Alf Fights a Cockroach, Austin Powers is Groovy, Ellen Comes Out, and Spider-Man 3 Sucks – Apr 28-May 4

1987 is highlighted by an American Ninja sequel and Alf’s fight with a big bug. 1997 is big for comedy as Austin Powers shags his way into theaters, Frank Grimes hates Homer, Martin has an awkward finale, and Ellen Degeneres makes TV history. In 2007, we’re pranked big time as Rickrolling is invented and Spider-Man 3 makes a joke out of the franchise!


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25 thoughts on “Alf Fights a Cockroach, Austin Powers is Groovy, Ellen Comes Out, and Spider-Man 3 Sucks – Apr 28-May 4

  1. I am returning with another of my ‘I rented a DirecTV All Day Ticket pass’ which seems to be prevalent this year.

    This time, it’s for Break Down. Which, similarly to The Saint, I somehow watched this multiple times over the course of a weekend and don’t remember a single thing about it. I was probably playing WILD ARMS in the other room, to be honest.

    On Austin Powers, it was one of the first DVDs I ever rented, with Rush Hour, which I watched on my COMPUTER which was the first DVD Player in my house. I would watch these movies in my parents’ office. So I did the whole sitting at a desk watching stuff on a computer screen LONG before it was our current standard way of living.

    Lastly, I was in Southern California for a cousin’s graduation when Spider-Man 3 came out, and crushed that I was out there doing that instead of at home watching it at midnight with my friends, I begged my dad to take me to go see it out there somehow, so I could text everyone and be in the KNOW OF HOW GOOD IT WAS. Yeah but, it wasn’t good. And years later my Dad admitted he was thinking of surprising me with a day trip to Disneyland, but all my begging to see Spider-Man he figured I’d enjoy that more. I did not.

  2. Oh wait, absolute last thing. The best Rick Roll that ever happened to me was a prank from, the Earthbound fansite. And they had announced that some amazing modder had modded the Chrono Trigger fight engine in to Earthbound. They had a download for the ROM.

    When you booted the ROM up, you instead got an intensely pixelated Rick Roll. It has never been topped.

  3. Austin Powers is a really good and knowledgeable parody of the Bond films, the kind of thing where you can tell Mike Myers must have loved the movies and seen them a lot. In its own right, I think it is STILL a pretty funny and enjoyable movie, and I revisit every few years. The problem with the sequels is that this one covers so much ground that the sequels either have to repeat jokes or start parodying other films & genres (especially in Goldmember), even if they get some good mileage out of poking fun at the poor continuity of the 007 films.

    I saw Spider-Man 3 with my one of my older brothers and my older sister as an early birthday present in 2007 (I was turning 11 on May 11th), and as a massive Spider-Man fan and a big fan of the black suit era (even as a youngin), I was just kind of like “huh.” It’s probably the closest thing I’ll ever feel to a Phantom Menace level drop of convincing myself it wasn’t that bad, only to later despise it and accept that it is garbage. That being said, looking back to it over the years, and I was I became a bigger & bigger Sam Raimi fan, I’ll say this: it is a BAD Spider-Man film, but it is a good Sam Raimi film. It’s goofy and dumb as hell, but it’s so damn funny & fun to watch, and James Franco is SO GOOD. Plus, it’s still a better movie than the two boring abominations that are the Amazing Spider-Man “series”.

    1. and as I became a bigger & bigger Sam Raimi fan**
      damn it my proof reading skills are awful sometimes

  4. No love for Rage Racer? That’s one of my favourite games of all time!

    Unlike Ridge Racer and Revolution, Rage Racer wasn’t an arcade port (and didn’t recycle tracks from those games). Instead it was a home console game specifically designed for the PS1, and was the first in the series to have an extensive career mode where you could upgrade your car with currency won in races, acquire new vehicles, and even decorate your car with your own decal made with a primitive pixel art tool.

    Most of all, I just loved the unique atmosphere. The game was supposed to evoke a Central European feel in the track and car designs, and it has a really quirky art direction I can only describe as ‘grey’, which stands it in contrast to the dayglo, tropical colour schemes of previous Ridge Racers. In RR tradition, there are only three tracks (each in reality a variation on a single larger map) but each has a totally distinct feel.

