Power Rangers Go Turbo, Dump Trucks Save the N64 and Rome concludes with the Fraggles – Mar 24-30

This week in ’87, Fraggle Rock ends with a touching finale, then in 1997 the Nintendo 64 gets the best destruction-based game of all time as the Power Rangers hit theaters for a second time. 2007 sees the end of HBO’s Rome and Will Ferrell’s Blades of Glory.


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33 thoughts on “Power Rangers Go Turbo, Dump Trucks Save the N64 and Rome concludes with the Fraggles – Mar 24-30

  1. Great show as always guys, but as a die-hard Smiths fan who just saw Morrissey on his most recent tour, I must point out that the American compilation released thirty years ago is called “Louder Than Bombs,” not “Dropping Bombs.” For what it’s worth, the title is still a cheeky joke given how soft and sensitive most Smiths songs are.

  2. Speaking of Psycho and movies based on real world murders, earlier this year was the 70th anniversary of the murder of the Black Dahlia.

    I mention this because my dad just recently fell asleep watching a movie about it and had a bad dream. The kicker is that the Black Dahlia was from our hometown, adding another of realism to his dream. The cherry on top was that my dad never heard of the Black Dahlia and thought he had just made it up in his sleep. Telling him that the Black Dahlia WAS real, and from our hometown, and that there was a memorial 5 minutes from our house was something I’ll always cherish.

    I know the anecdote is a couple of months late, and that this show doesn’t talk about things 70 years ago, but the preview for the Psycho podcast made me remember it, and I felt compelled to share. Keep up the good work, guys!

  3. Around this time in 2007 me and some friends were really getting into modest mouse and “We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank” so naturally we jumped at the chance to see them as they toured promoting the album. While the show itself was great I have never been so embarrassed of an audience I happened to be a part of. From the

    1. Moment they got on stage there was a constant stream of people climbing up and stage diving. This was no tiny venue either, it was a decent size outdoor pavilion. Around the point where up to three non-band members were up dancing and jiving before jumping off Issac Brock has enough and shouts mid song “get off the fucking stage!” After the song he gives the crowd the most stern disappointed dad lecture about how they could be in the back checking their emails if we wanted to have a stage diving party. Like pros the show went on but the stage diving continued. Fuck you Columbus Ohio…fuck you

      (Sorry typing on a phone, hence the break)

  4. So this is the week of my birthday, so, just like last year, let me share what presents I got!
    1987: I was yet to be conceived. But apparently my parents were dating by this point; we’re getting there!
    1997: Star Wars Trilogy “Faces” VHS set (including the obnoxiously long interview between George Lucas and Leonard Maltin). Sock’em Boppers (Named Socker Boppers in some regions. If you want a gloriously 90’s kids commercial, check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqRfI5jqz1U)
    2007: Resident Evil 2 on GameCube. City of Evil album by Avenged Sevenfold.

    1. Holy shit I saw that Brad Pitt IRA movie in theaters,, and Chris is right — it’s literally impossible to actually retain any information about that movie.
      Also do you guys discuss Lost during every episode or does it just *feel* like every episode?

  5. As an unapologetic Lost fan (even though it falls apart in Season 5), I wanna weigh in a bit on “Expose.” It’s a divisive episode but I think the majority of deep Lost fans actually love it, for good reason–besides killing off Nikki and Paulo, it’s a great intentional parody of the show itself. This is probably as meta as Lost ever got: half of the characters openly wondering “Who the hell are Nikki and Paulo?” when they turn up paralyzed, Hurley’s obsession with Nikki’s TV show poking fun at obsessive theorizing Lost fans, their over-the-top backstory involving murder and a jewel heist, and their casual stumbling through Lost’s big mysteries. It’s up there with the one where Hurley finds the VW bus as one of the show’s funniest episodes, and has tons of cameos from past characters like Boone and Dr. Arzt. Plus, Billy Dee Williams is in it!

    Also, just want Dave to know I always appreciate his defenses of Lost–and you guys should really give the awful video game a spin on the shit show@

    1. Now I haven’t seen the show since its initial run so feel free to tell me I’m wrong, but I seem to recall Season 5 being a pretty good season following the meandering doldrums of Season 3 and the Writer’s Strike-affected Season 4. A lot of the on-island time travel intrigue stuff functioned pretty independently of the show’s overarching (mythos which by then had gotten pretty muddy) and the new characters were kind of charming.

