BurgerTime Arrives, The Summer of George Starts, Coach Ends, Halo Unloads a Beta, & Shrek Has Thirds – May 12-18

This week… in 1987 The Gate creeps out kids worldwide while BurgerTime confuses us about fast food. In 1997, George Costanza takes the summer off while Coach retires and Donald Trump meets Drew Carey. In 2007, the King of Queens relinquishes his throne, Jim and Pam FINALLY date, and the Halo 3 multiplayer beta begins!


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26 thoughts on “BurgerTime Arrives, The Summer of George Starts, Coach Ends, Halo Unloads a Beta, & Shrek Has Thirds – May 12-18

  1. I have loved this podcast since it began. Has been my favorite podcast, I will miss Brett tremendously. Good luck at Capcom

    End of an era.

    We remain a patreon and supporter of LaserTime.

    I had “Research me look on box back” as my text notification for four years.

    1. *will

      Typos as I sip on my coffee and reflect on all the great moments I have enjoyed from TalkRadar and LaserTime.

  2. Clevelander here. While most of Ohio voted for Trump, we did not. Don’t​ you put that evil on us, Antista!

  3. Can’t believe youse guys like The Office, Jim is a HORRIBLE person, he’s lazy, he breaks up an engagement, treats his hardworking mentally ill co-worker like dirt and worst of all he broke up with Rashida Jones while they were in NY. Jim and Pam are the cuntiest, unself aware & most arbitrary heroes I can think of.

  4. Gonna miss having you in my ears weekly on LT Brett, but godspeed to all your endeavors at Capcom!

  5. Few eclectic thoughts from the episode:

    Summer of George is Great.

    I still think “What I’ve Done” from Minutes to Midnight is a pretty good song, my favourite by Linkin Park (not that I’m a big fan). It was featured prominently in TRANSFORMERS later in 2007.

    Superjail is fucking awesome and so incredibly bizarre.

    All I know about 7th Heaven is that the dad had sex with minors IRL.

    The Halo 3 Beta was pretty much my first real online gaming experience, minus some minor Battlefield 2 and Call of Duty 2 play via my friend’s Xbox 360 circa 2005/2005.

  6. Shrek the Third is something I’ll always weirdly associate with a kind of “loss of childhood” feeling. I was in 4th or 5th grade when the original Shrek was released, and I can’t describe how huge it was–so totally ubiquitous among my age group, it was the “movie for a substitute teacher to show in class” for like the next 7 years. I was in middle school for Shrek 2 and really loved it as well. In 2007 I was in the middle of high school and I just remember being SO put off by the trailers, just being like, “God, this looks AWFUL, why do I like this franchise?”. Looking back I can see that the movie was genuinely bad, but at the time it felt very much like I had just totally outgrown a franchise I loved within only a few years, and it was a bummer. I watched it on DVD with my younger brother and just remember being embarrassed by it.

    Also, I bought Linkin Park’s Minutes to Midnight on CD at Wal-mart, then found out that it was a censored version. I ended up downloading the uncensored album on Limewire (!) and putting the burned CD in the case, effectively spending thirteen dollars or whatever on an empty CD case and liner notes.

  7. In high school I was really into 1( magic the gathering and 2) petty theft! I was reading my monthly scyre (trading card game magazine) where i came across a short article about redemption. The christian infused collectible card game. I had my mom drive to the local christian book store, providence book store, in hopes to steal these suckers. It was going to be a pop in pop out sort of thing . But the store was packed with several church groups lined up to buy butterfly kisses. This book store had never seen this kind of business. The woman were animals. The modest christian book store music section torn apart. Posters for butterfly kisses torn off the wall. My mom bought a copy of butter fly kisses due to hype and i pocketed a handful of redemption cards. Its not a great game.

  8. “Homeboys in Outer Space” is a punch-line of a show but I did some digging and prepare to have your minds blown.
    In terms of Nielsen ratings “Homeboys in Outer Space” seemed to fluctuate between a 2.9 and a 2.2 (see links below)
    Let’s call it an average of 2.5. Sounds pretty tiny don’t it? In 1997 it sure was but the television world has fragmented an incredible amount in the last twenty years. How much? Well if Homeboys in Outer Space had received that _exact same_ Nielsen score average for the 2015-2016 season (the last year we have full numbers for) here are some shows that it would have higher ratings than:
    2 Broke Girls.
    Family Guy.
    The Flash.
    Dancing with the Stars.
    The Simpsons.
    Better Call Saul.
    Agents of SHIELD.
    South Park.

