Laser Time – Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Reactions & The Strangest Superhero Teams

Before we jump into SPOILER-FILLED Guardians Volume 2 discussion, we chat for a bit about even weirder assortments of heroes that never quite reached the heights of Star-Lord and company. Join Chris, Dave, and special guests Bob Mackey and Henry Gilbert as they geek out about superheroes aplenty!


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25 thoughts on “Laser Time – Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Reactions & The Strangest Superhero Teams

  1. I had an absolute blast with Guardians 2, and it’s really nice to see their full on cosmic insanity being embraced in live-action.

  2. Loved the film, I honestly thought it improved on the original in almost every aspect. Better story, more defined characters and more interesting development, a more consistent rate of good jokes, and most significantly, a way, WAY better villain.

    I seriously don’t get why most critics complain that it isn’t as “fresh” as the first film. Then again, while I liked the first film, I didn’t think it was THAT great to begin with.

    1. While I do like the first film a lot, I completely agree about this one improving upon pretty much everything. It’s what a sequel really should be.

  3. Great episode. On the off chance Chris reads this, you’ve mentioned a couple times that you’re disappointed other Laser Time videos like the Darkwing Duck NES playthrough and the Austin Powers GBA playthrough have more views than your Darkwing Duck retrospective. I think part of that is that the thumbnails for the two playthroughs are well-optimised: you’ve got a big close-up on Darkwing sprite and a close-up on the Austin Powers sprite, really eye-catching. while the other Darkwing video has a much busier thumbnail, lots of smaller characters that don’t really pop on a YouTube sidebar recommended videos list. Anyway you can take my advice with a grain of salt, because YouTube is a cruel and capricious god that will crush your dreams no matter how hard you try to appease it.

  4. I really liked Hanna Barberas The Impossibles,
    Team MAR from Marchen Awakens Romance,
    Team Urameshi from Yu Yu Hakusho,
    The league of Extraordinary Gentlemen(the movie (yes fuck you the movie))
    the Road Rovers,
    The J-team from Jackie Chan Adventures,
    The Code Lyoko Team,
    Yohs team from Shaman King,

    And the team from Xiaolin Showdown.

    Guardians 2 thoughts

    Too much baby groot got annoying especially in opening credits and rockets plot wasnt that interesting neither were the bad ravagers, and some of his comedic attempts wore on me. Otherwise loved everything else. I just wanted to always get back to the quill, gamora and drax on ego whos such a cool character. Their plots and interplay here were way better than the first.
    The soundtrack sucked compared to the first, there were like 3 good ones, but there were so many better songs in the end credits and they werent used that well to the scenes
    They didnt use the sweets fox on the run from the trailer which is way better than any song in the film and the last song father and son was just blah.
    I am Groot buy my toy!

  5. Also I hate One Piece so much, It was when they got to sky Island when I realized the series was going nowhere fast and was complete bullshit….
    Fuck That Series!!!

  6. Ohmahgawd! Bob and Henry won my heart when they started talking about One Piece and then and Henry said they were mutants. YES! it’s a bonkers fun series and I need the world to enjoy it. ENJOY.

    1. I’ve always described One Piece to others as the X-Men as Pirates to Bob’s description made me pretty happy. It’s a great show that wants you to always have fun, but at the same time my jaded heart has legitimately choked up at some key moments. I love all the characters, and despite it having a large number of episodes I feel like it’s actually pretty easy to get into. As Bob perfectly pointed out ignore the backlog and just enjoy it at your own pace. It should instead be reassuring to know that if you start to like the show that there will be a huge well of content for you to enjoy, and the episodes and story arcs will build on each other and you’ll only get more and more out of it the deeper you get. It’s my #1 favorite show, but if anyone would like to argue I’ll debate you on every episode, sequentially, up to the current arc. Your move.

    2. I’ve always described One Piece to others as the X-Men as Pirates to Bob’s description made me pretty happy. It’s a great show that wants you to always have fun, but at the same time my jaded heart has legitimately choked up at some key moments. I love all the characters, and despite it having a large number of episodes I feel like it’s actually pretty easy to get into. As Bob perfectly pointed out ignore the backlog and just enjoy it at your own pace. It should instead be reassuring to know that if you start to like the show that there will be a huge well of content for you to enjoy, and the episodes and story arcs will build on each other and you’ll only get more and more out of it the deeper you get. It’s the king of anime, long live the king.