    2. Yeah I’m a big fan of Expose, but I understand why people dislike it.

      I’ve just always been fascinated by shows that have these huge amounts of background people who are seemingly there, but are never at all important. It’s much the same with the wandering crew members of the Enterprise. I think I liked it best though at the end of Season 1 where Arzt, the apparent survivor who just suddenly started talking a day ago points out “You know you’re not the only people on this island doing things. We’re all people too!” Hurley had no idea how to respond to such an absurd question!

  6. ” The LOST episode “Expose” airs, killing off unpopular characters Nikki and Paulo.”
    Good god, I watched every episode of that damn show and I couldn’t tell you who those people are.

  7. First off great show! Second, thanks to your 1997 bit, I know the week, month and year of possibly the greatest video game sin I’ve ever committed. This sin is even worse than Chris returning RC PRO-AM for Mickey Mousecapades! Toys R Us had just started letting people trade games in for store credit, so during my spring break I took a whole athletic duffle bag full of collected NES games to trade in. I traded away classics like Blaster Master, Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior, Super Mario Bros. 3, Megaman 2, Metal Storm and more for the paltry sum of about $1 each.

    And what incredible game did I trade away ten years of collected titles for and played for about two weeks before realizing I had made such a craptacular mistake?

    Battle Arena Toshinden 3

  8. The two main characters in Rome actually weren’t entirely fictional. Two soldiers named Titus Pullo and Lucius Vorenus are mentioned in the writings of Julius Caesar, although a lot of license is taken with them in the actual show. Not much is known about them outside of what Caesar wrote so that’s not really surprising, but I think it’s cool that they were able to incorporate minor figures like that to give a different perspective on history than we usually get in shows like this.

    1. First time commenter. I’ve been listening to the podcast for the last couple of months on my walk home from work and really loving it.

      I’ll second what GenghisPro said in the above comment: Titus Pullo and Lucius Vorenus were real people and mentioned a few times in Caesar’s On the Gallic Wars.

      Rome is really a fantastic show. You’re right, the effects can’t compare with GoT, especially given the amount of money spent on it. But its really the only movie or TV show that gets Ancient Rome right. They change a few things for dramatic purpose and up the soapiness, but both the broad outlines and small cultural details of the 1st Century BC are all there. I watched this show from 2005 – 2007 while finishing up my undergraduate history degree focusing on Ancient Greece and Rome and my professors loved it and recommended it. There hasn’t been anything like it in the last ten years that takes ancient history that seriously.

  9. I’m a big basketball fan, a classic Hollywood fan, and (coincidentally) grew up a fan of Different World, so of course I saw the 6th Man and Cats Don’t Dance, with starring roles for Dwayne Wayne and Whitley. Cats Don’t Dance is obviously the better of the two, but it works as a well-animated and light musical that occasionally veers into an uncomfortable allegory on minorities in Hollywood in the golden age. Also it’s 75 minutes long, which means it really needs a cartoon and a newsreel or something to qualify as feature length.

  10. I got so damn burned on that Prodigy album. I had wrongfully assumed they were “The Prodigy”. I remember being in a CD store at the time and seeing that cover. It said Prodigy and had a black guy and a white guy on the cover. I mean, how the hell was I supposed to know??
    “Hey look, it’s that awesome band from the late 90’s! Think I will buy this album, no questions asked!!”
    I think that CD is officially my worst music purchase ever.

  11. jeezuz! I literally fell asleep while listening to this episode at night and woke up to that bonus bit at the end of the episode. My heart was racing. I didn’t know what i was hearing or why. total nightmare fuel that yanked me alarmingly from my sleep to say “hey! you’re not listening to 302010 anymore!” 😓😓😓

  12. Chris, I can’t believe you haven’t seen The Emperor’s New Groove! It’s soooo good! And far and away the funniest Disney movie. It even has the best DTV sequel.

    But in things actually related to the episode, Cats Don’t Dance is one of the best non-Disney animated films of the 90s Renaissance. It’s BEAUTIFUL and a lot of fun. And Smart Guy was great. I haven’t seen Meet the Robinsons, but I hear it’s best of those 2000s CG Disney movies. I know Bolt sucks, that’s for sure.

