Celebrate Kingdom Hearts’ PS4 Re-release With Laser Time’s Let’s Play Best Of!

It took dozens of arduous hours for Chris and Brett to play through Kingdom Hearts on YouTube, but one wonderful Laser Time listener has distilled the best goofs, observations, frustrations, and geeking out into 12 quick minutes of Sora, Donald, and Goofy’s adventures.

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 releases on PlayStation 4 this week, giving a new generation of console owners to play the two mainline Kingdom Hearts games ahead of the third entry (which I’d be shocked to see before 2019). However, there’s another option; DON’T PLAY IT! Even with a new spitshine, you’re in for dozens of hours of griding, anger, and bad platforming in exchange for Disney fanservice cutscenes. But if that’s all you’re seeking, just watch a let’s play… may I suggest Laser Time’s Kingdom Hearts Complete Playthrough?

Perhaps you’re on the fence about said longplay; well, frequent Laser Time contributor Robert Beach is here to help! This blessed soul watched all 25 chapters of our playthrough and picked out 12 minutes of the best moments. Watch them below!

Pretty good, right? We definitely suggest giving Robert Beach’s YouTube page a subscribe, as he’s also put together monthly best-ofs, picking the funniest moments from our many weekly streams and videos. Check those out below!

Want the entire Kingdom Hearts playthrough? Check out our playlist below!

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