    That’s right, in today’s terms “Homeboys in Outer Space” would be more popular than every single comic book show with the sole exception of Supergirl, with whom it would be tied!

    JR Ralls

  9. May 22nd is my birthday (Hello, 41!) – As an 11 year old in 1987 – I was probably spending my time riding my bike with my jam box in my basket listening to Wham!, Culture Club and recorded Kids Incorporated songs from TV.

    the week of May 14 to 18th had me laughing to the point of tears when talking about Gimme a Break – I loved this show – It was a dad raising 3 girls and all of their shananigans – Joey Lawrence was added in the 3rd season (but managed to skip the “add the kid to save the show” for at least a few seasons) – Dolph Sweet died of cancer 1985 and it was stated in the next season that he died of a heart attack – The most controversial episode was in 1984 when Joey performed in black face at Nell’s church benefit

    Oh Dallas – after last years “dream” year – this year was totally bogus – for one they could never do the crossover episodes with Knots Landing anymore – Victoria Principal wanted to leave the show so they caused the accident in order to recast (aka new actress = new face due to plastic surgery) but then ended up not doing it. So Pam ended up leaving Bobby because she didn’t want him to be burdened with her injuries. Side note in Season 12 Pam returns as a recast for a few episodes only to discover that she had some sort of fatal disease and was dying – she died off screen and that was the end of her.

    I totally wish ER would come to Amazon or Netflix (hell, even Warner has a stand alone service…come on already)

    Also a shout out to Diana’s classic corner – RESPECT!!!

    Keep up the good work kids!!!

  10. As someone who spent a lot of his TV time watching shows with his mom(happy mother’s day) I watched a lot of both Golden Girls and Empty Nest.

    Fun Facts:

    Empty Nest featured NONE of the characters featured in the episode. George and his wife were nowhere to be seen instead it focused on another Doctor Neighbour Harry Weston, a widower with a big dog. His daughters did move home and David Leisure did play a wacky neighbour but not exact same character he was a lustful cruise director Charlie Deets.

    Whenever Harry would show up on the Golden Girls after that it was mostly jokes about Rose loving his dog Dryfus and Blanche trying to Fuck Harry because well, Blanche

  11. OMG, the only time on TV where I wasn’t annoyed by Donald Trump, and he was being a mensch! FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

  12. I set the Dallas music as the ringtone when my mother calls me.
    Listening to you has finally paid off

  13. I am so bummed that Bret and Dave are leaving the show. I was really looking forward to Star Trek the Next Generation commentary. I also am a fan of Dave’s goofy puns. As Brettle Bot would say, “Oh Well”. I’m gonna miss you guys but the show must go on. Good luck at Capcom and Gamespot! Love ya guys!!!

  14. My last year in college, I did a summer abroad program and ended up going to Berlin just in time for the European premiere of Shrek the Third. My buddies and I managed to stumble into a crowd watching the red carpet and got to see the voice actors being interviewed by some German tabloid reporters. Cameron Diaz was on a balcony overhead and was clearly VERY drunk, shouting “ANTONIO! I LOVE YOU! ANTONIO!” the entire time Antonio Banderas was on the red carpet. I assumed she was separated from the other actors, since her very public breakup with Justin Timberlake (also present) had just happened. It was strange, but only slightly more bizarre than travelling to Lyon, France a few days later to see LITERALLY EVERY FLAT SURFACE covered in Simpsons Movie posters.

  15. Brett….I’ll miss you man. I’m hoping that since you wont be hosting TTT every week and won’t be on LT as much that maybe you’ll pop in on Talking Simpsons occasionally. Have fun at Capcom!

  16. I’m with Chris in the “never liked Shrek” group. Saw the first movie in theaters because of the incredible hype, and I tend to enjoy most animated movies. Smash Mouth aside, the movie felt mean-spirited and lazy without being funny enough to justify it. Over that year, people continued to rave about the movie – including people whose opinions I usually agreed with – so I watched it again on DVD and liked it even less without the laughing theater crowd.

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