nearly lose my mind while in a meeting at work.

    I’m so glad the sequels are getting some love here. While Ducktales 1 will always hold a special place in my heart, DT 2 adds mechanics that add considerably to the same gameplay from before. Darkwing Duck is an awesome Megaman-esque platformer, and Talespin, as I recall, was friggin’ hard (giant baseball sprite killing me everytime). Also, the carry/throw mechanic in the two C&D games is awesome. I wish more games that DKC Tropical Freeze would carry on that style.

  3. Yes! I don’t know about some people but the rewind function should be in all re-release classics like Battletoads. “That’s cheating you filthy casual” I hear some say. Ok, you have no problem with modern saves states, except rewind wil do the same thing but instantly quicker IE no long save spam loading. If you’re MLG, then don’t use it. This is such great news!

  4. Can’t wait, but I’m surprised you didn’t point out the one thing missing here. This is a NES games package… and it’s notably NOT coming out on Nintendo Switch, Wii U or 3DS.

  5. This looks great, but I really want to play it with my son. Too bad I’m just a Wii U owner who is slightly resentful that I can’t get a Switch and Wii U support is dead. Oh well, time to go back to Hyrule…

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