  7. Guys, I seriously love the show. But…. I really wish personal politics would be left out. I love listening to you guys talk about these moves and the Darkwing Duck episode was one of my favorites ever! It’s awesome to be able to have a podcast to listen to while ignoring the ignorance and idocracy of the world. I love that you guys give me little time throughout the week to escape all this. I must say, I don’t agree with your political leanings, yet I still come here every week because you guys are super entertaining and informative! Let’s keep things light and have fun!

  8. Bob’s assessment of anime being 95% garbage is totally true, but that’s also the ratio for every other artform too! See: Sturgeon’s law, etc — although I think he says it’s “90%”
    My Hero Academia is a Japanese series which may appeal to American comic fans; it combines overtly Marvel/DC-style superheroes with traditional shonen fighting tropes. The anime starts off very slow in my opinion, but picks up after a few episodes and is very enjoyable! The comic is rad too.

  9. Great episode! Yondu was excellent and the fact he [redacted] makes it even all the more standout. Like Rooker however, Russel is also having something of a career renaissance. Guess all the kids in the 70s and 80s who are now directors really want him in more films.

    I’m going to defend Baby Groot, outside of the opening (which is a quick fun way to get people in the right mood), he’s not the focus and pops up when warranted. Plus, given everything that happened in the first film, why wouldn’t they have him along? Also there were complaints about certain crowds acting too cool to react in cinemas yet we’re too cool for a small light character in a Disney film? After all, we’re all swimming in toys even as adults these days (now I’m imagining kids today now as grown up adults with Groot toys complaining about a cute character in a future film).

  10. I think Yondu might now be my favorite out of everything in the MCU. I have a nephew who’s 9 that my wife and I have raised since he was 2. So all that stuff about who your real father is and who really came through for you all that time, needless to say struck a highly personal chord and I was pretty much a blubbering wreck by the end of the movie.

  11. Personally I think you guys should cool it with the politically charged commentary. It’s like watching a Food Network show, and the host keeps bringing up Jesus, and the many problems of cooking without Christ. I just can’t seem to escape politics anywhere I go. I stopped listening a couple years ago because of the politics creeping in, I thought I’d come back because I enjoy the show so much, but it’s only gotten worse. The Oscar show was only 30% Oscar talk. I think that sadly I’ll take Chris’ suggestion and just stay away from the site… Maybe this is why it’s gone from the 4th leading pop culture show to the 9th.


    First off, I’m a LONG TIME listener and HUGE fan! I’ve been on board with you guys since the TR days, my introduction being the heartfelt and funny-as-hell Dan Amrich final episode/roast. To this day I still laugh whenever I think about that VERY well-timed fart noise used to punctuate an otherwise teary-eyed moment. Classic!

    In fact, and I’m not just saying this, I strongly consider Lasertime (and the entire network’s wealth of content) the most consistently enjoyable form of entertainment in my life for YEARS. Great shows come and go, start and stop, as do great games and movies, but Lasertime is a freaking CONSTANT, and I can’t tell you guys enough to keep up the good work.

    And full disclosure, I’m actually embarrassed to admit I’m not a Patreon backer yet, but I fully intend to change that soon. Bonus content aside (which I’m very much looking forward to, likening it to a known-but-not-yet-opened vault of towering treasure), the “for everyone” content alone is worth more than a few bucks tossed your way monthly. You guys have earned every penny and whatever I end up giving probably still won’t measure up to the enjoyment I derive listening to your shows.

    …although the reason I’m typing this is because I want to get something off my chest. And PLEASE don’t consider this “coming after you”.

    Like I said, huge fan, been around for a long time…and I’m a conservative.

    Now, you guys make no bones about being anything but, and I’m fine with that. I totally and absolutely respect people with differing opinions, even if I disagree. And even then I imagine the ONLY difference between us probably boils down to politics and not much else. I wouldn’t enjoy you guys so thoroughly if that weren’t the case.

    …which is why it pained me, enough to write this post (the last time stretching back to the TR days, and even then in a much more jovial capacity) to hear what was said at the (roughly) 15:30 minute mark of the Guardians 2 episode.

