Newest Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer channels the hero’s early learning curve

Can Spidey learn to be a hero on the level of the Avengers? Or will an avian-themed menace cut his career short? Lez find out with the latest of seemingly four hundred superhero trailers!

Can’t believe Michael Keaton may do Vulture justice, and I’m super excited to see Iron Man and Spidey argue all over NYC. Team-ups were a mainstay of Marvel Comics, so every time we get to see heavy hitters share the screen in a non-Avengers film I get a huge case of the warm fuzzies.

The main takeaway for me, however, is how this seems to mirror the early days of Amazing Spider-Man comics. In those first several issues (maybe first few years), Peter Parker looked to the Fantastic Four and Avengers as “real” heroes who never made mistakes. They were idols representing a heroic perfection that reggo student Peter Parker could never achieve.

At least, that’s how Peter sees it. Yes, he barely comes out on top against a new roster of villains just low-key enough to slip past Avengers action, but he does so despite the deck being stacked against him and with a personal life constantly falling apart.

So yeah – the movie seems to channel those ASM vibes. He wants to be a hero, has a mentor to guide him and has his heart in the right place, but he’ll still make mistakes and get in over his head. It’s a great time period for the character and one we’ve never seen on film before. Yes we saw his early Raimi moments and the ASM films retold his origin yet again, but this time Spidey has to play in a world that’s already seen friggin’ Ultron.

Anyway – out in July!

6 thoughts on “Newest Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer channels the hero’s early learning curve

  1. Nice write-up Brett. I appreciate a quick response like this on new trailer. We’ve seen multiple trailers for Guardians 2 and Spider-man, and yet nothing for Thor 3. You’ve said you’re really excited for Thor 3 just based on cast. So please be sure to write another quick response on the Thor trailer whenever that comes out.

  2. This trailer was AWESOME and Brett you nailed it on how cool it is to finally see the early days of Spider-Man in a world of “bigger” heroes who he doesn’t believe he can live up to. That homemade costume is great because it looks crappy enough to have been put together by him, but it’s also so vibrant and representative enough of Spider-Man to be a joy to see. I am hyped hyped hyped.

  3. Keaton is killing it as Vulture. I really don’t like the “Let’s show most of the overarcing plot in the trailer” trend that studios are so fond of, but this looks great. I guess for all upcoming genre films i’m going radio silent, cause I’m so tired of this marketing strategy.

  4. I’m excited for the movie, but this showed way, way too much. Was it really necessary to show that Iron Man saves that ferry, and indeed every part of that action sequence? And seemingly key bits from every single scene in the movie?

    Loved Not-Ganke trying on the suit though.

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