Monday Night Movie – May 2017 Schedule

This month MAY be a great one to watch some famous flicks with your Laser Time friends. Read on to learn when we’ll be doing our LIVE commentaries!

Another month, another fantastic duo of flicks to watch with Chris, Dave and the Laser Time community! This month, we celebrate Dave’s birthday with the final chapter of his favorite movie trilogy, while Laser Time patrons pick the anniversary movie we’ll watch later in the month. If you can make either date, keep it tuned to Laser Time as we do the shows live while reading your comments! Afterwards, however, you can only get these commentaries by purchasing them a la carte from Laser Time’s Bandcamp or getting access to more than FIFTY commentaries for only $5 a month via Laser Time’s Patreon! Anywho, let’s look at what’s on tap for April’s Monday Night Movies!

Back to the Future Part III
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The LT BTTF MNM trilogy concludes! I (Dave) have made it plenty clear that the reverence most nerds have for Star Wars is how I feel about the Back to the Future franchise. I’ve seen each entry in this unimpeachable franchise dozens of times, and while we’ve talked over the first two flicks, I’m looking forward to wrapping up the last entry’s trip to the wild west. Happy belated birthday to me! Catch this flick with us on May 8 LIVE… unless you’re chicken.

Patreon Community Choice

Laser Time Patrons take note! This week, you can vote between three flicks celebrating major May anniversaries for our second May Monday Monday Night Movie (which we’ll be watching on May 22. All three are celebrating anniversaries that we’ll be discussing on Thirty Twenty Ten; 2007’s Spider-Man 3, 1997’s The Fifth Element, and (Chris’ personal favorite) 1987’s The Chipmunk Adventure. If you’re a Patron, get your ass over there and make your voice heard!

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Again, thank you Patrons for all of your suggestions and votes. And of course, we strongly encourage you to become a Laser Time Patron, use our Amazon links whenever possible, or maybe even check out a couple of our commentaries on our Bandcamp page.

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  1. Oh boy, despite seeing BTTF 1 & 2 loads of times I’ve never actually watched 3. This will be the perfect excuse!

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