    Now, despite not being active in the forums and not being a Facebook user at all – call me an old timer who is simply not into social media for the most part – I can only imagine there are some fringe elements of the right who have nothing better to do than troll your liberal selves. That, to me, is unnerving, because you guys don’t deserve that at all. Please know that we are not all like that. In fact, I’d go as far as to say few conservatives are, knowing more than a handful myself. Despite what everyone else tends to say about us, most of us are reasonable, likable, open-minded folks just making our way through life, just like you, albeit with differing ideas on what we feel is best for everyone. We’re not the racist, homophobic, xenophobic, sexist bigots that the MSM (and seemingly every seasoned Democrat) makes us out to be, and I imagine there are more conservative fans of your shows than you might think. And I further expect most would completely disavow the antics of those casting shade your way.

    And while I’ve heard you (well, mostly Chris) trash talk us right-wingers before, it’s always rolled off me. I get that Chris is passionate and I love that about him. But in this case I dare say he went too far, the name dropping of Colin Moriarty in particular. Why? Because he’s an outspoken conservative, also quite passionate when it comes to his convictions? Does your opinion of him start and end with him being a conservative? Because, as a big fan of him as well, I think you’d be surprised to learn that he’s a lot more moderate, socially liberal even, than you might think.

    So why name drop him, specifically? Has he ever actually come after any of you guys for anything, verbally or otherwise? Maybe you know something I don’t, which is why I’m asking, because he doesn’t seem the type at all. If not aware, he has recently launched a successful Patreon project of his own (Colin’s Last Stand) in which he develops really interesting videos about unusual points in our history, deep dives into current topics and more. Really good stuff, well worth watching, even if you think you might disagree. And you might, which is fine, and I’m sure he’d say the same.

    It was also a bit painful to hear considering the circumstances in which he left Kinda Funny (which, imo, is a shadow of its former self now that he is gone, Colin having offered a wonderful counterbalance to the rest of the hosts – Greg Miller in particular being not nearly as funny as he thinks he is, especially compared to Chris, who could run laps around him on any given day), which basically boiled down to a character assassination over a benign joke…just because he’s a conservative. So to hear Chris equate Colin to some vitriol-spewing troll…sorry guys, but that is simply a bridge to far. If you know nothing about Colin other than he’s a conservative – possibly the only – within the same industry as yourselves (both then and now, interestingly) then I highly recommend that you peel back a layer and get to know the man a bit more. Because your lumping him in with the right’s less-than-noble extremist (and marginal) population is to do him a HUGE disservice. Enough for me to call you guys out on it.

    It honestly made me sad. Very sad, actually. And frustrated. To me, that’s not what Lasertime is all about. To wax political and tar in feather the right in general is one thing. I’m a big boy, I can take it. But to cast someone into a crowd of significantly lesser individuals based on a misguided perception of that person, itself born out of nothing more than a myopic view of conservatives, is simply not fair and, quite frankly, beneath you guys.

    I know you guys can do better because you always do. Hopefully you stuck with me this far and I welcome any response. I love you guys.

    1. I’ll just say that you are in fact wrong about them just picking out Moriarty for being a conservative, because they are actually very familiar with him in ways I won’t go into. I’ll just say they have probably a much better idea of who is he than you do due to personal experience, so please know that they are not picking him at random for being conservative, and that’s instead because oh who he is as an individual, who happens to be conservative. Also anyone who operates under the “not all (people in the group I identify with)” mindset should not be getting offended by these types of things. If not all conservatives are (negative thing), then you have to also believe that not all liberals are (negative thing), and in general not all people are complete assholes. So why don’t we instead just not get offended by things and instead identify as fans of Lasertime, having fun, and speaking our minds without getting our feelings hurt. Full disclose I’m liberal. Full disclosure someone can say whatever negative things they want about liberals, and I’m not going to take it personally.

      I think it’s very important for Lasertime to be unfiltered. They can edit down what they see fit but unless there’s a Patreon uprising I don’t see why they should ever let us start dictating what their content is or isn’t.

      1. Caped Musical Fan of Lasers,

        I’m with you nearly 100% and said myself that they can rag on right-wingers all they want – I’m a big boy and can handle it, have been doing so most of my adult life (and I ain’t no spring chicken, let me tell you). I think you’d see in my earlier response that I don’t take any of that personally, my main issue being the whole Colin Moriarty thing. If you know something I don’t, I’d appreciate knowing what that is as I’ve been a big fan of Colin as well over the years and can’t imagine him being in any way mean-spirited to the LaserTime crew. I even asked the same in my original post, the entire crux of it basically being “Why are you guys targeting him? If it’s something other than “because, conservative” then I’d really like to know”. I think that’s a fair question, all things considered.