    I think it’s a real gem in the PS1 catalogue. It may have got a little overshadowed by Gran Turismo a year later, but I still rate it as one of the absolute best racers of that console generation.

  5. hey FYI this episode isn’t showing up as an audio item in the RSS feed,, it’s just a text description. if you look at the feedburner entry, you can see that all previous episodes say “play”, while this one just has text

  6. Dave says characters in relationships don’t make for good comedy?? Need I direct your attention to a little show called…. MAD ABOUT YOU?
    you just got served

  7. I didn’t realize unti l I got the Alf DVDs that the show titles were all song titles. We never had the titles watching in the 80’s.

    I wastched all three Austin Powers movies (in a set that cost $10!) over three nights recently, and they were a lot like Assassins Creed games, each movie does a lot of the same things, and while later ones may have improved on some things, they’re too much the same to really take in too quickly, but over time they can be nice to check out.

    Brett’s description of the Venom origin sounds interesting, but I don’t think reading all that in a comic would be that much more interesting than just hearing it told to me by Brett, or reading it on Marvel cards. Movies really should be a good way to get these stories, but they never seem to interest me more than hearing Brett tell them.

  8. I will never forget Austin Powers because I went to see it in the theater with a friend of mine at the time when I was 14. I remember distinctly laughing my ass off at the whole movie, particularly the scene with Tom Arnold in the bathroom. My friend also laughed her ass off throughout. Later on however, she made mention how stupid that movie was and how much she hated it. I called her out, saying that she laughed her ASS off at the movie. She said I didn’t know what I was talking about, that she didn’t laugh once the whole time. I sort of grew apart from that friend after that. She seemed consumed with becoming a “popular” girl in high school, and I gave NO fucks about arbitrary high school Social Status.

    Also. Brief note about Wild Arms. That game is what got me into anime. The opening sequence was probably the first real “Anime” i had ever seen, and I wanted to watch more. I love that game so much. It’s such an underrated gem on the PS1

  9. I was working full-time in a movie theater when Austin Powers premiered. We saw it a couple nights early and I remember not being impressed but the more we saw it, the more we all started quoting it around the theater All Summer Long. (The other film that took over our free time that summer was Face/Off starting in June).
    Significantly, we were tasked with promoting Austin Powers pretty hard for some reason, so a bunch of us dressed up in vintage clothes to channel the 1960s (or 70s) and the honor of playing Mr Powers fell upon me. I don’t know why: I’m much heavier than Mike Myers ever was, and my British accent is nothing special. But thankfully the promotion meant we took lots of photos so I still have these images of me as Austin Powers in May 1997 and they are so much fun. My favorite is the one where I’m trying to recapture the “freeze frame mid-jump” scene from the credits.
    (the theater closed in 2016 and I’m still sad about that)

  10. That story about Eddie Brock could’ve made for a very interesting movie as it sounded ripe for a Cronenberg type of film, with or without the Venom symbiote.

  11. Adrienne Shelly was killed by a 19 year old contract worker in her building. He was an illegal immigrant who was hired by the contracting company to work in the building she lived. He tried to make the murder look like a suicide. Currently serving 25 years for manslaughter (not murder).

  12. My mom and I used to love Ellen and always got a kick out of her boring-ass parents on the show. In one episode, they were talking about going out for ice cream and her dad says, very excitedly, “Ooh, I hope they have vanilla!” My mom and I say that pretty much any time that ice cream or dessert comes up in conversation and we’re the only two who get it.

    Also, the scene in Austin Powers where he gets stuck trying to turn that cart around in a hallway always made me laugh. Whenever someone has to perform a three-point turn in a really narrow space, my wife and I refer to it as “Austin Powers-ing”.

  13. I have such a bizarrely specific memory of warriors of virtue. I was almost exactly ten when it came out, and I wanted to see it bad. So bad that when I missed it I stayed mad at my parents until the VHS release.

