Marvel Trading Cards: Series 2 – Superheroes Pt. 2

Back again with another needlessly thorough look at Marvel’s 1991 Impel trading cards set, and fair warning: It’s about to get weird…

Last time we looked at Series 2 of Marvel’s trading cards, we knocked out a ton of heavy hitters. But if the characters shown in this entries preview image give you pause… good! Glad you’re paying attention. For one, the highlighted heroes are unrecognizable when compared to their MCU counterparts, but yeah, those are the folks played by Jeremy Renner, the Olsen non-twin, and the Netflix Knight of Flowers. And their cover status should also be an indicator of how obscure the heroes in this entry are about to get. Night Thrasher and Death’s Head, anyone?!

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5 thoughts on “Marvel Trading Cards: Series 2 – Superheroes Pt. 2

  1. I love the look of USAgent so very, very much. I’ve never dug back into Cap stuff pre-2000s minus his Avengers presence, and the era where Steve first wears that suit is high on my list (once it’s put into an Epic Collection). Would love to see a version of that suit in Infinity War since he gave up the shield and is an outlaw.

  2. Colorless Vision was bad, and is basically the dividing line for John Byrne never having a good idea again (it also directly led to turning Wanda heel for the first time).

    US Agent does indeed have super strength, and was drawn impossibly wide, Venom-style (complete with psychotic grin), by Kieron Dwyer, to better tell who was who, during his run as Cap.

    Firestar’s Avengers worries about infertility date back to New Warriors, a subplot that Busiek would later pay off a few years later with the Avengers. Hank Pym gave her a mesh suit under her costume that triggered her body’s own immunity to her powers.

    Brett was right, Havok was the star of the Mutant X series, where he was sent off to a parallel earth after X-Factor’s last issue (until PAD’s re-launch). It was a fun series for about a year, but then lost its direction.

    Marc McLaurin was the writer of the Cage re-launch in 1992, which is perfectly fine but not particularly memorable. McLaurin is African-American. Here he is with Clive Barker wearing Dwayne Wade sunglasses to promote a Hellraiser licensed comic:

  3. Wooooo! Part 2 is here! I loved the series 1 videos but I actually own series 2 so, having grown up with these cards, these videos will mean so much more to me. The only downside is that there isn’t a “Spider-man asks” bit. I still watch that video every now and then. The sound effects make me tear up in laughter.

    1. I remember talking about Speedball as a kid, and my dad gave me a weird look and said “you know speedball is a drug term, right?” And I was just completely flustered, like, stupid dad, what are you talking about, Speedball is a superhero, it says so right on the card.

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