Talking Simpsons – Bart Gets Famous

After an uneventful trip to the box factory, Bart becomes a huge fad in one of the most meta (and best) episodes ever. Listen to this week’s podcast where repetitiveness is our job, our job, repetitiveness is our job…


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21 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Bart Gets Famous

  1. “Only I may dance” is another one of those quotes that have become a part of my everyday vocabulary.
    Bart saying “I wish I was dead” seems more relatable now, both to me personally as an over-stressed university student, and in 2017 as it seems to be a pretty common phrase muttered under breath.
    Also 2034 is surprisingly close now.

  2. I was Bart’s age when the Dreamcast came out, so I missed out on a LOT of Bartmania that I read about in outdated kids’ magazines from 1992. T-shirts, mugs, oversized dolls, and all that. I took solace in the Comic Books because that was all my family could afford, and good thing as they were a bargain!

  3. I still have my “I’m Bart Simpson, who the hell are you?” t-shirt.

    Had no idea that Tighten Up was a real song!

  4. “Don’t blame me. I didn’t do it” was also a sort-of catchphrase that Krusty used in Season 1 (Krusty Gets Busted). I don’t think they intended it as a callback or else Krusty would have mentioned to Bart that he stole his line or something.

  5. How could they not play the “Yoink?” sample? That’s probably my favorite single word Simpsons quote.

    I’m surprised nobody mentioned the YMO cover of Tighten Up, I’d never heard the original before.

    I’ve heard other people on podcasts (usually in the SF area) say”of” instead of “that” or “where,” such as “it was a thing of such and such,” but Henry says it way more often than anyone else I’ve heard. I can’t remember all the instances, but in this Henry-heavy week of podcasts I’ve heard it slipped into a lot of unusual phrases. I wonder where it comes from?

    1. An example I just heard, talking about Farrah Fawcett, Henry says, “they made a special for her of like…”

  6. Did you guys blow it on the opening Hogans Heroes reference or just not mention it? Im pretty sure Barts “Jawohl mi momandant” is a direct reference to Sgt Shutlz’s “Jawohl mi commandant” You even mention the Hogans Heroes tirade again later in the episode!

  7. “This Is What We Do” by MC Hammer is from 1990, as it appeared on the TMNT soundtrack in that same year.

  8. did you guys seriously praise Obama and his peace prize after he bombed 7 countries and ran out of bombs? and then somehow tried to spin Trump as the war guy?

    the san fran echo chamber/delusion is real

    1. If that’s how I came off, I didn’t mean it that way. I felt they gave him a Peace Prize early in his presidency as an FU to Bush. Obama def blew up his share of countries, which I certainly don’t like. But hey, if you think I’m a hypocrite that’s cool.

      1. Yeah, the joke I was going for was Obama got a Peace Price just for not being Bush, and he went ahead and did the same war criminal stuff all Presidents do.

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