Monday Night Movie: April 2017 Schedule!

We ain’t foolin, there’s some great Monday Night Movies on tap for April. Check out the dates and movies we’ll be doing LIVE commentary for this month!

April is a big month for movies; we’ve got Fate of the Furious this year, but it seems like this month has forever been tied with movies unofficially kicking off summer blockbusters. In fact, both of this month’s Monday Night Movies will be major points of discussion on Thirty Twenty Ten this month. And what better way to celebrate decade(s)-long anniversaries than by doing LIVE commentary featuring LIVE chat with y’all! If you can make either date, keep it tuned to Laser Time as we do the shows live. Afterwards, however, you can only get these commentaries by purchasing them a la carte from Laser Time’s Bandcamp or getting access to more than FIFTY commentaries for only $5 a month via Laser Time’s Patreon! Anywho, let’s look at what’s on tap for April’s Monday Night Movies!

G.I. Joe: The Movie
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Originally intended for theaters, this recruitment tool / toy commercial got busted down to home video in April of 1987 after both the My Little Pony and Transformers movies tanked. The former, sure. The latter eating shit is still the worst thing American moviegoers have ever done. Find out why by watching our commentary. It’s a masterpiece, don’t @ me.

GI Joe isn’t as lavish or aggressively ’80s as Transformers, but it IS supremely weird and well worth at least one viewing. The opening – where Cobra tries to blow up the Statue of Liberty – is essentially a music video and without a doubt the single best GI Joe ANYTHING that exists on this earth. Once those five minutes are up… well, it’s a bizarre adventure alright.

WWE’s Sgt Slaughter beats up Miami Vice’s Don Johnson. Friggin’ Burgess Meredith is a man made out of snakes. The main hero is stabbed in the heart. Cobra Commander turns into a literal snake man while a rhyming Joe carries him up a mountain. All this happens in like 80 minutes. Be there as we celebrate GIJTM’s 30th anniversary on April 10 at 6PM PST! BRETT

Hot Fuzz
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The Cornetto Trilogy continues! We did live commentary for Shaun of the Dead back in October, and we’re continuing the Pegg/Frost/Wright fun with their ode to buddy cop movies; Hot Fuzz!

Much like how SotD expanded zombie movies beyond serious horror into clever comedy, Hot Fuzz took the likes of Bad Boys and Point Break to properly lampoon the cop movies of the 80s and 90s. Without Hot Fuzz, it’s very likely we wouldn’t have flicks like 21 Jump Street, Central Intelligence, or even next month’s Baywatch without this British take on crime movies that piles on the humorous references.

Heck, I’m not a huge fan of the cop movies of yesteryear, but I found Hot Fuzz almost as endearing as Shaun of the Dead because the movie stands so well on its own. Get yourself some ice cream and join the Laser Time gang as we celebrate this movie’s tenth anniversary LIVE at 6PM PST on April 24! DAVE

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6 thoughts on “Monday Night Movie: April 2017 Schedule!

  1. Can’t wait to see your guys’ reactions to some scenes in Hot Fuzz in 2017. It’s a more relevant film today than when it came out.

  2. I’m extremely excited about Hot Fuzz, but you have a Monday Night Movie the week a Fast and Furious movie releases and aren’t doing a commentary for any of them? For Shame.

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