Laser Time – The History of Disney Afternoon, Featuring Tad Stones!

A loving look back at Disney’s essential 90s animation block, plus an exclusive interview with Rescue Rangers and Darkwing Duck creator, Tad Stones!


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32 thoughts on “Laser Time – The History of Disney Afternoon, Featuring Tad Stones!

  1. oh damn..I had a Bumblelion stuffed animal growing up. Had no idea what it was from or why I had it.

  2. just listened; easily one of the best Laser Time episodes so far! I’d love to hear more interviews with people like this

  3. Love this episode. The thing that strikes me the most about these shows is how truly timeless they are. I have the DuckTales and Rescue Rangers DVDs and my three year old absolutely loves them. In a world where Disney has upped its game with toddler distracting stuff like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Lion Guard, Sofia the First, PJ Masks, etc. etc. he still gets excited and brings me the DuckTales DVD case. He sings the DuckTales song while he’s playing with his toys. He’s super excited that there’s a new DuckTales coming out this summer.

    The cartoons really are timeless and it’s been fascinating watching my son picking up on them at around the same age I enjoyed them when I was a kid.

  4. I barely remember watching The Disney Afternoon as a kid. I had 2 VHSs of Rescue Rangers (can’t mention Gadget without mentioning her influence on furries). I did watch Darkwing Duck and TaleSpin, but I barely remember anything about them. I may have watched DuckTales, but I mostly remember it from The Treasure of the Lost Lamp movie.

  5. Great ep. The Age of the Flying Boat connection is complicated by the fact that Age of the Flying Boat is a Miyazaki comic, though TailSpin my very well have influenced Porco Rosso, making for an interesting international back and forth.

    1. I wanted to catch this too. They might both be adapted from Age of the Flying Boat but, yea, Miyazaki wrote and drew the dang thing! 🙂

    1. For real? I think I’ve seen ONE iteration of the Sport Goofy logo written on a piece of merchandise and I really shoulda saved that JPG from eBay before it disappeared forever. I mean, Goofy has been depicted playing sports since cartoons from 1940, to say nothing of the avalanche of merchandise ever since. And I’ve never, ever seen evidence of a Sport Goofy character or brand, let alone anything that would make Disney characters refer to him as that in an actual cartoon. I love a good mystery!

        1. I remember pretty well that in the early-80s there was a TV show (not sure if was network or syndicated) featuring a compilation of sport-themed Goofy cartoons and it was called “Sport Goofy”. So as a kid I was aware of the “Sport Goofy” branding a few decades before I knew “Soccermania” even existed.

          1. In fact, check YouTube. The Sport Goofy theme song is right there as the 7th entry if you search for “Sport Goofy”.

  6. Thank you guys so much for this episode. It is easily my favorite, having grown up with the Disney Afternoon since grade school. Duck Tales was especially my favorite, and one of my favorite NES games as a kid. I was 11 when it first aired. Most memorable episode for me was when Doofus found the “magic donut” that gave him super powers. It was a very heartwarming story.

    I thought it was interesting how they changed Darkwing Duck to be less serious. I remember getting really pumped up to watch the show when I saw a drawing in a magazine with his arms out looking super serious. I thought he was going to be a Disney version of Batman: The Animated Series, so I was pretty disappointed when it aired. But eventually I came to love him. My favorite episode of his was the Wiffle Boy one where he plays against Gosalyn in a video game tournament.

    Around Goof Troop I started to get older and more “mature”, so my attention was waning from the more comical shows. I pretty much avoided Bonkers. But I watched a ton of Gargoyles. Not so much Mighty Ducks. And Aladdin I watched a little mainly because I loved the movie. I would have loved Quack Pack since Donald is my favorite cartoon character, but I think it came too late and I was already going into college.

    The prime lineup for me was Duck Tales, Rescue Rangers, TaleSpin, and Darkwing Duck.

