Mass Effect Andromeda: Watch Us Play!

Mass Effect Andromeda is finally here, and Laser Time is exploring the galaxy on a new generation of consoles! Watch us shoot, speak, and seduce aliens LIVE on Twitch at 3PM PST and forever on YouTube afterwards!

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2 thoughts on “Mass Effect Andromeda: Watch Us Play!

  1. Got to the Nexus and I’m in the store right now.
    Coolant Cells – Salvage – Value High
    Intact Neuro-Coil – Salvage – Value Moderate

    Value per unit? 100 each. They sell for the exact same price.

    There’s such a lack of polish on this game. I can get over it. I’m even getting used to the sloppy controls where you sprint and keep running for two seconds after you stop pressing forward.

    But the thing that broke my heart was there’s no narrator in the Codex.
    It’s just a wall of bland text that 90% of people will ignore and it’s going to be hard to get back into the universe of Mass Effect because of it. I didn’t think I liked that narrator until it was taken away from me.

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