Talking Simpsons – $pringfield (or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)

Gambling comes to Springfield and everyone loves it, ESPECIALLY Marge! Also, we’ve got Goulet, prophetic tiger attacks, rich Texans, and much more in this week’s podcast…


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28 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – $pringfield (or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)

  1. As a child of a U.S. Marine, I grew up living on and around military bases. Fort Bragg is not only known as one of the biggest Army bases on the East Coast, it’s also surrounded by one of the most violent cities in North Carolina, Fayetteville.
    Because of its horrible reputation for gun violence and prostitution, its often referred to as (I kid you not) Fayette-nam (to rhyme with Vietnam) by the folks of neighboring towns.

  2. As a math teacher and someone who takes pleasure in being technically correct (the best kind of correct), I’d like to point out that the man in the bathroom who “corrects” Homer’s quotation of what we believe to be the Scarecrow’s attempt at reciting the Pythagorean Theorem is also wrong.

    The Pythagorean Theorem says that the sum of the *squares* of the two shorter sides (legs) of a right triangle is equal to the *square* of the 3rd and longest side (hypotenuse). It’s not the sum of the *square roots* of the sides, and you can’t just pick any two sides for the sum and have the equation be true.

    Even if neither the Scarecrow (and Homer) or the mystery man in the bathroom were not trying for the Pythagorean Theorem, neither statement about summing square roots of sides of *any* triangle–whether isosceles, right, or something else–is true in general.

    Boy, I really hope somebody got fired for that blunder.

    1. Bathroom guy isn’t wrong, he just doesn’t have time, from the bathroom, to explain that Homer (actually the Scarecrow) also confuses squares with square roots- he’s just saying that the pythagorean theorem applies to right triangles.

  3. Your anti-freedom agenda has gone too far, Mackey! For shame that you would mock the legacy of the great Dr. Kissinger, a man who has fire bombed more orientals than you ever will in the rest of your miserable life. By the time he was your age, Kissinger was orchestrating the deaths of millions while you throw away your life producing consistently excellent podcasts. You slanderous, spineless dog! I am also sickened by the backmasked threats to John Stossel that you hide in every podcast you produce. Your malfeasance has not gone unnoticed. We are watching!

    1. ^ I came here to post almost this exact comment word-for-word, but was pleasantly surprised to see that some patriot already posted it. God Bless America

    2. The irony is that Bob in an earlier episode said he thought Nixon committed less serious crimes than Donald Trump and even facetiously that’s a pretty dumb statement.

      1. Satire? If it was a joke, why would I have discovered this piece of shameless propaganda buried within the outro music to this week’s episode?

        All it took to expose his outright treasonous behaviour was to play back the podcast at 33% speed in a windowless room while my orgone generator and energy pyramid where running at full strength. That was sufficient to uncuck the signal and reveal his duplicity for all to see.

      2. Shit show? 84 comments. The most talked about episode of Talking Simpsons is considered a shit show? That sounds like success. All it took was for someone to say something stupid.

        As for Trump surpassing Nixon’s crimes. Mmm, perhaps. Tell you what, we come back in less then and everyone’s slaughtered, I owe you a Coke.

        1. Well, when you put it that way, fair enough. And I’ll hold you to that coke, should we manage to survive the Global Thermal Nuclear War™.

  4. So my take on Barney saving Maggie in this episode is that Marge’s gambling was so out of control that even the town drunk, the guy who mistakes Maggie for Bart, is more responsible than Marge. Her gambling habit is so out of control that a severe alcoholic is more fit to take care of a baby. I even wonder if its a larger commentary on gambling being worse than drinking. Episodes like this one and the third season’s Lisa The Greek where she picks football team for Homer to bet on and he gets so out of control he endangers his relationship with his daughter seem to suggest someone on the staff has a bigger issue with gambling. We see this with Krusty nearly losing his daughter in a later episode (Insane Clown Poppy), Homer and Ned marry their Vegas wives, Krusty has to open a clown college after losing his savings gambling, and who knows what would have happened to Santa’s Little Helper if it wasn’t for the Simpsons happening upon his owner’s rejection.

    The only possible exceptions seem to be that while bad for SLH he did find a new loving family and, in episode Secrets of a Successful marriage Homer chokes on a poker chip and is called a little slow, this leads to Marge encouraging him to go to the Adult Education Annex where he then becomes a teacher, though he will still nearly lose Marge and live in Bart’s tree house so not sure if this is all for the best afterall…

    So are the Simpsons more anti-gambeling than alcohol? I’m not sure, but they certainly seem anti-gambling (or at least use it as a plot device where it causes family tension). Though I might be over analyzing it as it was one of the main issues of my grandparents divorce back in the 60’s (well before I was born) in which both grandparents gambled, but my grandfather thought that A – Only men should work and B – as he worked for the money only he had the right to go gambling, leading to him eventually leaving his wife because she gambled ‘his money’ while being coerced into not working to earn her own gambling money because after all someone had to think about the children (or rather watch them).