        Because, let me tell you, it’s all the rage these days for conservatives to get thrown under the bus (if not worse) simply because of their political leanings. And I would really hate to see that spill into LaserTime, that being one of the few (mostly) politically neutral forms of entertainment I’ve been able to run to when I’m sick of it coming at me from everywhere else. Again, fine if it’s just piling on the right, especially if in response to trollish behavior. I know that’s not me. Even if it’s aimed at the right in general, whatever (although I am going to respond to Jasop’s post, if anything to “set the record straight” as his opinion of conservatives in general seems way off the mark). But I will take issue if someone in particular is being targeted unjustly. But, again, if there is a reason for Chris lumping Colin in with that crowd of (actual) deplorables, I’d really like to know to inform my own perspective of the situation. Because I’m not seeing any reason for that association.

        And to be clear, I’m not at all suggesting that they filter their content, or think that I’m suggesting that we should start calling the shots for them. No way whatsoever. At the same time, if they say something I take serious issue with (this being literally the first in so many years) then I believe I do have the right to say something about it – and will. But as I professed at length above, I really, really love each and every one of the LaserTime guys and have for years and have always felt that if I ran into any of them anywhere, I’d go out of my way to say hello and would love nothing more than to actually join them for a conversation over a few drinks on me. I listen to several podcasts but NONE measure up to LaserTime. I always feel like I’m part of the conversation, sharing the same interests, having a similar knowledge of all the same things and laughing wildly thanks to a shared sense of humor. I wouldn’t want to change that formula at all. Really and honestly, just looking for some clarification in this matter (along with maybe a spoonful of “hey, us conservatives aren’t all that bad, just fyi” for good measure).

        In any case, thanks for the response! And if you can fill me in, I’m not expecting every little detail, just a broad outline of whatever it is that put Colin on Chris’ shit list. I’d be grateful.

        1. Well, this escalated! I have nothing* personally against Colin, outside of being someone I’d probably disagree with politically. I was more referencing an old feud/dust up between him and Bob. Most of it went down on Twitter and I didn’t really see a lot of it. The joke was more at Bob’s expense than in Colin’s, but I get it. His fans are quite sensitive, it appears.

          *Nothing personal OTHER than being a dick to my friend, and whether encouraged or not, some of his fans being complete assbags. Through whatever his and Bob’s issues are/were, a lot of bonafide, Grade-A pieces of shit started to appear in our otherwise friendly comment sections, looking to pick fights, using loathsome terminology like “SJW,” “MSM” and “gay agenda.” This isn’t really our beat, and this is something that hasn’t really happened since we became a momentary fascination of the GooberGrape sadboys, and it seemed to me it was a direct result of whatever the hell we’re calling online arguments between grown men these days. It’s not the worst thing in the world, but it did happen, and I feel we have every right to poke fun at it as lightly as we did. That said, I dont really want any part of it, and would much rather put all this shit to bed and get back to making stuff.

          1. Chris,

            For starters, I can’t tell you how much of an honor it is to actually hear back from you personally. I sincerely mean that. You are, without a doubt, the lifeblood of LaserTime (like I had to tell you that) and I cannot even begin to express how much LaserTime has meant to me since its inception (let alone all of your fine work at GR, a complete shadow of its former self).

            That is why, having looked forward to engaging with you – or anyone else from the network (but you especially) – for a really long time, I am embarrassed that this was the avenue where we’d ultimately intersect. Embarrassed for myself, to be clear.

            That said, with hat in hand, I can’t thank you enough for the clarification and taking the time to share your thoughts. I had honestly hoped it was more than “just because he’s a conservative”, and even then I’d be interested in what the feud was about, but I can do that digging on my own. Colin, like everyone at LaserTime, seems like a really nice guy and I simply couldn’t imagine him being the source of some dust up, but if that was the case then I totally stand corrected. And I’m honestly speaking from a place where just acknowledging my conservatism has caused a lot of undue strain and stress in recent months, hence my reaction being what it was. What was clearly intended to be more of an off-hand comment got the best of me when it traditionally hasn’t. I guess I’ve been whittled down to a bit of a raw nerve lately, which I intend to keep in check moving forward.

