The Last Jedi’s Teaser Trailer is Perfect

Evidently, Mark Hamill only gets to speak in the Star Wars trailers…

I pop on Force Awakens with disturbing frequency, but this fucking teaser really emphasized how much that movie has resonated. I’m barely awake as of this writing, and the moment Kylo Ren showed up on screen, I mumble out loud “Holy shit, where have these characters beeeeen?!” Well, Chris, you demanding bitch, it’s actually only been about 15 months since these characters officially debuted, yet Disney has somehow solidified Lucasfilm’s brand new cast in your consciousness in a fraction of the time the original trilogy had to brainwash you. A good teaser trailer is part of that manipulation, of course, and The Last Jedi has debuted just that today at Anaheim’s Star Wars celebration.

I have so much in my head after the third viewing of this trailer, but I really gotta get back to work (and today’s Hangout day, Laser Time Patrons!) so let me rattle off a few thoughts. And please chime in with yours!

  • I doubt Finn’s back in a Storm Trooper outfit, but the trailer is undoubtedly trying to remind you of the first human you ever saw in a genuine, post-Return of the Jedi* film.
    *Writing just JEDI is no longer acceptable shorthand in a Star Wars Ep 8 world. This will take a while to unlearn!
  • I’m deliriously happy to see Poe reunited with BB-8. It’s easy to forget, they’re the only characters in Force Awakens characters with a preexisting relationship, yet spent very little screen time together.
  • Speaking of which, my favorite all-time Star Wars character, R2-D2, looks to have reunited with an old friend as well. Although, previous teasers have tricked me before, so I won’t get my hopes up.
  • Who’s flying the Falcon?!?!?! Could be literally anybody, but I know we’re all hoping ‘Bacca!
  • I’m not happy about Han’s fate, but I’m glad we can move past the dashing rogue and get to the Luke story. Star Wars is, above all else, the story of the Skywalkers.
  • No Leia in the sizzle, but she’s the only character we knew with 100% certainty was returning in Last Jedi due to the tragic events of December 2016. She’s literally confirmed for Episode IX too?
  • Rey’s intro is so rad, although the folks on the internet seems to believe this is her Empire/Degobah arch, and will focus solely on her training. Relax, ya’ll. This a teaser. A good one, and I’m in no hurry for the marketing materials to tip their hand. Rey is this trilogy’s Luke and I have no doubt her path will define the course of the two subsequent films
  • On that note, there’s no need to call this the Third Trilogies Empire Strike’s Back because all the Empire moments already occurred in Force Awakens. Rian Johnson has never made a bad film, let alone a derivative one. (Double J is the guy who specializes in homages and Star Wars his turn is over.) I have a lovely gut feeling Last Jedi’s arc is going to be breathtakingly unique and altogether untold. Please don’t tell me anything!
  • For all intents and purposes, this is the new Star Wars’ Part 2, and we all know Part 2s are always the best. New characters and stakes have been capably established, this shit is going to hit the ground running with glorious surprises. I could not be more excited.

Lemme know your thoughts in the comments below. We’ll probably talk about this on Bonus Time this week, Laser Time’s Patreon show, and I wanna know what you think! Oh, and if you feel like watching the Force Awakens with your pals at Laser Time, we’ve got a commentary. For all the Star Wars movies, in fact, either individually on our Bandcamp, or get ’em all by supporting our Patreon!

7 thoughts on “The Last Jedi’s Teaser Trailer is Perfect

  1. Now that this films coming up, Force Awakens feels more and more like a prequel film and this feels like the legit return.
    Idk, I just didnt like Rey and it felt like the movie didnt either by avoiding answers about who she is and why she can do stuff and why she makes decisions she does, Idont even think of Rey as the main character of FA, Finn is bc he has the clear character ark. Its like if the A New Hope focused mainly on Han Solo and then Empire had Luke as the main character.
    That combined with the rehash of the villains being just the empire again but then fucked at the end.
    Idk whats at stake, its just cartoony bad v good and weightless right now.

  2. I mean Death Star is one thing but they blew up the fucking PLANET their base was on, the empire was supposed to be on the rebound and secret, how many fucking more of them could their be?
    And how did the resistance not know about that base if theyre in power and it was close enough to fuck them over so badly.
    Just doesnt make sense to me.

  3. I don’t know, I feel I’ve kind of fallen out of love of Star Wars since it moved to Disney.

    I just really am not feeling it. I don’t know if it’s because of the picture I always had in my head (which the former Expanded Universe supported which is probably why I enjoyed them so much) of the Post-ROTJ world was of Luke Skywalker training new Jedi and actually succeeding despite setbacks and attacks. That, in other words, the Return of the Jedi would actually happen. That was the point of the title for me. If an Episode VII ever happened I wanted at least a few other Jedi running around and the New Republic was starting to get used to them again. Instead the opposite seems to be happening, as if everyone involved in New LucasFilm is embarrassed by the whole Jedi/Sith stuff. They’re all killed offscreen somehow, Luke runs away, and now has given up on the Jedi completely. For someone who’s only watching for the Force stuff and now has to go through ANOTHER Star Wars trilogy where one single person is trained as a good Force user and keeps on going up against one bad Force user… I’m bored.

    Plus Force Awakens for me didn’t establish the new galaxy particularly well (oh that planet that isn’t Coruscant is destroyed along with people we’ve never met and a government that’s barely been mentioned? Shame, I guess) so anything that happens in it is just… blank, to me.

    Oh, and John Williams doing his first boring Star Wars soundtrack didn’t help either.

  4. For me, a new Star Wars always seemed like something worth waiting a few years for. Disney pumping out a new film EVERY SINGLE YEAR and having the movies’ marketing be practically mind-numbing oppressive every Christmas season has already gotten annoying.

  5. Since I always considered the expanded universe not canon, before the phrase “not canon” was a thing to my lil ‘ol brain, these new Star Wars movies have been fantastic for me. I llved The Force Awakens and I liked Rogue one, and I can’t wait for this one as well- especially because of the story ideas it brings.

    Also the only two good Star Wars games were Knights of the Old Republic 2 and Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight. And that is it, because the rest were either rehashes of Star Wars ideas or pointless nothings to the overall scale of the universe.

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