    1. While your reasoning of the staff being down on gambling is sound, I don’t think it’s true for a couple of reasons. Chiefly, there are huge differences in the make up of the staffs between each of the seasons in the shows you referenced, so even if that might be true of a given group of staff members, I doubt that being against gambling was a major factor in the zeitgeist of hiring writers and show runners. Secondly, if you listen to the DVD commentaries, especially in Lisa the Greek, it seems the staff had quite the appetite for gambling, especially on sports. I don’t remember that being discussed as much in this episode, though. Either way, I the down on gambling vibe has more to do with it being a convenient framing device than anything else. What sitcom, animated or otherwise, hasn’t tackled gambling as subject matter? Even Full House went there.

  5. I always assumed thw Scarecrow from OZ was supposed to be wrong and that was the joke. He still wasn’t smart, but thought he was now. It’s cute.
    said in a deep Mcbain voice, THAT’S THE JOKE.

    These episodes are ALL going long and i LOVE it!

  6. The animation of Mr. Burns laughing in his sleep about beating up the Irishman is GREAT.

    This episode contains two of the MOST COMMONLY REFERENCED Simpsons bit of all time in my life, Homer’s false memory. Myself or friends will often say “That’s not how I remember it… you see, I was lifting weights at the time..” or something similar. The other being the Spruce Moose and Mr. Burns’ seemingly fatal “hop in” to Smithers as he readies his gun.

    I also really wish the James Bond joke had been left in, that’s a better bit to show how bad at his job Homer is, plus it’d be nice to have Homer canonically lead to 007’s death at least twice.

  7. I love when your episodes run long. Even if it’s just to rant on about something unrelated to the Simpsons. Truthfully, I could listen to the 3 of you gab all day. Never worry about running over.

    1. See I’m of the opposite opinion. I don’t mind long talks about stuff that is related to the show, or giving more background detail to a reference, but episodes seem to becoming more and more “friends just talking about things”. They feel like a bunch of Lasertime episodes strung together. This one had what, 15 minutes of them just talking about their experiences of gambling? By all means touch upon it, but don’t go on for so long unless its related to the episode more directly than just “the episode is about gambling, me and my friends have been to Vegas and…”

      I like the show, but feel its becoming less about The Simpsons and more just friends chatting. I happened to listen to the very first episode recently and they said they’ll aim to keep it under 30 minutes and now its three times the length of that. Again, if its about The Simpsons great, but this episode (and other recent ones) could have had about 30 minutes cut away without losing much.

      But again, just in my opinion. Will keep on listening because there’s still plenty of good stuff within there.

      1. And that was meant to have paragraphs but I was foiled by parsing. Apologies for its decreased readability.

  8. I have my doubts that a teenage Henry could fit $180 worth of quarters in his cargo pants and make his escape-it’s more coins than you think. Can we get a myth-busters style experiment here? asking for a friend…

  9. Celebrity greeters are a very old Vegas/Hollywood thing that was incredibly commonplace back when Casinos were more up-scale and more geared towards the very wealthy. In a fun historical example George Raft, famous gangster movie star of the 1940’s was a greeter at a Havana Cuba casino when the whole Cuban Revolution came to Havana. He was taking a nap in his complimentary hotel room when he heard gunfire and explosions and ran down to the casino to see what was up, only to encounter a bunch of armed revolutionaries spraying down the entire place with machine gun fire as patrons attempted to flee. Not knowing what to do but wanting to save the patrons and the casino that employed him Raft jumped onto a poker table upon which a female guerilla pointed and yelled “Look it’s George Raft, the actor!” Raft then gave a self-admitted rambling speech about freedom and how he didn’t want any trouble and that he would give them any food they wanted from the buffet for free. Apparently this worked since the guerillas stopped shooting and just left the casino after some brief looting, making this probably the only time a Hollywood gangster encountered real people with guns and actually stood up to them.

    Lasertime has also brought up the “Genghis Khan movie killed everyone with radiation poisoning” thing on multiple podcasts, including normal Lasertime and 30-20-10 but it’s also horrendously wrong. It’s all based on pure speculation with no research, and when you actually chart the amount of people on set who actually died from radiation poisoning (41% got it and 21% died from it) it’s almost exactly inline with the average cancer rates at the same time among the general population. Skeptoid did a great episode about it under the title “More Hollywood Myths”

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