            Looking forward to engaging in the future under much brighter circumstances, I’m sure. And I’m honestly sorry if folks from my side of the aisle are causing grief to the community. That is completely uncalled for and, while it may appear that I’m teetering on that brink, I’m really all about the conversation, exchanging ideas and trying to understand where all sides are coming from to find some much-needed middle ground. That’s why I had to ask instead of just assuming the intent of the remark entirely (in which case I wouldn’t have even bothered with my post).

            And I’m all about sticking up for friends, through thick and thin, so believe me when I say “if that’s what bore that remark, then that’s all I need to hear”. Which is kind of ironic, considering how Colin’s “friends” were quick to throw him under a bus over a freaking joke. Sad. I lost a lot of respect for Kinda Funny that day – Greg in particular. But not LaserTime! You guys (and gal) continue to be the best and I truly appreciate everything that you all are doing. I’ve even had some ideas and would love to be a contributor but I need some other things in my life to cool their collective jets first.

            Just one other quick thing, while I’ve got you, based on something you just said – I guess I don’t see that much wrong with “MSM”, at least in terms of it meaning “main stream media”, as I think it has been one of the biggest culprits in the divide that continues to tear our great country apart, Fox certainly included (and I can’t stress that last part enough). They seem all about “stirring the pot” for ratings, doing little more than reinforcing their audiences’ opinions, knowing if they deviate at all from that template with any sort of valid counterpoints and/or alternative perspectives they’d lose viewers, clicks, etc, and so it goes, completely unchecked, which is why, for me, the well-rounded and open-minded news sites that are starting to surface on the net can’t become the dominant source of our information fast enough. Although, as with all things, it’s all about the context, and I’m not sure how those jerks are bouncing that particular term around. But from my perspective, it’s a problem that is impacting all sides of the political spectrum.

            I mention this because I kind of referenced MSM in a later response (itself a dive into what makes us conservatives tick, in an effort to inform, not troll), full disclosure.

            Anyhoo, don’t let me keep you from whatever you are up to. Whatever it is, I’m already looking forward to it. Keep up the great work and thanks again, so much, for taking the time to set the record straight. I really, really appreciate it.

  13. Healthcare should not be tied to your financial strength, people of non-Christian faith are equal to those who are, women deserve the same level of compensation and respect in the workforce, racism is still a large problem, climate change is not a political issue, corporations rights should not supercede the people’s.

    If you agree with all that we are cool, but I don’t see how someone who did would label themselves conservative, or more pointedly how someone who did believe in those things would vote for the Republicans in the United States.

    1. Jasop,

      Well, I agree with all of your points (at face value, at least), so I suppose that makes us “cool”. Not that that should matter, but more on that in a bit.

      You then go on to say “I don’t see how someone who did would label themselves conservative, or more pointedly how someone who did believe in those things would vote for the Republicans in the United States.”, which, to me, is to a) utterly miss the point of my earlier post and b) utterly misunderstand conservatism completely. In fact, I originally considered a longer, more nuanced reply, but stayed my hand in favor of a much more brief (by my standards) response for fear that I’d be wasting my time, should you already have made up your mind when it comes to your perception of us on the right.

      But on the outside chance that you are actually curious to know what makes us conservatives tick, allow me to oblige.

      For starters, let’s look at the multiple statements you opened your response with. Nothing new there. Just another way of saying “because I’m pretty sure conservatives stand for none of, if not the complete opposite of, all that”. Why would you think that? Because that’s the picture of us that has been painted by the left? Because that’s what they’d have you believe? And you are willing to do so despite that perception being entirely one-sided? Or, if you have actual experiences or dealing with conservatives that informed your opinion, I’d love to know, But as it stands it feels like a page ripped from that tattered playbook of “why conservatives are the worst” that the left routinely propagates…without an effort made to confirm or deny those allegations.

      Those are my questions to you, but I digress. Back to your points. They are, simply put, as altruistic as they are ham-fisted. You’ve framed them in such a way that I could only see the most trollish, far-right extremists capable of disagreeing. That alone paints a pretty ugly picture of what you must think of us, which is very disconcerting.

      Having been a liberal once, roughly half a lifetime ago, I understand and appreciate that the left comes in all sorts of flavors. For example, one could easily make the case that progressives are on a different wavelength than your classical liberals, despite both sharing the general views and philosophies of “the left”.

