Resident Evil 4 PS4 Part 17 – BOW KIA

Leon battles a jawless baddie twice – once in a dangling platform and again in a tunnel – before putting Krauser down for the count. We’re nearly to the end!

We are in the home stretch, people. This path through RE4 – which began in fall 2016 – will wrap up next weekend!

If you need to get caught up on this Big Bass Run, hit up the playlist and watch what appears to be 12-14 hours of me clawing through on of VGA’s best 20 games of all time.

One thought on “Resident Evil 4 PS4 Part 17 – BOW KIA

  1. What sucks is I have been saving these streams to blow through in one day. At 30, I love to watch LP’s sequentially, since I love the seeing the gradual evolution of in-jokes or loss of patience.

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