    What happened when I finally got the chance to see what I had waited so long for? It was so boring and nonsensical that it became the very first movie I ever gave up on watching, or at least I tired to. After all the fuss, not to mention the expense of purchasing the tape, my parents forced me to finish the movie. It seemed to take years b but I finally finished it, then promptly hid the tape so well that even I couldn’t find it when I tried a year later. We never saw it again.

    Also, I say almost exactly ten, because turning thirty years old this week: the author of this comment!

  14. WARRIORS OF VIRTUE! I have been confusing this with The 13th Warrior for years. No wonder everyone thought I was insane when I tried to recall a movie with kangaroo warriors that starred Antonio Banderas.

  15. I don’t know what’s wrong with you guys, but Iron Man 3 is NOT a good movie. I mean, for a part 3 super hero movie, fine. But just as a film, it’s completely nonsensical and left me feeling like it pranked me into wasting 2 hours of my life. Stark spends like a week trying to repair his suit after he’s attacked in the beginning of the film, but in the climax, it turns out he could just summon a replacement suit or, ya know, a whole army of remote controlled suits that he can swap in and out of at will. So WTF was the point of all of that? Why didn’t he just grab a damn suit and continue trying to figure the problem out the Mandarin’s motives of moping around in some bumfuck town? Also, why does the VP fake a terrorist organization? This is the Marvel Universe! There are literal battles between ancient Norse gods. NYC was basically destroyed by Cthulhu. But people would ask too many questions about spontaneous combustion if it turned out to be real? The whole thing just irritated the hell out of me.

  16. Hey Friends!

    So I remember seeing Spider-Man 3 at the midnight showing like it was yesterday. Not because it was a terrible movie , but because I broke up with my girlfriend that morning. Now the thing is she was a black belt in Tai Kwon Do and decided to take out her sadness on my car. I knew she had done some damage to the door but on the way home after this terrible movie at 2:30 am I could hardly see the road in front of me. This was due to the fact that she had also kicked the headlights causing the clips holding them up to break. None the less we got home safe but I always associate this terrible movie with a terrible night. In the end she did end up paying for the repairs. My love for Spider-Man and venom is undying but this movie was absolute garbage.


    Your Canadian friend.


  17. I totally forgot how good I thought the Austin Power films were. This calls for a bowl of weed, bag of chips, and 90 minutes of bliss. brb.

  18. I watched American Ninja 2 a lot as a kid. It was one of the featured movies of the month on Showtime and The Movie Chanel. I remember liking it a lot, but I’m sure it’s terrible. I liked it so much, I rented the first movie, assuming it would be just as awesome, but it sucked. As did the Dudikoff-less part 3. I gave up after that. But it’s actually co-star Steve James who is the unsung hero of these movies. That guy had genuine acting chops and a solid screen presence.

  19. You guys missed a pretty big comic event from this week. This week was the last issue of the weekly DC series 52. After the giant DC event Infinite Crisis, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman all hung up their costumes for a year. All DC comics skipped ahead a year and this series was a weekly breakdown of what happened during the missing year. It focused on C-tier characters (Booster Gold, the Renee Montoya Question, etc). Because it was written by 5 powerhouse writers (Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, and Mark Waid) I’d say it’s the only good weekly comic ever written and the twist at the end of the series was genuinely surprising.

  20. That Spider-man 3. Whoo docTor.

    Watching Spider-man 2 and 3 back to back, you can definitely tell which film Raimi’s heart is in. The signature zooms, panning, general direction of 2 from Raimi’s catalogue was absolutely nowhere to be seen in 3. Chris’ observation about nobody in the movie caring about the film is so freaking accurate. The only one I saw who looks like they’re having a good time was Bryce Dallas Howard who was probably excited as all heck to be in a popular superhero film after enduring the experience that is M. Night Shyamalan.

  21. I’ll have you know that I cracked up at the Carmen Sandiego/Trump kids joke. The joke was too good for you audience!

  22. I vividly recall a scene from Mr. President where he talks about how he went to sleep thinking he had lost the job and then woke up to find he had won it.

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