      Why is it, then, that the same can’t be assumed of the right? Why does the left constantly (and more terrifying, genuinely) think the right comes in exactly one flavor, and that flavor just happens to be the worst flavor imaginable. And worse still, all because of some misguided notions and ill-informed conclusions drawn from a completely myopic view. And it all hits rock bottom when you realize that said one-sided view includes perpetuating a high degree of intolerance towards anyone on the right, so much that opportunities to engage with them on any level are simply rejected out of principle.

      Easier to call us nazis and punch us in the back of the head because of a hat, I guess.

      ….which isn’t to say that you are guilty of that (or at least I’d hope), just making a point that the intolerance has reached fever-pitch levels these days and people are actually getting physically assaulted over a lot of horribly-off-the-mark misconceptions.

      Moving on. After seeing your opening paragraph (and doing my best not to roll my eyes throughout, seeing what you were going for right away), I have to say I was actually more alarmed by your following “if you agree with all that we are cool” remark.

      You do realize we can still be “cool” is we disagree, right? Because that would afford us the opportunity to explore and better understand where and why we disagree, which in turn could open the door to us finding and landing on some middle ground, which is pretty much the only way we’re going to start healing this great divide. Would you agree with that statement? I ask because the operative words were “afford us the opportunity”, which is to say the door would be open, but we’d both need to walk through it. And all too often I find folks on the left completely unwilling to do even that much, despite my efforts to engage with them in a very polite, respectful and civil manner.


      Because I’m a conservative, of course.

      Seems to me that is all they need to hear, and I am speaking from first-hand experience. On many, many occasions, no less.

      Which is why, when I hear things like “well I can’t possibly see how you would call yourself a conservative if you agree with all of those incredibly noble things I just said”, first I facepalm, then I recognize the opportunity to set the record straight, should you be willing to hear me out.

      Let me break it down for you. Modern conservatives tend to be a lot more moderate, more socially liberal, than the “old guard” from decades past. That the left hasn’t bothered to notice how far we’ve come does nothing but strengthen my claim that holstering any ill-informed opinions of us in favor of giving us an actual chance is tantamount to sin in their eyes (again, based on first-hand experience). It’s one of the main reasons Democrats cratered on election night…and they STILL refuse to see it for what it is.

      Anyway, back to what makes us tick. Again, like liberals, conservatives come in many different flavors. And also like liberals, we have our share of extremists that we wish we didn’t. Although I can vouch for the fact that they are far more marginal, a dying breed even, than the left seems to realize (or admit), whereas us more moderate types are swelling the ranks.

      But what’s the common thread that binds us, by and large, you ask? Basically:

      + A strong commitment to the rule of law.
      + Respect for the constitution, which we don’t consider a “living document”, but at the same time allow for enough interpretation to apply to modern times (i.e. any notion that conservatives would deny a female president because the constitution only deals in male pronouns is completely absurd, despite it being an actual concern that was lobbed at Gorsuch during his nomination hearings, incredulously).
      + A belief in strong borders and a strong military to protect said borders.
      + A belief in a strong, open-market-fueled economy with taxing only where and when necessary.
      + A belief in fiscal accountability and personal responsibility.
      + An unwavering commitment to our freedom of speech.
      + …and last but not least, the golden rule of conservatism: Less government, more personal freedom.

      That’s pretty much the long and short of it, which, like your statements to me, might make you say “but, wait a minute, we believe in all those things too”, to which I say “Exactly!”

      We’re not all that different, you and I. We may disagree wildly on the “how we make it all work” side of things, but not so much on the end game, or frankly anything else. Case in point, find any pillar of conservatism that I just shared with you and draw a line between that and any of the statements you shared in your opening paragraph…and show me where and how they clash.

      Spoiler warning: You won’t be able to, because what you assumed conservatives stand for doesn’t line up with the reality of what we stand for at all. We are simply not the mean-spirited monsters that the MSM and so many others would have you believe.

      So, when you say that you can’t imagine why someone would choose to be a conservative…maybe it’s because maybe you haven’t bothered to try.

      Although I do appreciate the dialogue and apologize if I came on a bit harsh. Since election night I feel like I’ve been hitting a brick wall, over and over, trying to “set the record straight” among folks who simply don’t seem to have a clue as to what conservatives really stand for in this hyper-sensitive politically-charged day and age. If you’ve stuck with me throughout all of this, I thank you. If I’ve even managed to make a lick of sense here with you, perhaps enough to think a bit differently of those of us on the right, I’ll go as far as to consider that a small victory and thank you again for your time and consideration.

      I told you I’d keep it short! 😉

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