    Costco had a bunch of the Disney Afternoon collections on DVD not too long ago so I scooped up Duck Tales, Rescue Rangers, and TaleSpin so my wife and I could watch them again one day. When I rip them for our media server I need to make sure the episodes are in the correct order though. Don’t know why the DVDs are in a weird order.

  7. Thanks so much to Tad Stones for being on this episode, it was fantastic overall. Honestly makes me wish Chris and Bob would just do a separate all Disney Podcast with occasional in depth interviews such as this as it’s super fascinating.

  8. Really amazing show, guys!

    Just to illustrate some of the things Tad mentioned:

    Here’s some of the concept art for the pre-Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers, with Kitt Colby and crew:

    And as Tad mentioned, there was definitely a more cartoonish redesign of Launchpad McQuack for Darkwing Duck – here are the Ducktales and Darkwing model sheets side by side:

    Not shown, the Ducktales Launchpad has a full, unruly head of red hair, but the Darkwing duck Launchpad only has the front tuft, and is otherwise bald!

  9. Awesome episode you guys! Loved it! I was a HUGE fan of all these shows – Talespin, and Launchpad, (and the Rocketeer) were the reason I wanted to grow up to be a pilot all throughout childhood. I eventually went to flight school, turns out it’s way more boring than Baloo made it seem, and you can’t even drag a cloud surfing kid behind you!

  10. The interview was great, but I feel like you kinda spoiled most of it.

    Pretty much every interesting anecdote from the interview, you brought up beforehand in the first half of the podcast.

  11. I gotta say, I think Chris did an amazing job with this episode. I didn’t expect Tad to end up revealing some juicy shit about the new Ducktales show. Chris, if you’re reading this, you knocked it out of the park on this one!

    My only nit is that I wish there was some discussion on the studios that animated these shows. Tad seemed to try to go there twice, but the discussion didn’t work out that way. The Australian and Japanese Disney studios are a big part of the reason these shows were as good as they were, and I don’t think they’ve ever gotten their due.

    Either way, great stuff.

  12. I definitely watched the Wuzzles and Ducktales as a kid, or at least the first year or so of Ducktales. Then we moved to the middle of nowhere and the only TV channels we got were NBC and PBS. I had to catch the rest of the Disney Afternoon shows by way of a videotape sent by my grandmother a couple times a year, filled with hours of afternoon TV. (Unfortunately, she didn’t record exclusively Disney, so I had a lot of Tom and Jerry Kids to fast-forward through, but it was very sweet of her.)

    Ducktales are actually how I got into comics as a kid. Right after the aforementioned move, my dad bought me a Ducktales (as in, based off the TV show) comic because I missed the show. That got me to check out the comics at the nearest newsstand (about a twenty minute drive away), where I started buying the Nintendo comics by Valiant. Good times.

  13. Great episode! The Disney Afternoon was a staple of my childhood. It was nice hearing Tad talk about the creation of Darkwing Duck and the thought process that went into it. Hopefully this leads to more nostalgic cartoon-themed episodes. Those are always my favorite.

    BTW. CHRIS. Do you guys have a mailing address where I can ship you guys some goodies? I have a little something that I’ve had for years that I know you’d just love to have. Something relevant to the subject matter at hand, something you’ve mentioned a few times on stream recently. Something… dare I say…duck-related?

  14. Great episodes, guys. I’m wondering if you’re planning on doing a Part 2 to cover the shows you missed? I never watched much Goof Troop, Bonkers, Marsupalami, or Quack Pack, but I’d enjoy hearing more about their history. I watched the Aladdin series a bit, and was a huge fan of Gargoyles.
    I’ve heard you briefly mention Gargoyles a few times on other episodes, and I’ve gotten the impression you don’t seem to care for it for some reason. Is it just because you prefer the more comedic shows?
    Anyway, keep up the good work! Looking forward to more Disney related stuff in the future.

  15. This episode hit me directly in the nostalgia gland. It was like being transported back in time and remembering everything I grew up watching. Thank you.

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