Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – Live Reactions

We’ve seen the second Guardians movie and hopefully you have too! Join us Friday at 4:30 PM Pacific (1:30 Eastern) and chime in with your thought on our latest trip through the Marvel Cinematic Universe…

SPOILER WARNING: We’re not going to hold back on story details, so please do not tune in if you’d like to keep those precious moments a surprise (and who could blame you?) As tradition dictates, this live reaction taping will make it into an upcoming episode of Laser Time, so fucking join us and let’s live dynamically together! Once again, be here Friday May 5th, 4:30PM Pacific Time.

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4 thoughts on “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – Live Reactions

  1. I saw it earlier this week and I really liked it.

    I wish Drax had more to do action wise, but I liked the film overall. Some people are calling it a remake of the first, which I don’t understand at all.

    1. I don’t understand the ‘remake of the first film’ criticism either – I think it did a great job of expanding the universe of the first movie and further exploring the characters, especially those like Rocket who didn’t get a whole lot to do in Volume 1. Response to Volume 2 across the board seems to have been a little muted/mixed from what I’ve seen (I’ve seen a few outright negative takes), but I thought it was a triumph (and I’m really not a Marvel fanboy – I’d only really rate a handful of their films as great). Plot was a little on the messy side – it’s an MCU movie after all – but its packed so full of heart, humour and charm its hard not to be swept up in it all.

      The first GotG still works better as a standalone movie, but I’d say Volume 2 is pound for pound more entertaining – the action is crazier, the tone is wilder and the laughs are bigger and much more frequent.

      The last 30 mins have so many touching moments, but weirdly the one that stuck out was the little message from a certain cameo star at the very end of the end credits. It came across as really heartfelt – a message direct from James Gunn to the audience.

  2. Too much baby groot got annoying and rockets plot wasnt that interesting, and some of his comedic attempts wore on me. Otherwise loved everything else.

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