Heliocles Abandons Bactria, Germanicus Murder Mystery and Yosef’s Execution – Apr 1

Salve, citizen! It’s time for XXX XX X ,where we look back on what happened in the years 30, 20, and 10 AD, as the Judean Christians call it. Those were some big years in Rome and the rest of the empire, so let’s get to it!


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What a fine first of April we have here in 1916! A perfect time to reflect back on the events of thirty, twenty and ten years ago, which happen to include President Cleveland’s White House marriage and the Klondike gold rush – but let’s not forget the patenting of Coca-Cola, the invention of the toggle light switch and soothing sounds of the first Victrola!

14 thoughts on “Heliocles Abandons Bactria, Germanicus Murder Mystery and Yosef’s Execution – Apr 1

  1. Tired of all this West Coast of the world Roman elitism! You ignore everyone who happens to be living on one of those “swim past” islands. Athens represent! The one guy in Carthidge who still listens to this show will back me up on this

  2. You guys owned me so hard. I knew it was April fools (watched that terrible IGN video) and it never even clicked with me when I downloaded the podcast for my hour drive. Five minutes from the house I pressed play and I knew I was in trouble. Had to listen to the radio the rest of the way but damn, that made my day.

    Great job. Really gave me flashbacks to the Banjo Kazooie April 1st podcast from TR.

  3. What a marvelous surprise!

    I also demand more of Dave-iticus Ruddenious’ part Schwarzenegger, part Valley Girl, part stroke victim accent on this show.

  4. I remember where I was in the year this strange new religious offshoot sect calls X. I had been tasked with preparing part of our village’s tribute for when the Roman governor of the region visited. We had crafted a series of figures representing animals, people, and gods. I carefully arranged them in a pyramid showing the order of the cosmos; beasts below barbarians below Romans below foreign gods below Romans gods, and of course, our glorious emperor atop them all. It was an ordeal; gods give me strength. People kept wishing to examine the figures and would inevitably remove a load bearing lion from near the bottom causing the whole thing to collapse. One day, I noticed something was wrong and without thinking reached in to adjust the figures. Some wretch had placed their human waste inside the mountain of figures. I know not if they merely meant to hide it for some reason or if this was some plan of some foolish rebellion the centurions crushed in a few weeks. All I know is my hand was covered in filth.

  5. Probably one of my favorite things ever done by these people. Suprised Mikel wasn’t on it considering his passion for history.

  6. My wife and I laughed like hyenas throughout this whole podcast, especially at the “The Hebrews are so poor, they only have one G-d!” line. Bravo.

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