Marvel Trading Cards Series 2 – Superheroes

Laser Time’s exhaustive look at Marvel Trading Cards returns for a another season with a brand new look Series 2 at Impel’s 1991 collectible Marvel wiki…

It’s been a while since we last poked around a set of Marvel Trading Cards, with our loook at 1990’s Series 1 set from last year. But we’re back and happy to nerd out over these wonderful little blind buys that helped us gain perspective of the massive Marvel Universe before there was an internet. With that in mind, let’s set the stage for 1991: Avengers are no where near as big a deal as they are now, Fantastic Four still have a popular comic, the Guardians of the Galaxy don’t really exist (although an one MCU member will make their trading card debut), and even though Wolverine is rocking his brown costume, the X-Men are about to become the biggest thing in comics. You ready? Good, let’s jump in!

We’ll be dropping new looks at the second series of Marvel Trading Cards in the upcoming weekends. And again, just in case you haven’t seen it, we performed the same dorky ass magic on the first series of Marvel Cards last year.

3 thoughts on “Marvel Trading Cards Series 2 – Superheroes

  1. Excited to see these.

    Without the energy protection stuff, this looks suspiciously like the Marvel TSR FASE RIP system (fighting agility strength endurance reason intuition psyche), with durability replacing body armor. The reason stat was based on super-science and in-game was for building robots and laser guns, so Kitty gets a bonus for her computer science background, while Matt Murdock is just a dumb-dumb who knows about the law.

    I like Paul Ryan’s art a lot, since reading the early 90’s Fantastic Four run; he reminds me of George Perez, so by the early 90’s his style was definitely retro. Unfortunately he died in 2016; he was still the daily artist for the Phantom newspaper strip until his death.

    Sub-Mariner is riding minor villain “The Griffin,” after fighting him in his comic:

    I think Fabe probably had some idea for Cable, since he and Rob worked pretty closely together, but they were keeping him mysterious. Here’s Cable pointing guns at the X-Men for no reason, drawn by Jim Lee:

    Excited for more of these.

  2. These videos make me so happy. I’m just watching this but I still think the last series is the greatest thing LT has ever done. Love seeing the trio back together to discuss Marvel cards. Greatly appreciated, guys.

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