Fantasy (Baseball) Fight – Opening (a Can of Whoop-Ass) Day!

As a new Major League Baseball season arrives, we’re turning America’s pastime into America’s kick-ass time! Watch as Hall of Famers, mascots, and famous fictional baseball-themed fighters do battle in the biggest bench-clearing brawl ever!

It’s a beautiful day here at Laser Time Stadium as we welcome ten baseball players into one Royal Rumble for hardball supremacy. From real-life legends like Babe Ruth to fictional favorites like the Baseball Furies from the Warriors, you can expect anyone famous with a uniform and glove to enter this epic match, which you can watch below!

Looking for more famous fictional athletes? Watch us a Fantasy Fight featuring the famous fictional grapplers from NES’ Pro Wrestling! WE also have a ton of wacky baseball clips, like our playthrough of the insane brawler Ninja Baseball Batman!

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