    1. Agreed, Emperor’s New Groove and Cats Don’t Dance are both very good. ENG is clearly the better of the two, but CDD was doing the ‘anthropomorphic animals in a racism allegory’ thing before Zootopia and is totally worth a watch. I could do without the constant panty shots of Darla Dimple, though.

      Meet the Robinsons is… fine. The trailers are abysmal and I think they turned a lot of people away.

  13. I loved blast corps so much that for a birthday party that year I organized a pre-lan lan party with 4 N64s on 4 tv’s and created an elaborate time trial bracket for the whole thing. I also may have made a truly embarrassing effort to force J-Bomb as a nickname for myself after that awesome powerbombing robot.

  14. We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank may be my favorite Modest Mouse albums. Their biggest hit off the album is probably Dashboard which has arguably one of the best or at least most recognizable guitar riffs of that decade. It’s also worth noting that one of the songs off the album is actually titled Florida. I also recently discovered that their lead singer Isaac Brock may have been accused of rape while in the Florida possibly prompting the creation of the song.
    Also to bring it full circle back to the first segment former guitarist of The Smiths Johnny Marr actually played guitar on the album and was part of the band from 06 to 08.

  15. Power Rangers occupies such an odd place in my pop culture experience. From 1991 to 1994 (ages 3-6 for me), I live in Okinawa, Japan while my dad was in the Air Force. We lived on Kadena Air Force Base, and although we did make regular trips into Naha to go to the awesome parks and toy stores, for the most part we stayed on base, which felt like a little slice of the United States. We got exactly one channel, the Armed Forces Network, where they selected a small chunk of programs from the US and broke it up exclusively with commercials for the Navy– I’m not kidding about that, literally every commercial was for the Navy. Suffice it so, when we moved to Derby, Kansas in 1994 I was behind a lot of pop culture trends that my new friends were deeply embedded in.

    Well, I moved back right in the middle of Power Rangers MANIA, and I was super confused. All of my classmates were talking about it and asking me who my favorite was. The toys were EVERYWHERE, and it made no sense to me because I didn’t even know it was a TV show everyone was watching.

    The ironic part of it all is that Power Rangers is just recycled footage of Super Sentai, a Japanese show, the place I was moving FROM, and I had no idea what it is. Thinking back, I had probably seen some Super Sentai toys at the Naha toy stores and it just didn’t stand out to me because it wasn’t the craze that it was in the US at the time.

  16. I grew up watching all of those VH1 spin-off shows: Flavor of Love, I Love New York, I Love Money, all of that quality television. As we all know, I Love New York was the peak of the VH1 love era, that I hope you guys recognize in the upcoming episodes. In fact, Valentine’s night 2016 my girlfriend and I stood up watching an I Love New York marathon while high on some THC gummies. Many laughs were had that night. So, the 1st season ended April 2007, so I implore you to consider playing some highlights of the season. Pootie’s breakdown is a must.

    BTW ease up on the Lost hate! I still think it is a good show with some bad moments and some fantastic moments. I started watching it in early high school and I see it as an introduction to Sci-Fi TV drama. It was a helluva ride and I loved every moment of it. It definitely benefited from reducing the number of episodes per season by half. I’m excited for the season 3 finale coming up! WE HAVE TO GO BAAACK!

  17. Great, now I want to watch that Bruce Willy/Basinger Movie.

    Anyway, what Brett or Dave said about aging out of Power Rangers is about right for me. I stopped watching the show at age 12/13. It wasn’t so much that I matured, but I had more things to deal with, especially school work. I’ve watched the show since the beginning when I started Elementary School. I loved the Power Rangers, even loved watching it on HK TV on vacation. Anyway to cut it real short, I dropped out by 2002, because I had lots of homework to do, and good thing as I didn’t like the motif of the 2002 series. It was serendipity I guess as I loved 4/5 of the last seasons.

