Monday Night Movie – Hot Fuzz!

If you’ve got a gun, shoot it in the air and scream, because we’re watching and commentating over Pegg, Frost, and Wright’s ode to buddy cop movies with Hot Fuzz! Find out the details of our second Cornetto trilogy Monday Night Movie right here!

The Cornetto Trilogy continues! We did live commentary for Shaun of the Dead back in October, and we’re continuing the fun with Hot Fuzz!

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Much like how SotD expanded zombie movies beyond serious horror into clever comedy, Hot Fuzz took the likes of Bad Boys and Point Break to properly lampoon the cop movies of the 80s and 90s. Without Hot Fuzz, it’s very likely we wouldn’t have flicks like 21 Jump Street, Central Intelligence, or even next month’s Baywatch without this British take on crime movies that piles on the humorous references.

So join us LIVE at 6PM PST on April 24, or get the link and MP3 via Patreon later on! Hot Fuzz is available via Netflix streaming, so it should be an easy sync this time around!

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