Talking Simpsons – Boy-Scoutz ‘n the Hood

Bart joins the Junior Campers after a sugar rush, which somehow strands Homer, Flanders, Bart, and Rodd in the middle of the ocean. We deconstruct all that as well as knife safety and how to buy peanuts in this week’s podcast …


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22 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Boy-Scoutz ‘n the Hood

  1. “Money can be exchanged for goods and services” is one of my most used quotes from the show, and when I first got the DVDs I rewatched the bit of Bart and Millhouse drinking the squishie a million times.

  2. weird, i somewhat relate to all of you on the Boy Scouts thing. Yes, it’s related to Christianity somehow and my mom kept trying to get me into Boy Scouts since i was around first grade when we were still church going Baptists. as i got older and my mom thought she needed to make sure i stayed out of trouble (even though all i ever did was read comics and play video games) she tried to get me back i to the boy scouts at around age 14 or 15 or so and i discovered that you DON’T have to have earned all your badges and gone through grad ceremonies to move up the totwm pole. Im breifly was an eagle scout, because it was associated with our church who just wanted to keep us young black boys off the streets away from drugs and out of jail. Again, being ablw to draw, reading comics, watching anime and playing video games kept me plenty distracted from all those traps. yay.

    1. That’s interesting – in my troop, they were VERY strict about having the proper requirements before moving through the ranks. I was only one badge away from Eagle Scout (not counting all the community service and other non-badge stuff) but the Scouts changed the requirements for that badge right before I finished and I was going to have to start over. As it required multiple camping trips, and my parents had just got divorced and had no time to take me camping, I wasn’t able to complete it and I dropped out of Boy Scouts. (The other reason why I dropped out was because my troop leaders started repeating lessons and I had to miss a Weird Al performance just so that I could see one of the parents show us slides from his vacation to Canada for a second time.)

  3. I would have sworn this one was from season 2 or 3, it’s hard to believe it actually came halfway through the decent seasons, it seems like an older style of episode to me.

  4. In Australia we had the Army Cadets which I was a part of for all of High School. It definitely was a great way to get my arse out of doors and doing scout-like things like camping, survival skills but also military skills like organisation, drill and ceremony. We even got to shoot a few guns now and then. I guess the American equivalent would be the JROTC.

  5. One of my favorite bits wasn’t mentioned. It’s Homer sitting wall-eyed in the boat after the magnifying glass on the Swiss Army knife pops the boat and Bart saying, “Don’t take this wrong, but your expression doesn’t fill me with confidence.”

  6. So, I never got the Friday the 13th reference until now. I was pretty young when I first saw this episode, so I hadn’t seen any of those movies, and I always just assumed that it was one of those cougars Patty mentioned that killed Ernest Borgnein.

    And I always think of “Don’t Do What Donny Don’t Does” whenever I’m reading safety instructions.

    1. Until this podcast, I thought Ernest Borgnine actually survived his encounter and tore apart the bear/killer.

      I didn’t watch “From Here to Eternity” until a class project, and I laughed my ass off when I heard that voice clip about his role.

  7. Back when I first saw this episode, I only knew Ernest Borgnine as Dominic Santini from Airwolf.

  8. Bizarre fact: Sugar Sugar was the #1 song of 1969. This was a useful thing to bring up whenever my parents would complain that the music I liked just didn’t compare with what they grew up listening to.

  9. I feel like Homer teasing Bart is an extension of his thinking he’s a jock at war with all of nerdom. He’s sad and especially frustrating in this episode.

    1. hey! I finally got my old account back open. On relistening to this episode, i think it’s sweet that ernest borgnine tributes were from ppl who grew up watching spongebob. it means he touched every generation up until his death. we all remember him for somwthing different.

  10. After listening, I’m so glad that the various Scout troops I was in while growing up never leaned into the religious stuff at all, past the Scout oath and that stuff. Probably a result of being in northern California and not Florida.

  11. Actually the boy scouts was a huge part of my life for me. I am an eagle scout, and I learned a lot of lessons from the boy scouts. I also have worked on mentoring a lot of other boys into becoming eagle scouts. I actually really like things that make fun of the boy scouts (i.e. the South Park episode “Pinewood Derby”). This episode is a lot of fun for me to re-watch.

    As far as the whole Christianity thing, at least in my experience, it was never pushed all that hard. The big thing I’ve noticed is that the boy scouts wants you to have faith of some kind, they don’t really care what it is in. And it’s interesting to note that the whole religious beliefs thing is pretty much exclusive to scouts in the US. In other countries where they have scouts, there is no emphasis on religious beliefs.

  12. As a super duper rich person, the reason we don’t just hand out $20 is because it’s simply not done. It’s larger amounts for PR and/or taxes purposes. Alternatively, we give with no fanfare because that’s not the point of giving in those instances.

    Oh sure there’s the classic “you don’t get rich by giving money away.” But it’s a bit of a half truth. All very cloak and dagger, sans dagger. Usually. But like everyone (everyone including people reading this, listening to podcast, YouTube personalities, and well everyone) we give to those less fortunate. Most of us. Some. Some of us give.

  13. Boy Scouts didn’t originate as a Christian organization, it was coopted by religious gun nuts in the 70s and transformed. Even so, its still not technically a religious organization. When I was in Boy Scouts we went on monthly camping trips and spent most of the time playing D&D and getting high, but also learning a lot of basic camping and survival skills. Strangely enough, never really learned much about tying knots.

    However, even though my personal experiences weren’t really religiously leaning, there is no way my kid ever be joining Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts, he’s only two so there’s still a few years, but if he does want to join a youth organization it’ll most certainly be one that is completely secular and not tainted by religious fairy tale nonsense.

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