    Now on the last season I watched in full, it was Time Force. It was going to be the third Power Rangers movie, starring a new group of Rangers who were cops traveling back 1000 years to recapture some renegades. Turbo ruined those plans, as it BOMBED in the box office. It was a damn good show, even if they changed the main bad guy from criminal mastermind to somebody with the same personality as the orange in chief. Anyway, it also had the misfortune of airing the finale within the same three month period of 9/11, which this writer can attest: http://screenrant.com/power-rangers-9-11-changes-amit-bhaumik/ It was an exciting finale, romance, redemption, and Daniel Southworth proved himself to be a badass sixth ranger.

    The Peyton Manning episode of SNL has got to be rerun so many times, it’s the only one I remember from the past 10 years.

  18. So I’ve been a bit behind and now that I’ve finally caught up I’m here to talk about… Hockey!!
    I know you guys and listeners typically avoid sports, so I can see why North America’s whitest sport might not provide much interest. Anyway, some fun stuff you missed in the first 3 months
    January 4th, 1987: At an international hockey tournament in Piestany, Czechoslovakia, a game between Canada and the USSR erupted into an all-out, bench-clearing brawl. It was so bad, the referees left the ice and, in an effort to stop the fighting, turned off the arena lights. Eventually the game was declared null and void while both teams were booted from the tournament. The kicker, it was a youth tournament. All the players were 20 and under. Over half of the players involved would play in the NHL and 2 are now in the Hall of Fame
    February 25th, 1977: I’m only a tiny bit surprised this didn’t come up on Diana’s Classic Corner, but the movie Slap Shot was released on this date. It stars Paul Newman and was directed by George Roy Hill. Go see it, it’s the best hockey movie and features this classic scene:
    March 26th, 1997: Another Brawl, this time between two NHL teams, when the Colorado Avalanche-Detroit Red Wings rivalry boiled over in a game affectionately called “Brawl in Hockeytown.” If you’ve seen any NHL fight videos in the last 20 years, this probably came up.

    Sorry for the novel, but I’d love to see more dumb sports moments creep into the show. Also, to Dave, Potvin Sucks Rangers Rule!!

  19. I must have rented “Cats Don’t Dance” a million times as a child. It was right up Seven Year Old Lazar’s alley. It had a sort of quasi-40’s setting, it was a musical, and it was always in stock at blockbuster. Always.


  20. Man. You guys teased talking about Blast Corps and when you finally did talk about it I realized I was thinking you guys were talking about a different game entirely called Blast Chamber. Blast Chamber was a futuristic death penalty game show where you play as inmates with bombs strapped to your chest and shoved into a cube room where all four sides are identical except that there is a “base” for each of the 4 players but only base is on each wall but buttons to rotate the whole room.. There were spikes and other death traps all over the place and the goal was to be the last one alive. Everyone’s bomb starts with the same amount of time but a ball would drop into the arena and if you put the ball in your own base it would add time to your bombs timer. However, if you put it in any of the other players bases it would take time from their timer. My friends and I immediately pooled our money together to buy a 4 player adapter for my PS1 so we could all play this at the same time. It was madness and the first time I ever had a group of friends all stay up playing the same game together until 4AM. When I realized that Blast Corps wasn’t the game I was thinking of I looked up the game I thought you were going to talk about and realized it came out in 1996 and I don’t remember it being mentioned on the show. It is a crazy fun game and it deserves a mention in my opinion.


  21. Hey guys,
    Patreon supporter, big fan as well since the show began. Been meaning to write about this for a while.
    You tend to give a little lead time when introducing segments, and I appreciate it, but tonight, i almost got a major spoiler and was floundering for the pause button in the nick of time.
    Lost (the show) is my all time favorite television show, and i’m only in the 3rd season now. I tend to watch things slowly–im not a binge-r–and Lost seems to be one of the most spoiler-dangerous shows of all time. I’ll probably stretch it out over the next couple years, honestly. It’s soo good.

    I know the show is years old, but if at all possible, i’d appreciate if, when introducing a Lost-related reference, you could add even a few more seconds, and obviously, not give away plot points before adequate warning.

    Not necessarily asking for “spoiler alerts”, but if you can at least say “and next, talking about TV’s Lost, etc…….” (delaying for like 4-6 seconds before plot points discussed)…….that would be so awesome. Because, frankly, im almost to the point where i need to entirely skip the 2000s segment of the show, and i dont want to, because, see, i love the show. Both yours, as well as the island-related one.

    I’d appreciate it, but either way, thanks for all the entertainment–this show is amazing.

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